Product Release History

The PlantPredict application experiences a new release roughly twice a month. Major feature additions constitute a leading digit version increase (e.g. v3.12.0 to v4.0.0). Release notes are posted on this page when the release is live on production.

  • Release 5.4.1 Latest Release

    12 FEB 2018

    • Fixed bug preventing weather vendor API access
    • Fixed bug preventing the linking of PlantPredict account with Google or Microsoft authentication account
  • Release 5.4.0

    26 JAN 2018

    • Changed the navigation bar of PlantPredict to make it more readable and also include a “Recent Predictions” section
    • Fixed bug causing the graphical results of Batch predictions to appear incorrect
    • Fixed bug that kept child predictions of Batch predictions from changing their status when the parent prediction’s status was changed
    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to use the same input parameters on a rerun of the prediction
    • Extended the boundaries for the Recombination Parameter and the Diode Ideality Factor in the module file
    • Fixed bug preventing Batch predictions from showing graphical results when only iterating a single variable
    • Expanded the API functionality of nodal data – users can now access nodal data via the API on the block, array, inverter, and DC field level
    • Incorporated an error message and back-end check for situations in which a user – 1) tries to use a non-0 recombination parameter with a non-thin film technology, and 2) tries to use the 1-Diode recombination simulation model with a 0 Recombination Parameter or a 0 Built-in Voltage
    • Built-in Voltage and Bandgap Voltage and now populate when “Cell Technology” is selected
    • Fixed bug that prevented a scroll bar from appearing when confirming Ashrae stations when cloning a project
    • The map builder will now automatically refresh upon entering
    • Changed the “Save and Close” button to just “Close” in situations in which the prediction was not altered
  • Release 5.3.0

    13 DEC 2017

    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not correctly modify DC capacity when DC:AC ratio was iterated.
    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not include correct shading losses.
    • Clean Power Research weather files are again available for user download.
    • Weather files lacking locality uploaded from the user from within a prediction will now pull locality information from the Project.
    • Fixed bug causing too many significant figures in the tilt angle to be displayed on a prediction summary screen.
    • Fixed bug causing row spacing to not calculate if GCR is chosen before the module file.
  • Release 5.2.0

    28 NOV 2017

    • Fixed bug causing the Google Logo in the Map Builder to be hidden.
    • Expanded the lower limit of the LID loss factor input parameter from 0 to -10 in DC field (allowing for LID gains, like in the case of light soaking gains).
    • Fixed a bug causing the “Spectral Shift” parameters in a module to be set incorrectly when creating a new module.
    • “Cell Technology” is now a required field when creating a module.
    • Fixed bug causing the displayed slope of the linear trendline for degradation to be off by a factor of 100.
    • Fixed bug causing the “Maximum Desired MWdc” to be incorrectly set to 0 when using a base prediction for a Batch simulation.
    • Improved error message when weather files that have non-numeric values in data fields are uploaded.
    • The graphical heat map now represents the results of a Batch prediction.
    • Moved the “miles distance from” in weather files in a Batch to below the title of the weather file.
    • “Weather File POA” now defaults to “On” when a weather file with POAI is imported from within a prediction.
  • Release 5.1.0

    14 NOV 2017

    • Fixed bug that caused imported weather files with the PlantPredict Excel Template to replace NULL values with 12. Note that text values (ie NULL and NaN) are currently not supported as part of any weather import.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Inputs and Assumptions PDF to display the DC Wiring Loss value in the DC Health field.
    • Fixed bug that caused a batch prediction to use previous input parameters when trying to rerun a batch prediction with new parameters.
    • Fixed bug that limited batch predictions to a single inverter.
    • Fixed bug that preventing running batch predictions when a base prediction was used.
    • Fixed bug that caused the user to be dropped into an empty screen when a batch prediction was cloned from output screen.
    • Fixed bug that produced incorrect weather files under certain circumstances with the synthetic weather generator.
    • Fixed bug causing “Bid” statuses on predictions to be labeled incorrectly.
    • Added a “Sort By’ function for the list of predictions on the batch results page.
    • Fixed bug preventing the creation of projects in regions without country codes (i.e. West Bank).
    • Fixed bug defaulting CdTe modules to “Backtracking” instead of “True tracking”.
    • Weather file character name can now be greater than 50 characters.
    • Fixed bug causing an incorrect timeshift of 30 minutes for non-hourly weather files.
    • Fixed bug that incorrectly assumed all weather files that were imported in Excel format were in PlantPredict template format.
    • Fixed bug causing the Model Choices button on a standard prediction to incorrectly appear already visited and completed in some circumstances.
    • Fixed bug preventing the saving of fields in an older module file.
    • Degradation settings for a prediction will now update when a module with a new degradation setting is chosen.
  • Release 5.0.0

    01 NOV 2017

    • Batch predictions now available – users are now able to compare up to 350 predictions at once with predefined iterations of up to 2 variables.
    • Module technology specific loss factor defaults now pulled from module files rather than from “Default Settings” in account management.
    • Module Cell Technology types now include PERC and BSF options.
    • Module files now include Construction Type (i.e. glass-glass and glass-backsheet).
    • Fixed bug that caused mapping flood calculations to yield slightly lower DC.
    • Changed “Resistivity” text label to “Resistance”. No associated change to functionality.
    • Fixed bug causing the first year of degradation to occur a year late in multi-year degradation predictions where “Stepped AC” was selected.
    • Changed prediction comparison in the UI and excel reports from having positive values as loss and negative as gain to having positive values as gain and negative as loss.
    • Increased maximum transformer rating to 20,000 kVA.
    • Fixed bug that caused calculated pressure data to be included in imported weather files when POAI was included in the raw data but pressure was not.
    • Fixed bug that caused automatic logout of an administrator when another account is disabled
    • Improved inverter logic when operating around the MPP floor of the inverter. Lower inverter limitation losses will be seen in some predictions, especially when the DC system was operating near the lower MPPT range of the inverter.
    • Cloned predictions now have the suffix “ – CLONE”.
    • Fixed bug that incorrectly indexed timestamps on Clean Power Research weather files.
    • Weather files in the weather library are now sorted in descending order.
    • Implemented new NASA weather library, which provides free weather data for individuals worldwide.
    • Fixed logic for non-hourly weather files. Specifically, tracker limitation losses were previously too high in sub-hourly files, and total energy reported, POAI and other related metrics were incorrect in previous versions of the software when sub-hourly weather data was used. *Note* Non-hourly weather files imported before V5.0.0 were not updated, so please re-import non-hourly weather files for accurate data.
    • Fixed bug causing a blank prediction uncertainty analysis.
    • Fixed bug causing “I Agree” button on the Terms and Conditions page to only display a “-“.
    • Fixed bug causing the “Manage Accounts” header to be misaligned.
    • Fixed bug not allowing user to change the name of a previously-run prediction.
  • Release 4.13.0

    20 SEP 2017

    • Fixed bug that caused prediction start and end date to shift back one day and prediction to fail.
    • Fixed bug that caused selection for degradation type to falsely toggle back to “None”.
    • Plant Annual Energy chart in prediction results now labels the linear fit trend with its degradation rate.
    • Fixed incorrect units for temperature difference values.
    • Fixed incorrectly displayed error messages.
  • Release 4.12.0

    6 SEP 2017

    • Resolved bug in which changing the prediction name was not always reflected in the Prediction Log
    • Weather file map distance calculation corrected.
    • Setback can now be zero in power plant map builder.
    • Application no longer freezes when “Modules High” value is deleted in DC Field.
    • Map builder view zoomed further out by default to more closely match utility-scale system sizes.
    • Columns added to nodal data export via prediction results.
    • Higher precision now allowed for DC:AC ratio.
    • Module to cell temperature difference unit conversion bug fixed.
  • Release 4.11.0

    23 AUG 2017

    • POAI can be imported as part of a weather file and used as the basis of energy predictions via the GTI-DIRINT model.
    • Clean Power Research temporarily down for maintenance. New downloads are not available at this time.
    • Secondary y-axis available on Results Chart.
    • Internet Explorer long running script bugs resolved.
    • Typing delay incorporated into Create New Project screen on latitude and longitude inputs.
    • Resolved bug which caused to multiple errors when an Inverter was chosen before the Module in the Map Builder.
    • Custom Excel files can now be imported using the Weather Import Process.
  • Release 4.10.0

    14 JUL 2017

    • New 3D scene added to the DC Field of Power Plant Builder to visualize DC Field set up and orientation.
    • New slope functionality added to the DC Field to allow modeling of sloped terrains.
    • Improved Power Plant map builder feature to work with Firefox browser.
    • Enhanced Power Plant map builder to include Site Capacity of DC that fits within drawn boundary.
  • Release 4.9.0

    28 JUN 2017

    • New Non-Linear DC Degradation option for user to input custom degradation yearly profile from within the module or simulation settings of a prediction.
    • Add New Weather from within a prediction now defaults the latitude and longitude from the project location.
    • Enhanced Power Plant Map builder feature to support input of tilt angle or rotational limits, unit conversion preference, download .KMZ option, and limit of the DC fill display based on user input of Target MWdc.
    • Inverter selection list sorted alphabetically within the Power Plant builder.
    • User now has option to re run prediction from within Charts Results tab to display the charts for Draft status predictions.
    • Improved filter drop down options for Weather, Inverter, and Module libraries
  • Release 4.8.0

    14 JUN 2017

    • New simple layout feature to allow for user to draw site boundary on map and define power plant parameters within defined boundary.
    • Environmental Conditions weather selection updated to show map and weather list side by side.
    • Prediction comparison output report improvements.
    • Weather file export file to include wind sensor height field.
    • Deleted project from project list view removes from list without needing to refresh
  • Release 4.7.0

    31 MAY 2017

    • Ordered ran predictions newest on top in the Prediction Que.
    • ICF and DNV validation reports posted in Resource Library.
    • Changed location and format of Need Help pull up menu’s.
    • The Plant Output limit value is no longer rounded in output reports.
    • Enabled deep linking feature to allow for link of prediction or project to be sent to other users to open directly without needing to navigate from the project dashboard.
    • New Charts tab added to the Results screen to visually display results by day, month, or year.
    •  Energization dates field to still display the date selected when turned OFF.
    • Fixed bug that was preventing Array Based Toggle to be set to ON.
  • Release 4.6.0

    17 MAY 2017

    • Resolved issue preventing users from downloading NSRDB weather data
    • Synthetic monthly generator added as a weather import method to allow users to create
    • Feature added in Power Plant Builder on the Inverter tab allowing users to exclude cooling design temperature from the kVA rating calculation
    • Added capability to delete a prediction on the prediction list view
    • Added ‘Back’ functionality in the Weather Import process
    • In the Power Plant Builder tree view, the Inverter/DC Field Repeat Count has been added to the hover over window on the inverter object
    • Enhanced the prediction result summary screen
    • (12×24) chart tab has been added to the prediction results
  • Release 4.5.0

    02 MAY 2017

    • SolarGIS now available as a weather vendor – demo licenses available for all users with option to purchase and store API keys for extended use in PlantPredict.
    • More options available in the Quick Edit feature that can be selected from the Display Fields drop down menu.
    • Soiling loss can now be imported as part of a weather file and used in simulations in place of static monthly values.
    • Enhancements to the prediction engine to reduce prediction run times.
    • Users can now remove inverter efficiency data points.
  • Release 4.4.0

    18 APR 2017

      • SolarGIS weather file template updated for auto-recognition in weather import process.
      • Improved nodal data output format and included new column for inverter limitation loss in the inverter nodal data output.
      • Fixed bug that was preventing the addition of inverters in the Power Plant builder when array transformer was turned off.
      • Fixed bug that prevented diffuse decomposition models other than Erbs to be used when the weather file lacked diffuse irradiance.
      • Quick Edit bug fix allowing the “Update All” functionality to work properly for Row Spacing input.
      • Bug fix ensuring that all predictions appear in the prediction list when using the Compare feature.
  • Release 4.3.0

    04 APR 2017

    • Official Product launch of the API. Documentation crafted for API integration efforts along with an initial beta prediction limit for companies connected directly through the API of 100 predictions per day.
    • Improved time shift check in weather import process. Clear sky model employed now uses Google  API time zone used for projects rather than weather file time zone.
  • Release 4.2.1

    Fixed an issue preventing reports from rendering when a transformer or transmission line is used in the Power Plant section

  • Release 4.2.0

    22 MAR 2017

    • Company Admins can now enter weather API login credentials in the Manage Accounts section of the website.
    • Improved the usability of the prediction queue by relocating it to the left navigation bar and displaying additional prediction information.
    • Fixed bug that was affecting the use of the Quick Edit feature for changing row spacing when Array Based Shading feature in the power plant builder was turned on.
    • Called out degradation losses explicitly in the Loss Tree, including fixing a bug which previously caused degradation losses to be incorrectly included as part of the Inverter Limitation Loss when Linear DC Degradation was used.
  • Release 4.1.0

    09 MAR 2017

    • Improved display when importing weather data and added a toggle for data sets containing leap days.
    • Fixed bug that was preventing the clone of DC Field in the Power Plant Builder.
    • Weather vendor partnerships established to provide sample data to customers through their API services with some accessibility limits.
    • Degradation will now start from the Power Plant Energization Date, if defined, independent of the weather dates.
    • Reduced loading time for Prediction list within a Project.
    • Added nighttime loss output capability to the API.
  • Release 4.0.0

    22 FEB 2017

    • Improved weather import process, featuring more streamlined flow and data quality checks
    • Several new user interface improvements – better toast and warning messages and tab headers, to name a few
    • Array based shading feature which allows for improved prediction accuracy when running predictions with small DC fields (for example string inverters nested in a large DC Field)
    • Code versioning system allowing user to revert to older Version 3 of the backend code
    • Bug fix allowing projects to have half an hour and other subhourly time zones
    • Inverter files now feature DC and AC Power columns in their efficiency table
    • Select inverters in the Global library were retired and reimported with corrected efficiency tables
    • OND file converter now correctly maps DC power exported by PVsyst to DC power in PlantPredict efficiency tables
    • Shading algorithm now correctly uses East-West array dimension when calculating shading on fixed tilt systems (no change for tracker systems)
    • NSRDB PSM and NSRDB SUNY data now downloads using correct “middle of interval” timestamp denotation
  • Release 3.13.0

    24 JAN 2017

    • Bug fix allowing users to use Google or Microsoft for log in process.
    • Tree view automatically reorders assets when they are renumbered.
    • Bug fix resulting in correct MWac size in the power plant builder array tab display.
    • The monthly spectral value included in the output reports now displays 0 for months that are not in the weather file.
    • Global components now owned by “System Account”.
    • Bug fix which directly bypasses the Plant Output Limit (LGIA) calculation when setting is turned “OFF”.
    • Black and Veatch Technical Review available in Resource Center
  • Release 3.12.0

    20 DEC 2016

    • Retired select weather files in California mislabeled as NREL-provided and reimported as White Box Technologies provided
    • Bug fix enabling inverter files to be saved when an efficiency or derate curve is removed
    • Bug fix enabling projects to be created in time zones +13 and +14
  • Release 3.11.0

    29 NOV 2016

    • Allow opening and viewing of Weather, Inverter and Module files within a prediction that is in a read-only state
    • Improved formatting in Firefox browser
    • Inverter files can be created by uploading an OND file
    • Weather compare feature added to the Environmental Conditions section of prediction builder
  • Release 3.10.0

    10 NOV 2016

    • Export and import functionality of projects, predictions, and associated components now work between companies
    • Array Transformer in the power plant builder can now be turned on or off to remove the MV transformer loss from the output
    • Weather selection process in Environmental Condition screen updated to improve user flow and functionality
    • On-Screen plant summary results visually improved
    • A cumulative tab for multi-year predictions is now included in the plant summary on-screen results and export of the Plant Summary 8760 report
    • An informational error message now displays when a prediction is attempted to run without diffuse irradiance present in the weather file
    • Availability loss input field added to the System section of prediction builder
    • Maximum allowable row spacing extended to 50m, 164ft
    • Format improvement of the Inputs and Assumptions document
    • In the weather file table view, all variables can be selected at once for comparison
  • Release 3.9.0

    18 OCT 2016

    • “Remove Completed” button added to the prediction queue. Allows users to quickly clear the queue of completed processes.
    • Tree view in Power Plant Builder enhanced to display additional information
    • Weather map search changed to only search geographic locations and latitude/longitude
    • Under Manage Accounts, a company can now overwrite PlantPredict default values for all fields
    • Updated labels in the inverter section of the Power Plant builder:
      • “Power Factor” to “Design Derate”
      • “kVA” to “Temperature Adjusted kVA”
  • Release 3.8.0

    4 OCT 2016

    • Degradation model now allows you to run multiple years by repeating a TMY single year file and apply degradation. This feature only works with single year weather files and only allows 50 years maximum. The on-screen summary and output reports allow for viewing results per year.
    • Update design of the metric and imperial unit toggle to make more clear which unit is selected
    • Weather File DNI toggle has been set to default OFF in the Advanced Model Choices section of prediction builder
    • Updated version of OND and PAN Converter tool included in the Resource Center
    • Bug fix of the GCR not updating when switching from Fixed Tilt to Horizontal Tracker in the Power Plant builder DC Field section
  • Release 3.7.1

    20 SEP 2016

    • Bug fix preventing dates from being saved under Model Choices while using Internet Explorer
  • Release 3.7.0

    20 SEP 2016

    • Ability to repeat the inverter and the associated DC Field added to the Inverter tab of the power plant builder
    • Data Source collection field added to inverter
    • Latest version of spectral model added as an option to Model Choices. The model uses 2 parameters: precipitable water and air mass
    • Adjusted login process to allow association of personal Gmail accounts with company login or authentication
  • Release 3.6.0

    23 AUG 2016

    • Prediction nodal data is now accessible without being required to change status of the prediction to a read-only state
    • Due to user feedback, Run Bulk Actions has been removed. The compare and change status buttons have been restored for ease of use
    • Records in the prediction list view within a project now include prediction preview information (MWac, MWdc, DC:AC, Mounting Type, GCR %)
    • When creating a new project, the map view will zoom in on the location and display nearby projects for your reference
    • YouTube tutorial videos placed on the Help tabs throughout the application and in the Resource Center User Manual
    • A .OND and .PAN file converter tool is now available in the Resource Center allowing users to quickly convert to PlantPredict files
    • A PlantPredict warning message countdown displays when a new version is about to be released to inform users to save their work before they are kicked out
    • Project list is now sorted by date created in descending order
    • Internet Explorer v10 is no longer supported by PlantPredict and will be prompted with an Unsupported Browser message when visited
    • The Save and Close button in the Power Plant builder no longer clears results if no changes have been made
    • Import/Export and cloning of projects or predictions is now enabled. Previously this feature was disabled and under construction
  • Release 3.5.0

    9 AUG 2016

    • Updated Prediction list by removing the Notes section to allow for the prediction list to use the entire screen
    • Updated all modules to include 2-Param Pwat and AM spectral coefficients (Model to be released next sprint)
    • Spectral selection logic changed to use dropdown in Model Choices. Three choices: None, 1-Param Pwat or Sandia, or Monthly Override
    • Added NSRDB PSM and NSRDB SUNY as downloadable API weather options. This service is available in the Americas and India. View data coverage MAP
    • The Change Status modal for exporting prediction results in Draft status now displays the correct Prediction name. Components draft list updated to exclude duplicates
    • Prediction results downloadable file name now defaults to prediction name
    • In the on-screen compare decomposition model selection now displays
  • Release 3.4.0

    25 JUL 2016

    • LID loss default updated for Poly c-Si modules to 1.5% from 2.0%
    • Uncertainty Analysis plot in Simulation Settings corrected to display P-Values on the correct side of the chart
    • Weather chart table view default updated to Monthly instead of Hourly
    • Corrected bug requiring the time frame start date to be within the first year for multi-year weather files
    • Filters changed to be persistent and maintain the filter selection during the user session
    • Filters updated to allow multiple filter choices at once for better usability
    • Time frame selection from the calendar drop-down in Simulation Settings is now restricted to the date range of the weather file to prevent user error
    • Average DC Array Size calculation corrected; previously reported DC Field average size
    • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to compare weather files from the weather map view
    • IE bug affecting prediction progress bar functionality fixed, located in the prediction queue
    • Weighted average GCR percentage now displays as part of the On-Screen Results and downloadable reports: Plant Summary, Block Summary, Prediction Comparison, and Reports
    • Fixed bug that was preventing a prediction from running if the Mounting Structure was first defined as Fixed Tilt then changed to Seasonal Tilt
    • Metric to Imperial toggle added to left hand navigation menu for simple onscreen unit conversions
  • Release 3.3.2

    15 JUL 2016

    • Fixed a bug preventing Module Orientation and Tracking Method drop downs in the DC Field from opening
  • Release 3.3.1

    13 JUL 2016

    • Fixed bug preventing users from accessing the prediction compare
  • Release 3.3.0

    12 JUL 2016

    • Predictions will now run when a weather file does not contain DNI and/or DHI.
    • Minimum AC Power Threshold unit label corrected to W instead of kW
    • Onscreen prediction results view label adjusted. “LGIA Limit” label change to “Plant Limit” in order to promote consistent messaging through the application.
    • Tracker rotational limit default updated in DC Field to 60/60 instead of 45/45
    • Module list view updated to group based on manufacturer and secondarily sort by module wattage
    • Bug fixed where azimuth warning message in DC Field was incorrectly triggering
    • Weather list in Environmental Conditions updated to sort by distance in ascending order
    • Error message added when a new user is added but already has an existing account
      • “Email address is already in use”
    • GCR and Row Spacing are now co-dependent variables making it easier to compare between different technologies. Mounting Structure layout in the DC Field improved
    • Obscure bug preventing saving in the Power Plant Builder fixed related to DC Fields using seasonal tilt
    • Time Frame in Model Choices now defaults correctly to weather file start and end date regardless of your computer/browsers UTC time setting
    • Validation check added to confirm Time Frame in Model Choices is within the start and end date of the weather file
      • “Timeframe must be inside the bounds of the weather file start and end date”
    • New modal added to force user to move a prediction to a read-only status when exporting reports. This logic is added to confirm there is a matching soft copy of all reports generated
    • Compare Prediction screen can now be exported into user friendly excel file
    • New page header design implemented throughout the application to improve user experience
  • Release 3.2.0

    28 JUN 2016

    • Power Plant Builder tab drop-downs now show complete list of Blocks, Arrays, Inverters, and DC Fields instead of only 10
    • Environmental Conditions screen page scrolling bug fixed
    • Corrected Environmental Conditions spectral override error message to trigger on Save event
    • Environmental Conditions weather list bug fixed and now allows collapse of summary view
    • Change Status screen formatting updated when called from inside component or prediction
    • Advanced Model Choices format spacing between toggle features
    • Create New Project bug fixed and now allows saving when Locality, State/Province, and Region fields are missing from API
    • Save Progress within the power plant builder bug fixed and now correctly saves every time
    • When loading animation present, the notification message display time is extended
    • Exporting a multi-year weather file now exports all years
    • Compare weather chart screen now set to default on hourly view for graphs
    • LID loss field saves correctly when edited in the DC Field
    • Edit Block number picker no longer flashes when opening Power Plant for the first time
    • When a user cancels Override Plant Design Temperatures, the inverter kVA will recalculate based on the new temperature
    • Module field Short Circuit Current at STC value saves when changed
    • DC:AC ratio is now an input option when creating a power plant
    • Inputs and Assumptions document finalized
    • Notification message for each upcoming release with link to the Release Notes section of Resource Center
    • Design update to the login and logout screen
    • End User License Agreement added for new users
    • Inverter efficiency and derate curves design update to improve the ability to view each curve
  • Release 3.1.0

    14 JUN 2016

    • General formatting styling updates to improve usability
    • Persistent error messages now update once the error is fixed
      • Area in application: Degradation Rate, Model Choices
    • Error messages added when change status rule is violated
    • Error message banners now wrap text to fit entire message
    • Some error messages previously appeared behind the map and now are surfaced
      • Area in application: Create New Project
    • All notification messages are set to fade out and clear after 3 seconds
      • Area in application: Saving and cloning notifications
    • When weather file is selected in Environmental Conditions, summary dropdown defaults open
    • Data Provider filter on weather map now functions properly
    • New weather icon used on map view to improve visibility
    • Enabled “branch out” feature when pins are overlapping to improve visibility
    • Weather map satellite toggle now functions properly
    • Prediction Builder summary now displays spectral as ON or OFF
    • The module efficiency field is now auto calculated based on module wattage and module area
    • Default Module Orientation drop down added to module files
      • DC field orientation uses this parameter now as the default setting
    • Filter defaulted to Global and Active for Module and Inverter lists within the Power Plant Builder
    • Planned Module Count calculation fixed inside the DC Field of Power Plant Builder
    • Plant Output Limit in System is now defaulted OFF
    • The Block Capacity summary on the Block tab refreshes without having to Save and Close the Power Plant Builder
    • Bug that displayed an incorrect DC:AC ratio on DC Field is now fixed
    • Toggle added to disable first year degradation in Model Choices
    • Product Releases tab added to the Resource Center to display release notes
    • Contact Us feature located in the Welcome Back Menu and in the Resource Center added
    • Plant Design Temperature station name and distance from project added to Environmental Conditions, as well as an override to adjust to customer values
    • Bug preventing a clone of a running prediction is now resolved
    • Cancel button located in the Weather, Inverter, and Module files, sends you back to the previous screen. Allows users to return to a prediction from viewing a component
    • Minor rounding errors and spelling issues corrected on output reports
    • The PlantPredict Template file updated: conditional formatting of required fields and allow import of multi-year weather data
    • Default display of weather graphs changed to hourly view over daily range
    • Clear Sky Model in weather charts now works when weather file is missing pressure
    • Revised modules and inverter selection method in the power plant to improve user experience
  • Release 3.0.0

    31 MAY 2016

    • Initial Release