Compute the power lost due to module I(V) curve characteristic mismatches within one module bin. This is an empirical constant and suppresses the maximum power point on the I(V) curve. The mismatch can be applied to voltages within the vicinity of the I(V) curve’s knee, but is undefined for the array’s Isc and Voc.


Mismatch Inputs



Mismatch Outputs


Algorithm (Provisional)

1.) The mismatch factor is applied directly to the effective irradiance, prior to the evaluation of the 1-diode or Sandia models:

Mismatch Algo111

Algorithm (Future)

Mismatch may in future be embedded as part of a DC degradation algorithm. A simple solution can include the following.


1.) The depressed maximum power point is found as follows:

Mismatch Algo112
2.) To first order, the mismatch’s contribution to the current and voltage is weighted equally:

Mismatch Algo113

Mismatch Algo114