3D Site View

3D Site View

Using the 3D Site View is the best way to see how your design interacts with the topography of your location.  Easily pan and move around your design using your left and right mouse buttons to see how your site looks from different perspectives.  Quickly perform several topographical analysis with a few clicks of your mouse.


Terrain Slope Analysis – Identify the locations where the grade of the ground exceeds the slope tolerance that you specify


Terrain Slope Banding – Colorfully see what the slope between each elevation point is to really get a feel for the land


Table Slope Analysis – Check the slope of your mounting structure table to see what tables exceed their manufacturer specifications


Post Height Analysis – Identify the post locations that either exceed the maximum post height or fall short of the minimum post height to understand how undulations are going to impact your design. 


Then, export a spreadsheet with each problem post location for some advanced analysis.

You can even export your 3D model as a .OBJ file and interact with your design using Virtual Reality to see how the power plant would look like in real life as you walk around it!


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