Solar Performance Modeling Made Simple

PlantPredict is a sophisticated solar energy modeling tool designed to develop energy estimates for utility scale PV applications. Easy to use with advanced modeling options, PlantPredict reduces uncertainty to generate more accurate energy predictions.

Reduce uncertainty with advanced modeling algorithms and easy to use features

  • Spectral correction a ±4% effect
  • Cloning feature and nested plant hierarchy builder
  • Ability to run multi-year predictions
  • Non-linear module temperature coefficient definition
  • Unlimited Inverter efficiency and thermal curve points
  • Sub-hourly interval flexibility (1min, 15min, 30min)
  • API integration ready for automated batch processing

Benchmarked and validated against real operational data and industry leading software

  1. 21 sites and over 1 GW of operational data benchmarked. PlantPredict under predicted by -0.41% ±2.01% (1σ)
  2. Similar results to other leading industry software products. On average PlantPredict over predicted energy by 0.13% ±0.52%
  3. All algorithm documentation 100% open source for industry transparency
  4. Technical merits independently reviewed by Black and Veatch, Leidos, and DNV GL. Report available upon request.

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