Error Calculation

Given resource and modeling errors input by the user when setting up the simulation parameters, PlantPredict will estimate up to four first year probabilities of exceedance of various annualized metrics. The sources of uncertainty are given in Table 2.

Error Calculation Table1

Table 2. Sources of Error



Global horizontal and plane-of-array irradiance uncertainty is computed as follows. For the 1-year values reported in the summary report, the number of years, N, is set to 1:

Error Calculation Algo7

The total generated uncertainty affecting DC specific yield, AC capacity factor, Performance Ratio (PR), and total energy, among others, also includes PlantPredict’s internal modeling error:

Error Calculation Algo8

The lower confidence interval for all energy metrics, for a desired confidence level (P90, P95) is then computed as follows:

Error Calculation Algo9

Where α is the Z-score for the desired confidence interval and the P50,E is the mean value of the energy metric evaluated. The energy metrics are:

  1. Specific Yield
  2. AC Capacity Factor
  3. Average Array Net Energy
  4. Power Plant Net Energy
  5. Balance of System (BOS) Losses
  6. Non-Netted BOS Station Power


The irradiance metric (GHI and POAI) exceedance probabilities, Pxx,G , are similarly computed, but just applying the irradiance uncertainty to the mean annual irradiance value, P50,G :

Error Calculation Algo10
The Performance Ratio (PR) is a special case because it is dependent on the plane-of-array irradiance. It is the specific yield at the desired P-level divided by the plane-of-array irradiance at the desired P-level.

Error Calculation Algo11