Product Release History

The PlantPredict application experiences a new release every two weeks. Major feature additions constitute a leading digit version increase (e.g. v3.12.0 to v4.0.0). Release notes are posted on this page when the release is live on production.

  • Release 11.5.0 Latest Release

    01 JUN 2023

    Beginning with Release (11.3.0), we started using a new system for logging our Release Notes as we prepare for a major update of our PlantPredict website.  The new PlantPredict website will be rolled out sometime later this quarter.

    Here is a link to the new Release Notes Page.

  • Release 11.4.0

    18 May 2023

    Beginning with our last Release (11.3.0), we started using a new system for logging our Release Notes as we prepare for a major update of our PlantPredict website.  The new PlantPredict website will be rolled out sometime later this quarter.

    Here is a link to the new Release Notes Page.

  • Release 11.3.0

    04 May 2023

    Beginning with Release 11.3.0, we will be using a new system for logging our Release Notes as we prepare for a major update of our PlantPredict website.  The new PlantPredict website will be rolled out sometime later this quarter.

    Here is a link to the new Release Notes Page.

  • Release 11.2.0

    20 April 2023

    Improved Wetland Layer

    We rolled out a new Wetland API connection that is much faster to load.

    Wetland Layer

    Information Icons

    We are continuing to roll out Information Icons.  The latest is an information icon that will help you understand what the difference is between KMZ Data and DEM Data in the Map Builder Upload Data screen.

    Information Icon

    3 Hour Rolling Average DC String Short Circuit Current (Amps) has been added to the DC Field Nodal Data

    We recently rolled out the display of the Maximum String Short Circuit Current on our Prediction Results Summary Page.  To go along with that, we are now displaying the 3hr Rolling Avg DC String Short Circuit Current within our DC Field Nodal Data download file.  This way you can see the details on a Time Series basis behind this calculation.

    3hr Rolling Avg DC String Short Circuit Current


    • SolarGIS weather files were erroring out on upload.  This has been fixed

    • Tracker Angle Time Series selection would be visible in the Block Builder DC Field even if the mounting type was Fixed tilt.  We fixed that.
    • In the Prediction Comparison results, when the tracking method was set to “True Tracking” the screen was displaying “True Mounting”, which we have fixed.
    • In the Power Plant System Screen, when adding a Transmission Line, the Resistance field was not responding to the “Imperial/Metric” toggle switch.  It does now.
  • Release 11.1.0

    06 April 2023

    All PlantPredict Projects are available in Voltage Pro

    For our Pro and Enterprise Subscribers who use Voltage Pro, you can now run Voltage Pro calculations using projects that were already created in PlantPredict.  This is a small but very helpful improvement in the process.  When you open Voltage Pro, the Project List will be filtered to show Active and Voltage Pro Projects.  If you want to run Voltage Pro for a PlantPredict Project that has already been created, clear the Voltage Pro filter and you will see all your PlantPredict Projects.

    Voltage Pro Projects Filter

    Information Icons

    In an effort to provide better documentation, we are beginning to add information icons on certain fields that link to our Knowledge Base.  Check out the information icon on the Circumsolar Treatment field in the Simulation Settings page for the first example.

    Information Icon

    Map Builder Snapping tool Improvements

    We noticed that the snapping tool in the Mapbuilder could use some improvements, so we focused some attention on improving that minor (but very important) feature.

    Snapping Tool


    • Inverters Per Array was automatically updating behind the scenes – we fixed this so that it stops happening.  If you set the Inverter Per Arrays, it will stay what you set it to be now.

    • Fixed some oddities in the shading scene editor within the DC Field
    • Albedo was displayed as negative and did not have enough decimal place precision, we have improved that within the Predict Results Screen.
  • Release 11.0.0

    23 March 2023

    Version 11 Beta

    We are releasing a new Prediction Logic Version (Version 11 Beta), which is being released in “Beta mode”.  This means that the default prediction logic will remain as Version 10; however, you can switch your prediction to Version 11 by selecting the Version 11 Beta option in the Prediction Logic drop down before running your prediction.  Please be aware, we will be deploying more prediction changing enhancements to the Version 11 logic over the next several sprints, so the Version 11 results will not be locked down until we remove the Beta tag. 

    Version 11 Beta

    Version 11 Includes

      • Bifacial Model Improvement – We adjusted the tilt angle algorithm for the backside irradiance calculation to make a better fit to expected results
      • Fixed a bug in the Module Irradiance Loss calculation – We discovered that changes to the “DC Wiring at STC” loss factor input was impacting the Module Irradiance Loss, which does not make sense.  We found the bug in the loss factor calculation and corrected it.
      • Replaced our Inverter Efficiency Model with the Sandia Inverter Efficiency Model – Our legacy Inverter Efficiency Model curve was too steep, and was resulting in more efficiency loss than there should have been.  Here are two links to our Knowledge Base with more details:  Sandia Inverter Efficiency Model vs Legacy Inverter Efficiency Model

    Simulation Settings page reorganization AND Circumsolar Treatment has been added

    We reorganized the simulation settings page so that there is more logical groupings of the input parameters on the page.  We also added a NEW input parameter that allows our users to specify the way they want Circumsolar to be treated in the Transposition Model.  Learn more by checking out our Knowledge Base:  Separate Treatment of Circumsolar

    Circumsolar Treatment

    Calculating the Max 3hr Rolling Average DC Short Circuit Current

    For every prediction run going forward, we are automatically calculating the Maximum 3 hour rolling average DC Short Circuit Current for all the strings in the prediction, and then displaying this value in the Prediction Results screen and on the Prediction Results Summary reports. This calculation is in accordance with NEC 690.8(A)(1)(a)(2)

    Rolling Average Current


    • Direct Import of NSRDB Albedo button on the Environmental Conditions page works again

    • In Mapbuilder when deleting a polygon and then “undo” would return the polygon twice – this has been fixed
    • Inverter repeater was resetting to 1 when using a central inverter with the “Calculate DC Capacity”
    • Dev Platform – Fixed the “Complex Polygons not supported” Error
  • Release 10.19.0

    10 March 2023

    PlantPredict Map Builder Improvements

    We made several improvements to the PlantPredict Map Builder tool as part of this release.

      1. Added the ability to specify the number of inverters included in an array.  This is especially important when using String Inverters.
      2. Updated the “Create DC As” logic, to include pink PCS stations when creating DC as Tables, and also refined the logic so that the results are the same if creating DC as Tables or Arrays.
      3. We also added Railways as a Map Overlay Layer, so now you can understand your site’s proximity to Railways and exclude them as a constraint if they run through your site.

    The ability to define the number of Inverters Per Array is on the AC Design Tab.  Notice the alignment of the below site when created with Array Shapes and Table Shapes.

    Map Builder Improvements

    View Railways on your map



    DXF Export includes additional Layers

    We have added some additional layers to be included in the DXF File export from within the PlantPredict Map Builder tool.  You can now include Earthwork, Slope Constraints, Slope Bands and Post Height Analysis results to your DXF file, so that you can bring those layers into AutoCAD.  Simply ensure that those layers are turned on when exporting your layout to .DXF.

    DXF Layers


    • Fixed a bug where the Fixed Tilt validation logic would error out even though you were designing with a Horizontal Tracker.  The error would only occur if you removed the Fixed Tilt angle before switching your DC Field to Horizontal Tracker.

  • Release 10.18.0

    23 February 2023

    Backside POAI can now be uploaded and used when running a Prediction

    If you are a PlantPredict Subscriber, you can upload a weather file containing Backside POAI and have that data utilized within your prediction.  For many of our customers who are checking the expected energy of a power plant vs the actual energy produced, eliminating the error of converting GHI to POAI using Albedo values will be helpful.

    Backside POA

    Import Horizon Scene Data from PVGIS

    In addition to being able to import a Meteonorm Horizon Scene with a click of a button, our PlantPredict Subscribers can now also import a PVGIS Horizon Scene.  This gives you options and also greater coverage around the globe.

    PVGIS Horizon Scene

    KMZ File Upload improvements in the Dev Platform

    We have simplified the uploading of Boundaries and Constraints/Exclusions within the Dev Platform Site Plan Editor.  If you have a KMZ containing only Boundaries, or a KMZ containing only Exclusions, you can have the boundaries or exclusions drawn automatically with the click of a button.

    KML Upload

    Other minor changes

    • We improved the speed of Projects Loading when opening the Dev Platform, and we have added a “My Projects” tab so that by default only the projects that a user has created will be loaded initially.  Users can still see all projects for their Company by clicking the Company projects tab.
    • Added the Simulation Date and Time, along with the Site Plan used to the Simulation Inputs information in the Dev Platform.
    • Added Effective Global POAI and Cell Temperature at Open Circuit in the Nodal Data output for Voltage Pro
    • Extended the Array MWdc and MWac to 3 decimal places in PlantPredict Block Builder interface so users have kW precision.
    • Put an icon in PlantPredict to denote the different prediction types to make it easier to find the prediction you are looking for within a project.


    • In the Prediction Results screen, Albedo was appearing as a negative number, when it should be a positive number

    • In MapBuilder, when the MWAc is locked and a user updates the MWDC the DC:AC Ratio was not updating…this has been fixed
    • Rated PWR unit of measure on the Inverter was wrong in the MapBuilder interface.  It showed “W” when it should be “kW”.  Fixed.
    • Resolved an issue causing Simulation Failures in the Dev Platform related to road placement
  • Release 10.17.0

    09 February 2023

    Voltage Pro 1.0 is released to the public today!

    After several months of development, and over a year of working with representatives across the industry, the first version of Voltage Pro is being released today for PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise Subscribers ONLY.  Voltage Pro utilizes an intuitive user interface and integration with PlantPredict to simplify and standardize the string sizing application that all designers and engineers must do when designing a utility scale solar power plant.  If you are interested in learning more about Voltage Pro, we will be holding a webinar on March 9th to demonstrate the power of Voltage Pro.

    Click here to register for the Voltage Pro Webinar

    We have also published a User Guide for Voltage Pro, which can be accessed here:  Voltage Pro User Guide

    You can also request a Free Trial subscription to PlantPredict Pro by contacting us via

    Voltage Pro

    Refactored the SolarGIS 1-Click Weather File Download

    For our users that have a SolarGIS API key, which grants them access to the SolarGIS TMY60 and TMY15 weather data files via PlantPredict, we refactored the download process and made the process run as a background process.  Since this download takes several minutes, we were experiencing timeouts with the former process.  Now that the process is running in the background, we do not have a timeout threshold to worry about.



    Other minor changes

    • We updated Inverter Description field size to 25,000 characters (up from 250) because we had customers who needed more room for their inverter descriptions.
    • Added the ability to upload Backside POA as part of a weather file.  This sets the stage for using Backside POA when running a prediction to improve the modeling of bifacial models in situations where you have measured backside POA for the system you are trying to model (Coming Soon).
    • Updated the Default Sort for both the Inverter and Module library’s to be alphabetical (A-Z) based on the Inverter and Module name.


    • When converting wetland into exclusion areas in the Dev Platform, and error would appear saying “Complex Polygons not supported” – We believe we have fixed this.

    • Tracker Quantity was 0 in the Dev Platform EPC Cost Estimate when using the 1P Multi-String Tracker – This has been fixed.
    • Fixed the 30 minute Time Shift issue that has existed for a long time when downloading NSRDB weather files.
  • Release 10.16.1

    19 January 2023

    For this release, we are making updates ONLY to the Development Platform.  These changes will only impact PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise subscribers.

    String Harness Logic Update

    When designing a layout with Thin Film modules, we needed the cabling and BOQ logic to consider the use of String Harnesses.  This will impact the number of combiner boxes required on the site, and will also have a significant impact on the home run cable requirements of the site.  Both of these factors will make the EPC Cost estimate (when using Thin Film modules) more representative of market pricing.  Furthermore, we updated the clustering logic that groups racks with combiner boxes and ultimately with Inverters.  You will now get a more accurate measurement of cables (above ground and underground in trenches) that are connecting harnesses to combiner boxes.


    Ability to Show or Hide Site Plan Object labels

    When creating a Site Plan with a lot of objects, it is sometimes nice to be able to hide the labels associated with those objects.  We have added a checkbox that allows the user to control if those labels are visible or not.


    Other minor changes

    • We updated the wording of our Layout Options and Compare Tool to simplify what is displayed (i.e. Total no.of strings > Strings)


    • Users with Shared Projects were NOT able to see the Site Plans – This has been resolved.

    • “Boundary can’t overlay other boundary” error when parcels share a boundary – This has been resolved with the 2 boundaries being merged into a single boundary.
    • After receiving a “Boundary can’t overlay other boundary” error, if a user cancels the action then the selection of row is not enabled – This has been resolved
  • Release 10.16.0

    12 January 2023

    Company Admins – Default Prediction Status

    PlantPredict Business/Pro/Enterprise subscribers get a Company Admin who has the ability to set company level default values.  This can be a huge time saver, and can drive standardization across your PlantPredict Company.  We added a new company level default this sprint, where you can set your default Prediction Status.  Historically, Predictions were always created with a Draft-Private status, which means you would need to change the status to Draft-Shared to share your prediction with colleagues in the company.  Now, you can change that if you desire to have all predictions created in a Draft-Shared status.


    Company Level Defaults

    Extreme Annual Mean Minimum Dry Bulb Temp

    As we prepare for the Voltage Pro launch that is coming soon, we realized that the Extreme Annual Mean Minimum Dry Bulb temp for a location is an important parameter for String Sizing when using Advanced String Sizing methods.  We acquired this data as part of our Ashrae data set, and now display that data in the Environmental Conditions screen.

    Dry Bulb

    Other minor Admin changes

    • User Status is now a Drop Down box instead of a toggle switch, which will make it easier to manage Pending and Disabled users within your company (For Company Admins ONLY).
    • Ability to DELETE Pending Users for Company Admins.  This is handy if your company has a user that never fully registered and has left the company, you can simply delete their account now.


    • When an Invalid configuration is setup on the Array, the Prediction acts like it saves, but it really does not save. We did a pretty comprehensive overhaul to the validation logic in the Block Builder User Interface to make sure that we handle invalid configurations better and in a more intuitive manner.

  • Release 10.15.0

    15 December 2022

    PlantPredict Pro Launch is on track!

    The December Sprints are focusing on minor improvements as we prepare for the official launch of PlantPredict Pro and the upcoming release of Voltage Pro.  If you have not watched the webinar we hosted recently that introduces PlantPredict Pro, please do so here:

    PlantPredict Pro Webinar


    Dev Platform is Free for everyone in December

    For the entire month of December the Terabase Development Platform (Dev Platform) will be FREE to all PlantPredict users.  Go ahead and click on the link and check it out.  If you need some instructions on how to setup a project, contact and we will arrange a demo to help you.  Beginning on January 1st, 2023 only PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise subscribers will be able to use the Dev Platform for detailed design and optimization of their power plants.  So, use the month of December to decide if this product is right for you!

    We are also offering Early Bird Pricing through the month of December, so you can get 25% off the List Price which goes into effect on January 1st, 2023.  Click here to see details about the pricing of PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise:



    • Solar GIS TMY 60 and TMY 15 weather files have incorrect unit of Pwat – This has been fixed

    • In the Dev Platform, there was a scroll bar showing up in navigation bar when no pinned project are available

    • Also in the Dev Platform when using the compare tool, the wrong number of tables was appearing in the table.  This has been fixed.
    • When sharing projects in the Dev Platform, the View/Edit option was unavailable after the last release, we have brought that important feature back
  • Release 10.14.0

    01 December 2022

    Single Sign On (SSO) and better integration between PlantPredict and the Terabase Development Platform

    As we prepare for the official launch of PlantPredict Pro coming up on January 1st, we had to implement single sign on so that navigation between PlantPredict and the Terabase Development Platform (a.k.a. Dev Platform) is smooth (no secondary login).  Beginning today, there will be a link in the navigation pane of PlantPredict that will allow PlantPredict users to smoothly launch the Dev Platform with the click of a button.  The Dev Platform will open without the need for a second login.

    Dev Platform Link

    Dev Platform is Free for everyone in December

    For the entire month of December the Terabase Development Platform (Dev Platform) will be FREE to all PlantPredict users.  Go ahead and click on the link and check it out.  If you need some instructions on how to setup a project, contact and we will arrange a demo to help you.  Beginning on January 1st, 2023 only PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise subscribers will be able to use the Dev Platform for detailed design and optimization of their power plants.  So, use the month of December to decide if this product is right for you!

    We are also offering Early Bird Pricing through the month of December, so you can get 25% off the List Price which goes into effect on January 1st, 2023.  Click here to see details about the pricing of PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise:

    Inverter Description has been added

    Inside a Block Builder Prediction, we have added an Inverter Description field so that users can now place a description/name of the inverter into their power plant design.  This is especially useful for our O&M customers and users who are using PlantPredict for their Digital Twin model and they want to call out the specific inverter in their as-built model

    Inverter Description


    • Updated the Subscription Tiers backend logic so that when subscribing for a Business Package, the proper subscription gets applied

    • Import Project was failing to parse the KMZ files having xsi:schemsLocation attribution in the document tag…this has been fixed
    • The Tooltips on the DC Field and Array objects of Block Builder did not properly correspond to the field…we have updated this.
  • Release 10.13.0

    10 November 2022

    Slope Grade and Direction is now displayed on Array Details

    PlantPredict Premium subscribers can now easily see the slope grade and direction of all your Arrays by turning on the Advanced Plant Layout within the Slope Design tab of a Map Builder Prediction.  You must zoom into the arrays so that the Array Details are visible.  Please note that this is the prevailing grade of the array as determined by looking at the elevation of the 4 corners of the array.
    Slope Grade and Direction

    Ability to Hide or Display Constraint Labels on your PLP-1000

    We have added a check box control to the PLP-1000 Layers menu to give our PlantPredict Premium users control over whether or not they want to have constraint layers appear on their PLP-1000 PDF downloadable report.

    PLP-1000 Constraint Labels

    Here is a listing of some of the other improvements and enhancements

    • Global Module File Cleanup – We have removed some obsolete module files as we continue to maintain our listing of Global Modules and Inverters
    • Nodal Data File Changes – Within the DC Field Nodal Data Files, we have added 2 additional columns of data:  Cell Temperature at Open Circuit (°C) and Open Circuit DC Voltage at Open Circuit Cell Temperature (V) and we have renamed 2 similar columns for clarity:  Cell Temperature at MPP (°C) – Column AY and Open Circuit DC Voltage at MPP Cell Temperature (V) – Column BA

    Formula for Cell Temperature at Open Circuit

    Cell Temp at Open Circuit

    Formula for Open Circuit Voltage at Open Circuit Cell Temperature

    Open Circuit VoltageBUG FIXES

    • The Prediction Summary 8760 Downloadable report was missing the Plant Net Aux Losses for P75, P90 and P99 results.  This has been fixed

    • When Uploading .KMZ files into Map Builder Predictions, the KMZ Files with xsi:schemaLocation were failing to parse.  We have also fixed this bug
  • Release 10.11.0

    13 October 2022

    More Weather Download improvements

    Clean Power Research Version 3.6 weather files are now available for download using the 1-Click Weather Download feature in PlantPredict (You must have a SolarAnywhere API key and PlantPredict Premium to use this feature).  We also updated our 1-Click Weather Download so that PlantPredict Premium users can download Clean Power Research Version 3.5 weather files in Canada.

    CPR V3.6

    We also fixed some issues with our new NSRDB 1-Click Weather Download functionality that was part of the last release.

        • The Time-Shift on the Quality Check page was not being properly applied when importing a Custom NSRDB weather file
        • Custom NSRDB files will now be imported as Draft-Private weather files, so that you can update the name and use them within your company only.  We do not want these custom weather files listed as part of our Global Database.

    Block Builder Usability Improvements


    When Cloning a Block, Array or Inverter you will now be placed into the newly cloned object after the operation completes.  Previously, you would remain in the object that you had cloned, which did not seem very intuitive.  This would require you to navigate out of the current object and into the newly cloned object to make any changes, which is extra clicks that seemed unnecessary.


    When deleting a Block, Array, Inverter or DC Field you will be taken to the object directly above the object that was deleted.  Previously, you would be taken to the first object, which also did not seem intuitive.  The only exception to this is when deleting the first object, you will then be taken to the object that is now the first object.

    SMA Global Inverter Files for the Sunny Central UP Family have been released in PlantPredict’s Inverter Library

    In collaboration with SMA, we have released the latest SMA Inverter files with OEM review and certification.  These inverter files contain 4 efficiency curves which will lead to more accurate predictions that other what can be achieved in other industry standard yield simulation software.

    SMA Inverters


    • Backside Irradiance and Backside Mismatch were not displayed correctly on the Plant Summary 8760 report – This now has been fixed

    • Fixed the new String Size Project Status so that it is usable now
    • Fixed a bug with the DXF file download functionality in Map Builder so that it is now possible to download very large layouts as DXF files
  • Release 10.10.0

    29 September 2022

    Sub-hourly weather files are now available for download from NSRDB

    Sub-hourly modeling is a very important capability within PlantPredict, and we want our PlantPredict Premium users to be able to do sub-hourly modeling even if they don’t have a SolarAnywhere or SolarGIS subscription.  So, we have updated our NSRDB API integration in order to allow our PlantPredict Premium users to download sub-hourly weather files from the NSRDB.  Simply add a new weather file for your location and click the download button for the NSRDB file format.  This will present you with a choice to download the Standard TMY (60 minute) files or to choose from a Customized Format that includes sub-hourly data

    Sub-Hourly NSRDB Data

    Specify your download options

    Download Options

    Download your sub-hourly data

    Subhourly Data

    Search Libraries by Object ID

    As a minor usability enhancement, you can now search for Modules, Inverters, Weather Files, etc… using the Object ID that you want to use.  If you know the ID, just enter it into the search box to quickly get to the Object you want.

    Search by ID


    • ResultDetails endpoint should return results down to the granularity of the weather file interval – This has been fixed

  • Release 10.9.0

    15 September 2022

    Near Shading Loss Comparison

    As we continue to work on modeling the impacts terrain has on a prediction, one of the loss factors we want to pay special attention to is Near Shading Loss.  For our PlantPredict Premium subscribers, we have added the ability to see Near Shading Loss comparison between predictions in our Prediction Comparison Charting screen.  This will make understanding the impact of Near Shading Loss on your project easier than ever.

    Near Shading Loss Comparison


    Company Admin – Available Licenses

    For all our Company Admins out there (Only Available with PlantPredict Premium Business or Enterprise Subscriptions), we appreciate the work you to do administer your company’s users and default values.  We have updated the Company Admin Screen so that you can easily see how many Active Users you have and how many Available Licenses you have remaining.

    Available Licenses



    • We fixed the auto formatting of SolarAnywhere TMY3 file formats, so the import process should go smoother now when importing TMY3 files
    • In certain situations, when you opened the Project Library it would appear like all your projects were gone.  A quick refresh would bring them back.  We think that we fixed the issue that was causing your projects from disappearing in the first place.
    • We changed our 3D shading scene processor so that the server is turned off by default.  When you run a 3D shading scene prediction it might take a little longer because the server will need to be started up.
    • Company Level Defaults were being reset when you added a Weather Vendor API Key.  We fixed this so that it does not happen anymore.
  • Release 10.8.0

    01 September 2022

    Quality of Life Improvements!

    Every once in awhile, we have a sprint dedicated to improvements that we call “Quality of Life Improvements”.  These are simple changes that make the user interface work more smoothly and make certain tasks easier in the application.  Here are some of the ways we are making life better for our PlantPredict Users.

    • Library Filters and Sorting stay consistent across the application during a session – When you go into the Weather, Inverter or Module Library and define a filter (i.e. My Weather) or a Sorting (i.e. Rated power highest to lowest), these selections will stay for the duration of your session.  They will even appear for you as you are in a prediction and selecting your weather, inverter or module.  This will reduce the number of clicks when creating multiple predictions and should make the application just work a little better


    Filter and Sort


    • Multi-Selection Prediction Deleting – Sometimes it is nice to keep your projects clean, and one way to do that is to delete the predictions that you no longer need within your project.  Traditionally, you could do this by deleting them one-by-one.  Now, you will be able to select multiple and delete all of them with the single click of a button.

    Multiple Delete


    • Added a Close (“X”) on the Prediction Results screen – When viewing the prediction results, it was not obvious how to return to the actual prediction.  You had to either use the bread crumb trail at the top of the screen, the browser back button, or go all the way back the the Project Library and navigate into your Project and Prediction.  We thought an intuitive Close button (Labeled with a simple “X”) would be helpful.
    • Constraint Setbacks when using Metric UoM are now defaulted to 15.24 Meters instead of 50.  50 Meter setbacks were a little extreme for a default value, so we reduced the default to 15.24, which equals 50 feet when converted to Imperial Measurement.



    • We fixed the SolarGIS Timeout Error, which was not happening properly.
  • Release 10.7.0

    18 August 2022

    Roadways are now available in MapBuilder

    We have added a Roadways (Census) layer to our MapBuilder Map Overlays menu.  Now users can turn on this layer and have the software automatically draw constraints around the roadway easement with the click of a button.



    We also made the “Handles” a little easier to see when you want to modify a site boundary.


    Some other improvements were made to the MapBuilder interface:

      • The snapping feature has been added to the site boundary, so drawing a site boundary is easier now
      • When Calculating DC Capacity on a site with multiple site boundaries, the system will consider each site boundary as an island and maximize the DC accordingly
      • We also refactored our wetland layer to comply with the changes made by the US Fish and Wildlife API

    Promotion Codes

    On the Subscription Page, we added a “Promotion Code” functionality, which can be used to give out Free Trials of PlantPredict Premium.  We plan to try this out at the PVPMC conference coming up next week when we will be giving out Promo Code Cards to Performance Engineers who want to give PlantPredict Premium a try.  Hope to see you there!


    • Loss factor tree – adjusted the chart so that small values (i.e. 1%) look different than 0%
    • Updated Error Codes for when Predictions Fail to make it easier to troubleshoot the reason why a prediction failed.
  • Release 10.6.0

    04 August 2022

    Meet David and Thang at the PVPMC 2022 Conference

    Over the last sprint we have been preparing for the PVPMC conference which is scheduled for August 23rd and 24th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  If you are planning on attending, please seek us out.  The Product Director of PlantPredict (David Spieldenner) and VP of Development Technologies for Terabase Energy (Thang Le) will be there.  If you are not currently a PlantPredict Premium subscriber, we will be handing out Promo Code card that will get you a 30 Day Free Trial.

    PVPMC 2022




    • When Creating a Module File in PlantPredict an error would occur if you were on the IAM tab of the Module regarding the Sandia Coefficients.  This has been fixed
    • SolarGIS made a change to the TGY API, which was causing the 1-click weather download to error out.  We have corrected this.
  • Release 10.5.0

    21 July 2022

    Batch Prediction Improvements


    We returned our attention to our Batch Prediction functionality with this latest release.  Our PlantPredict Premium subscribers will notice that we have added a Secondary Sort to go along with the Primary Sort that was already there.  This is especially useful if you want to organize your results by DC/AC Ratio and GCR%.  Furthermore, the order in which your results are sorted will also be used in the Results Export, so you can simplify your analysis by sorting your results and then exporting them.

    Secondary Sort

    We have also added the ability to export only the prediction summaries for your Batch Prediction result export.  This drastically reduces the size of the file that you are exporting and speeds up the processing of the report generation.  Very large batch predictions would sometimes time out because the results took too long to generate.  Exporting the Summaries should resolve that issue, and in most cases our users are mostly interested in only the summary data.

    Summary Export


    DC Field Short Circuit Current now available in Nodal Data Results

    A relatively minor (but very handy) enhancement is that we have added Short Circuit Current to our Nodal Data results.  Nodal Data is a very powerful way to see the details behind the energy prediction results, and now with the Short Circuit Current at each time series interval, you have a little more visibility into your prediction results.

    Turn on or turn off Constraint Labels in Map Builder

    A very common request (especially for those users importing an Anderson Optimization KMZ file) is to hide the constraint labels on the Map builder screen.  Those labels can be helpful, but they can also make your design appear cluttered.  So, we have added an option in the Map Overlays section to turn on or turn off Constraint Labels.

    Constraint Labels


    • SolarGIS PvPlanner one-click weather download was throwing an error at the end of the download.  We have fixed this.
    • SolarGIS default download dataset was not working and this has been fixed.
  • Release 10.4.0

    07 July 2022

    Slope Aware Backtracking

    Coming Soon

    Soon has finally arrived

    For the past several years, in the DC Field section of a Block Builder prediction, we have indicated that modeling your DC Field with trackers that follow the ground slope would be “Coming Soon”….

    Soon has finally arrived!



    When modeling a DC Field on a sloped terrain, the transposition model will now recognize the North-South Slope (Trackers) and East-West Slope (Fixed Tilt) and adjust the POAI accordingly.  Furthermore, the backtracking algorithm has been updated to recognize the ground slope and adjust accordingly to avoid direct beam shading in the early morning and late evenings when the sun is low on the horizon.  As a result, you can now utilize PlantPredict to understand the impact that ground slope has on the production of your PV Power Plant.

    For our PlantPredict Premium subscribers, we have also updated our Advanced Plant Layout functionality within the Map Builder Slope Design tab so that you can specify if you want to use the traditional Flat Table Orientation or the new Sloped Table Orientation (with Slope aware Backtracking).  You can also specify if you want to use the 2D (fast and accurate) or the 3D (a little slower and slightly more accurate) shading algorithm.Advanced Slope Design

    Ashrae Station Database has been updated

    Ashrae 2021

    We have also purchased and rolled out an updated data set of Ashrae weather station data.  When PlantPredict pulls the nearest Ashrae station, you will be pulling from a 2021 data set.



    SolarGIS API Integration has been updated

    SolarGISFor Plant Predict Premium customers who are also Solargis API Customers, you can now take advantage of a new and improved site-specific (high spatial resolution) Solargis API, which serves TMY60 (Typical Meteorological Year at 60-minute intervals) or TMY15 (15-minute intervals) using our 1 click weather file download feature.

    Solargis TMY files are calculated using long-term historical time series data (from 1994/1999/2007 to the end of 2021, depending on the regions). The data is also site-specific at upto 250m resolution levels. The TMY data is generated using the latest Solargis model each time the API request is placed (not pre-calculated).



    • User Management screen would throw errors when trying to add new users – most (if not all) of the known issues here have been fixed
    • We broke out 3D and 2D predictions into their own queues so that 2D predictions would not be log jammed if a long running 3D prediction was blocking the queue.
    • Maximum slope has been updated to support up to 30 degrees of slope (up from 10 degrees).

  • Release 10.3.0

    09 June 2022

    Short Sprint = Minor Release

    We had a very short sprint this release cycle and only released some back end improvements and a minor bug fix.  Our development team is working on a major release that is planned for the end of this month, which will include Slope Aware Backtracking!  This is a major step forward in PlantPredict’s ability to model terrain and the shading impacts of the terrain.  Stay Tuned!


    • Added a new Project Type for the String Sizing Calculator tool that is currently under development
    • Addressed loophole issue regarding PlantPredict Premium Licensing and API Access
    • Fixed an issue with the Slope Constraints logic where we would get inverse constraint creation when a site was completely surrounded by high slope areas.

  • Release 10.2.0

    20 MAY 2022

    Batch Prediction Improvements!

    We are rolling out a new user interface for our Batch Predictions today, which allows the Batch Prediction functionality to work better and look nicer for our PlantPredict Premium customers.

    Batch Screen Improvements

    Model Choices in Batch

    • Utilize the Uncertainty Analysis to do a P90, P99, P50 or even a P10 analysis for your batch predictions
    • Specify your models (decomposition, transposition, module temperature, etc…) that will be applied to your batch prediction putting you more in control of the results
    • Now you can run multi-year predictions in batch mode.  This makes it easier to see how energy results are impacted by long term degradation when you vary any of our batch variables with your prediction.

    Multi-Year Batch Results

    Analyze North and South Slope separately in 3D Site View

    PlantPredict Premium subscribers can now analyze both North facing and South facing slope separately

    North and South Facing Slope

    New KMZ Layer Upload mode

    There is now a KML/KMZ backdrop mode in the Upload KMZ pop-up window.  This allows a PlantPredict Premium user to be able to upload a KMZ file and create an overlay with the objects in the KMZ.  Clicking on the objects allows the user to define if the object is a site boundary or a site constraint.


    • One-click weather download was not working properly with the CPR API key.  It is now working just fine.
    • Fixed Tilt batch predictions were not computing correctly
    • When popup displays on Mapbuilder, a ‘selection dead zone’ occurs on TOP and RIGHT of popup

    • When setbacks for both Site Boundary and Constraints are ‘0’, building DC islands is compromised

  • Release 10.1.0

    03 MAY 2022

    New Password Policy has been implemented

    With today’s release, we have increased the data security protection of all PlantPredict users by strengthening our password requirements.  All users will need to reset their password as part of this change, so an email is being mailed out to all PlantPredict users with a temporary password that will allow the user to reset their password.

    If you have any trouble logging in please contact PlantPredict support at


    Post Height has been added as a Batch Prediction Variable to Iterate on

    We are going to be expanding the Batch Prediction capabilities of PlantPredict over the next few sprints.  One of the first changes is that we have added post height as a new parameter that can be iterated on.  This allows users to quickly identify the optimal post height for their project


    Batch Results

    Specific Yield added to Batch Results Chart and Sort By Parameter

    Users can now choose if they want to see their Batch Prediction results charted by Specific Yield or Plant Net Energy.  Sometimes, users want to prioritize Specific Yield, and that was difficult to do when the only parameter to chart on was Plant Net Energy.

    Measurements appear when drawing Constraints in the Map Builder tool

    When drawing Constraints (Both Area and Linear), the measurements will appear as you draw.  This will allow you to make sure your constraints align with the dimensions of the object that you are trying to model as a constraint.

    Constraint Measurements



    • Nighttime Inverter Losses has been removed from the Block Builder Array screen as it was not actually impacting Yield.
    • Backside Irradiance was appearing as negative in the Loss Tree in some situations
  • Release 10.0.0

    21 APR 2022

    Version 10

    Improvements to our Bifacial Model

    With Version 10 we are making your Bifacial Predictions more accurate and making the results easier to understand by adjusting how the Backside Mismatch is affecting Module Irradiance Loss.  In version 9 the Backside Mismatch of a Bifacial module would have an impact on the Module Irradiance Loss.  This was not aligned with how other software such as PVSyst or SolarFarmer works and so it was a source of confusion for our users who were comparing PlantPredict Results with these software.  We also noticed that the impact on Module Irradiance loss was overstated on predictions with very high Backside Mismatch losses (i.e. greater than 20%).

    Furthermore, we are replacing Backside Effective Irradiance in our Loss Factors with Backside Irradiance and Structure Shading Loss.  In Version 9, Backside Irradiance and Structure Shading Loss were bundled together into Backside Effective Irradiance, and we felt that this was not transparent enough.  So, now you can see the Backside Irradiance Gain along with Structure Shading Loss to understand the impact that the structure shading is having on the energy results of your prediction.  More details can be found in our Models and Algorithms section of our website:

    Backside Loss Factors


    Updates to our GTI DIRINT Model

    With Version 10 we are also making an adjustment to our GTI DIRINT decomposition model to better handle diffuse light at sunrise and at sunset.  For predictions that were using subhourly weather data with Plane of Array Irradiance, we were noticing a spike in production around sunrise and also at sunset.  The changes we made to the GTI DIRINT model will smooth these effects out.  More information can be found in the Models and Algorithms section of our website here:

    3D Shading Model processing time improvement

    Lastly, with Version 10 we are making a change to our 3D Shading algorithm model that will speed up the processing of predictions that use the 3D Shading engine.  We are basically reducing the resolution that the model is using, which has a significant impact on the processing time of the engine, and is not having a significant impact on prediction results.  You may notice a change to your shading loss when running a prediction with 3D shading in version 10 compared to version 9.  You will also notice that the predictions take about 75% less time to run in version 10 over version 9.



    • None this Release
  • Release 9.7.0

    07 APR 2022

    A fresh Meteonorm weather file is now automatically downloaded for your Project Location when you create a Project in PlantPredict or the Terabase Dev Platform

    In order to ensure that there is always at least one weather file available for your Predictions, we are automatically downloading a new Meteonorm weather file in the background when you create a new project in PlantPredict.  Some of our Meteonorm weather files are a little dated, so this will also ensure that you have the latest Meteonorm data ready and available to use for your predictions.


    Make sure to look for the Meteonorm weather file with the current date to use the fresh weather file for your Project.

    Updated Integration with Clean Power Research’s SolarAnywhere TGY Unlimited API

    Clean Power Research has updated their API integration to a single API Key, which simplifies setup.  Furthermore, Clean Power Research now offers their SolarAnywhere TGY Unlimited subscribers the ability to automatically generate an API key, and then use that API key in PlantPredict.  When an API key is setup for CPR, you can use the 1-Click Weather Download feature to automatically download up to 200 weather files per year for your company.  This capability is only available PlantPredict Premium subscribers, and you must be a Company Admin in order to update your CPR API Key.  If you would like more information on how to Subscribe to PlantPredict Premium, or how to setup your SolarAnywhere API Key, please contact support@plantpredict and we will gladly help you!

    PlantPredict Premium Administrators can insert a SolarAnywhere API Key into the Company Default Setting Screen


    • None this Release
  • Release 9.6.0

    24 MAR 2022

    Transmission Lines, Substations and Pipelines Now Available to PlantPredict Premium users as Map Layers in Map Builder Predictions

    PlantPredict Premium users now have more Map Overlays available in the Map Builder Prediction Screen.  Transmission Lines, Substations, Oil Pipelines and Natural Gas Pipelines are now available as Map Overlays.  When creating a Map Builder Prediction, simply click on the Map Overlays screen and click the check box next to one of these new Map Overlays to see the data for your location.  There is also a legend so that you know what the colors mean for these objects.

    Map Overlay Layers

    In addition to being able to see these new Map Overlays, you can also click on them to get more information about them and even automatically create constraints on your site.

    Create Constraints


    More Loss Factors Available in Charting

    Last Sprint we added Inverter Limitation Loss.  This Sprint we have expanded upon that and added Near Shading Loss, Module Irradiance Loss, Module Temperature Loss, Inverter Efficiency Loss and Spectral Loss to the Charting Feature in the Prediction Results screen.  These Loss Factors are also only for PlantPredict Premium Users.  If you are not currently a PlantPredict Premium Subscriber, and are interested in trying out these Premium features, reach out to and request a Free Trial License Today!

    More Loss Factors Available in Charting


    • Fixed some bugs related to .PAN File import when importing a CdTe Module .PAN File
  • Release 9.5.0

    03 MAR 2022

    Prediction Comparison Charting

    When doing a Prediction Comparison, you can now compare multiple predictions using the chart interface.  Simply initiate the Prediction Comparison, and then you will see a tab that is labeled Charts and when you go to this tab you can compare the key performance indicators of those predictions.

    Comparison Chart


    Inverter Limitation Loss Charting

    We are planning to add Loss Factors to our charts (for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers ONLY)and we are starting with Inverter Limitation Loss as our first Loss factor.  So, you can see when your inverters are working sub optimally and also visualize the clipping that is occurring in your power plant.

    Inverter Limitation Loss


    Other Minor Enhancements

      • Downloaded Weather Files automatically appear as the Selected Weather File when imitating the weather file download from inside a prediction.  This is a minor change that will save you time each time you want to download a new weather file for your prediction.
      • Latitude and Longitude Values now appear as decimal values on the Project Screen.  We have received feedback that the minute level format for Lat/Lon was not helpful, so we changed to Decimal format only when displaying Lat/Lon.
      • You can now initiate a Prediction Clone from within the Prediction Screen.  You used to need to navigate to the Project Screen and then clone the Prediction that you wanted to clone.  That was a couple extra mouse clicks, so we added a Clone link to the top of the Prediction to make this process a little easier.
      • You can now create a Constraint Shape from a Parcel with a click of a mouse button.  Historically, you could only create a Site Boundary, but now the option exists to also create a constraint.  This is handy if you are evaluating multiple parcels in an area and you want an easy way to turn on/off certain parcels.
      • Terrain Slope constraint analysis now supports support values up to 30%.  We used to limit this to 20%, but we received feedback that users would like to evaluate slopes even greater than 20%.



    • Users without Company Level Default Road Widths were not able to create Block Builder Predictions because of an error.  We have resolved this.
    • Project/Prediction File imports (.PPP Files) that included Non-Global modules or inverters were failing.  This has also been resolved.
  • Release 9.4.0

    24 FEB 2022

    Multi-Variate Charting

    On the Prediction Results Screen, you are now able to view Chart Data for two Variables at the same time on the same chart.  This increases your analytical ability when reviewing your Prediction Results.  Place a checkmark in 2 of the available Variables to Display and those variables will appear in the chart window.  This works for all time increments

    Multi-Variate Charting




    • Cleaned up several labels where the Unit was not defined or the Unit was technically not correct
    • When Cloning a Project that has Map Builder Predictions, the Boundary and Constraints on the Maps properly get cloned
    • When switching from Simple to Advanced Slope Aware mode, the Layout does not clear anymore
    • The “How Likely are you to recommend?” slider no longer appears…this survey has been discontinued.
    • Modules High and Modules wide were not defaulting correctly on Map Builder predictions, but this has now been fixed.
    • New MapBuilder Predictions were not using the Company Level Default values on the first DC Flood.  This has been fixed.
  • Release 9.3.0

    09 FEB 2022

    Slope Aware Map Builder Predictions

    Our first version of Slope Aware capabilities is being rolled out as part of this release for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers ONLY.  When working with a Map Builder Prediction, you can turn ON the Advanced Slope Aware mode and PlantPredict will determine the prevailing grade of your arrays and utilize that to adjust your shading losses accordingly.

    Slope Aware Predictions

    Update Inverters and/or Modules when Cloning a Project

    When cloning a Project, the wizard will now stop and ask you to review the Inverters and Modules that are used within the Predictions associated with the Project.  You are then given the option to change the Inverters and/or the Modules which will automatically update the DC Field records associated with all the Predictions in the Project.  This will make it easier and quicker than ever to understand how a wholesale change of either Inverter or Module will effect all the predictions in a Project.

    Clone Project

    Anderson Optimization KMZ can be imported directly into a Mapbuilder Prediction

    PlantPredict Premium users who are also Anderson Optimization subscribers can take Boundary and Exclusion KMZ files from Anderson Optimization and import them directly into PlantPredict.  This will streamline the integration between these two industry leading cloud based software.

    Anderson Optimization Import


    • Updated many of the references to First Solar and replaced them with PlantPredict by Terabase
    • Updated the Locality Bug that users were facing where PlantPredict could not determine a country for a location
    • We did a Module and Inverter Refresh and Cleanup.  Several newer Modules have been promoted to Global Status and several Older Module and Inverter files have been set to Global Retired.
    • Enabled 2D Shading for Version 8 and Version 9 Predictions when your DC Field has a slope.  There was formerly a validation that prevented this from being possible.  The 2D Slope Shading logic is the same as PlantPredict V7.
  • Release 9.2.0

    27 JAN 2021

    Release 9.2.0 is a relatively minor release for PlantPredict.  The team has some big ticket items we are working on and are not ready to be released yet, so look forward to these features that are in development:  Terabase Dev Platform integration and Slope Aware Predictions.

    For this release we did some cleanup on the Company Administration screen.  We removed the buttons that were needed for the Consent process that we used when we were transitioning to Terabase.  We also worked on our payment processing functionality to address some issues that PlantPredict Premium subscribers had encountered when renewing their subscriptions, so the payment process will work a little smoother as a result of this release.

    Thank you for your continued use of PlantPredict and if you have any trouble or suggestions for improvements, we are happy to hear from you at!


    • None
  • Release 9.1.0

    13 JAN 2021

    PlantPredict Premium Subscribers can now download their MapBuilder Layouts as a CAD compatible file (Drawing Exchange Format -DXF File)


    Opening your MapBuilder Layout in AutoCAD is as easy as a few button clicks now!  We have updated the Download Data feature in the MapBuilder screen, so that it now opens a modal window where you can choose to download your Layout as a .KMZ or .DXF file.  The .KMZ functionality still works as before; however, when you choose the .DXF format (and desired Output Coordinate System), you will get a .DXF file that can be opened in AutoCAD, Civil 3D or other .DXF compatible applications.
    DXF Download


    PlantPredict Premium Business and Enterprise Company Admins ONLY – New Company Level Defaults are available


    For our PlantPredict Premium Business and Enterprise customers, standardizing predictions across your company will now be easier than ever!  Company Admins are now able to establish a default: Inverter, Module, Desired DC:AC Ratio, Design Derate, Mounting Type, Setback, N-S and E-W Road Widths, GCR and Azimuth.  Once the Company Defaults are established, all new predictions (both MapBuilder and BlockBuilder) will start with these default values.  This will save your Engineers time on every prediction they create and also enforce design standards at your company.

    Company Defaults


    Mark your Favorite Predictions as “Favorites” for easy Navigation

    There is now the ability to indicate up to 5 Favorite Predictions to make them easily accessible from the left navigation pane of PlantPredict.  Click the star near the top of the Prediction to Mark it as your Favorite and then it will be listed under your Favorites on the left hand side


    • Copy and Paste did not work on the Spectral Loss column in the Environmental Conditions Screen.  Now it does.
    • Recent Predictions listing did not work properly for those with multiple accounts on the same computer.
    • Companies with a CPR API key were not able to use it, now they are.
  • Release 9.0.0

    16 DEC 2021

    As we finish out 2021, we will be starting 2022 with a major version release of PlantPredict.  PlantPredict Version 9 is our first major release in over a year, so we are very excited to be making this upgrade, which also coincides with our transition to Terabase Energy.  Below is a summary of the changes that are being released as part of Version 9.0.0.  Please be aware that all new predictions will be run using V9 logic.  You can still run predictions using V8 logic, by setting the Version to 8 in the Prediction Screen prior to running the prediction.  This will allow you to compare the differences between results of V8 prediction logic compared toV9.

    Diffuse IAM

    A new calculation method for the calculation of the Diffuse IAM losses has been implemented. The model has been proposed and validated by Marion from NREL and been extended for the use of the tabular IAM values that are part of the module file. More background can be found in our algorithm section under Diffuse IAM Losses.

    Diffuse IAM Loss Calculation

    Expect IAM losses to be slightly reduced when running a prediction using V9 logic as compared to V8 (up to 0.6% for fixed tilt in areas of a high diffuse fraction) as the former logic was using the ASHRAE parametrization for the diffuse IAM losses.

    .PPP Prediction File import into an existing Project

    An Import Predictions button has been added to the Project screen that allows you to upload a .PPP file and have the predictions contained within that .PPP file added directly to the project that is open.  Historically, when uploading a .PPP file, PlantPredict would create a new project, resulting is potentially duplicated project folders.  That behavior still exists if you upload a .PPP file from the Project Library Screen, if needed.

    Import Prediction

    Weather File names are now editable

    Users can now update the name of the weather files that they create and own.  The name will still default based upon the provider and Lat/Lon; however, if you want to provide a special name to a weather file that you own, you are able to easily over-ride the default name.

    Degradation Rate on muti-year predictions will default from the degradation rate as defined on the Module File

    The module defined degradation rate will be the default value when setting up a multi-year prediction.  The user is still able to over-ride this default if they so choose.  We also allow company administrators to change the default behavior, in the Company Defaults section, if they want to continue using a company wide fixed default degradation rate.

    Most CleanPowerResearch Weather Files will no longer be available as Global Weather files

    Due to a change in licensing terms, PlantPredict will no longer make certain CPR weather files available  as Global weather files to all users.  We are currently working with CPR to enhance our integration benefits for our PlantPredict Premium Subscribers who also have a SolarAnywhere subscription.  More to come on that in future release notes.  There will still be around 30 CPR weather files that are already considered SolarAnywhere Public weather files, which will still remain as Global Weather Files in PlantPredict.


    • Fixed holes in the mesh of the 3D Site view where elevation points were missing.
  • Release 8.27.0

    18 NOV 2021

    With this release we carried forward the Sort By logic (that we implemented in the Libraries last release) into the Inverter and Module selection screens within the prediction.  This makes it easier to find the exact Inverter or Module file that you are looking for

    Sort By

    We also changed the source of elevation points in our 3D Site View to use ESRI ArcGIS data instead of Google Earth.  We hope that you will find that the data provided by ESRI is faster to render and follows the terrain better than what Google Earth was providing.

    Powered by Esri


    • Performance Improvement for Super Admins – Caching Company Values
    • Multi-Year predictions used to throw an error when using Locked Weather Files.  We fixed this.
    • Fixed a small typo in the DC Field loss section in the Map Builder screen.  Light Induced Deg. is spelled correctly now.
  • Release 8.26.0

    04 NOV 2021

    PlantPredict Premium Users can now automatically import monthly Albedo values for their specific project location (from NSRDB) with the click of a button!

    Import NSRDB Albedo

    These location specific Albedo Values help you get more accurate results when modeling Bifacial modules, which can help you better understand the value of your solar assets.  The Monthly Parameters table is located inside the Environmental Conditions screen inside your Prediction.  Simply click on the Import NSRDB Albedo button and PlantPredict will pull in the monthly Albedo values from the NSRDB API.

    We also introduced a new Sort By function inside our Module and Inverter Library screens.  This will make finding the Module or Inverter File, that you are looking for, easier.

    Sort By


    • None this release
  • Release 8.25.0

    21 OCT 2021

    5000 Solcast Weather files are now available as Global Weather Files for ALL PlantPredict Users to utilize

    Solcast 5000 Points


    As part of Release 8.25.0, Solcast has provided 5000 free weather files from around the world that are now available to ALL PlantPredict Users (Even the Free PlantPredict Basic Users).  PlantPredict Users will get 10 free uses of these weather files, so the access is not unlimited, but this is in addition to the 2 free weather file downloads each PlantPredict Premium user gets per month.  So, this is 10 extra free weather files in addition to the 24 free weather files that PlantPredict Premium users get annually for free.

    In addition to this, we have continued to work on our transition to Terabase Energy.  This transition will take some time and has our development team very busy as we work on an integration strategy.


    • Fixed a bug where prediction run requests were not being reflected properly in the user interface
    • Fixed a bug with the .PAN file import, where the Nameplate wattage and the Rp_EXP were not being pulled correctly from the .PAN file
    • The Meteonorm Horizon Scene was not working for our PlantPredict Free Trial users, this has been fixed.  If you are interested in giving PlantPredict Premium a try, contact and request a Free Trial!
  • Release 8.24.0

    30 SEP 2021

    Today begins a new beginning for PlantPredict as we transition to Terabase Energy 


    As part of the transition, we have been seeking consent from all PlantPredict users to transfer your data to Terabase Energy.  If you provided that consent, then your account and data will remain unaffected throughout this transition.  If you declined consent, or did not provide any response at all, your user account and private data will be removed from the system.  First Solar is maintaining a backup of the non-consenting users and PlantPredict support can work with First Solar to get exported versions of your Projects, Predictions, Weather Files, Module Files and Inverter Files if you did not consent and still want your data.

    Any questions or inquiries, send an email to

    There is a new Terms of Use

    All Users logging in after the transition to Terabase has happened will be prompted with the new Terabase/PlantPredict Terms of Use.  You must accept these Terms of Use to continue using PlantPredict.  A full .PDF Version of the Terms of Use is available at all times from within the Resources page in PlantPredict.

    Terms of Use

    We are very excited about this transition and look forward to serving you better from within our new Terabase home.  Terabase offers a large suite of digital products and services, which we plan to integrate with and create more value than ever before for our customers and subscribers.


    • .KMZ Constraint files when uploaded did not have the right constraint included.  This has been fixed
  • Release 8.23.0

    23 SEP 2021

    Quality Check is now available when doing a one-click weather download


    We have been focusing on improving our Weather Import features for PlantPredict Premium subscribers.  Last release we introduced Solcast as a new weather data provider.  This release we incorporated the Quality Check feature when using the 1-click weather import.  Certain places around the world have time zones that don’t always align with our weather providers.  You now have a chance to review the weather data and apply a time shift to ensure that the weather data you are importing aligns with the solar time zone at the location you are modeling.  This quality check has been a part of the weather file upload for a long time, so we just implemented it in the 1-click weather download process, since it is proven to work very well.

    After the weather data has downloaded, you are taken to a Quality Check screen to review and shift data if needed.

    Quality Check


    We also added Map Data to the .PPP Project and Predict Export and Import process.  This makes .PPP Files more complete.


    • Fixed header row styling when importing weather. Previously, the header was shown incorrectly and over the top of data
    • Within MapBuilder, saving the prediction would fail if a constraint was selected that had no label.
  • Release 8.22.0

    09 SEP 2021

    Solcast TMY weather data now available in PlantPredict!


    • PlantPredict is pleased to announce that we have added a new weather data provider – Solcast.  Solcast’s global coverage TMY dataset is now accessible within PlantPredict Premium as a 1-click download.  PlantPredict Premium customers can access up to 2 free TMY P50 downloads a month.  For additional access, monthly no lock-in contracts are available in the Solcast API Toolkit, with pricing details on the Solcast Website

    Solcast provides Global Coverage with their Weather data

    We are also making available Clean Power Research’s latest weather data (v3.5) and we have fixed a bug that was causing an error when attempting to download NASA-SSE weather data.

    In addition to the weather file related improvements we are also making some enhancements in the Map Builder prediction capabilities.  When importing a Constraint .KMZ file, you can specify the Set Back, Color and auto-labeling of the constraints in the file that you are uploading.  You will also be able to automatically create slope constraints on your design by doing the Slope Constraint analysis in the 3D Site View, then clicking on a slope constraint on your map view and selecting the “Create All Constraints” button.

    Constraint Import

    Constraint Import

    Slope Constraints


    • Fix weather library raw data tab – First row is shown on top of header row
    • CPR (Clean Power Research) Version dropdown is appearing in the incorrect spot
    • In PlantPredict Batch predictions, HV Transformers and Transmission Lines were not used
    • In MapBuilder it was possible to multi-select Parcel and Wetland and create constraint of both
    • In MapBuilder, Create ALL Constraints for wetlands was colorizing all constrains after the color of the selected wetland
    • Fixed banner to always be floating so it does not display off screen on scrollable pages
  • Release 8.21.0

    26 AUG 2021

    It was recently announced that Terabase is acquiring PlantPredict, if you have not seen the press release, you can read it on our Press and Events page:

    As part of this process, you will need to Consent to transfer your account and data to Terabase.  Please do so by clicking here:

    All Users have until September 30th to Provide their consent.  If you have not consented, your account and data will be backed up on First Solar servers, and deleted from PlantPredict.


    • Clean Power Research (CPR 3.5v) weather file availability regions have been revised to display their global weather offerings.


    • MapBuilder: Upon closing the Array Builder, selection events fail. This could be witnessed during selection processes of DC and events that would enable/disable certain buttons
    • MapBuilder: Upon changing certain parameters on the UI, the DC Capacity continuously disappears
  • Release 8.20.0

    12 AUG 2021

    Implemented a User Profile screen, which lays the foundation for future user centric capabilities and features

      • Click on the small user silhouette that is next to your name in the lower right hand corner of the screen

    User Profile

      • You will be taken to a User Profile Screen that currently only displays your basic Name, Email, Title and Organization information


    • Upon pressing “Update DC Capacity” in Map Builder, the DC would disappear immediately after calculation.
  • Release 8.19.0

    29 JUL 2021

    We made some improvements to our reports in order to catch them up with some of the functionality we have released over the past few months

      • Financial Model Metrics now appear on the Prediction Comparison Report.  We are starting with LCOE, IRR% and NPV, so that you can run several scenarios and easily compare which is the best based upon these metrics.  This also works with our Batch Prediction capability, so you can run up to 350 predictions with a single click of a button and then use the comparison report to identify the prediction with the lowest LCOE or highest IRR% and NPV.
      • LeTID Losses now appear on all reports!  We launched LeTID loss calculations a couple months ago, but until this release you did not have them included on your downloadable reports.

    The following reports have been updated to include LeTID:

          • Prediction Comparison Report
          • Plant Summary PDF
          • Plant Summary 8760
          • Inputs & Assumptions
          • Block Summary 8760


    • MapBuilder – Racked arrays result in overlapping array shapes when populating DC Capacity from the Array Builder
    • IT Admins can now generate API credentials
    • Fix ‘Import Weather’ UI Layout
    • MapBuilder – FEMA Flood Plain layers updated to be more visible
  • Release 8.18.0

    15 JUL 2021

    Automatically import Horizon Scenes from Meteonorm for your prediction with the click of a button

      • PlantPredict Premium customers are now able to take advantage of a partnership PlantPredict has with Meteonorm that will allow you to automatically import a Horizon Scene for your location anywhere in the world!  This Horizon Scene is used to accurately assess the Far Shading Losses for your prediction.
    • Horzon Scene Import

    PlantPredict Premium Enterprise Customers now get 2 Free IT Admin users to help with license and company adminstration

    • By popular demand, a new user role has been created that will allow an administrative user to access PlantPredict for company administration purposes only.
    • All Enterprise Subscribers will get 2 FREE IT Admin users for their account that they can give out to the individuals who are expected to administer the company account.
    • IT Admin users do not have the ability to create Projects or Prediction, so they will be restricted to Company Administration only


    • MapBuilder: ArrayBuilder custom arrays having 1 subarray fail on ArrayBuilders ‘Calculate DC Capactity’
    • MapBuilder: ArrayBuilder not working for =< 15 acres
    • MapBuilder: Fix DCFields so fractional arrayCount is not possible
    • Design derate in Map Builder is only adjustable in one direction
    • Multi-Year comparison 8760 specific yield labels now properly reflect they are cumulative values and not averages
  • Release 8.17.0

    01 JUL 2021

    • You can now Calculate DC Capacity using Custom Arrays that are designed by You!
      • This is the latest evolution in our Map Builder capability expansion, and puts you in control of the Arrays that you use when Calculating DC Capacity for your site.  Now, all the power of the Custom Array Builder with the speed of our automated layout process.

    Custom Array Flood

      • You can also choose to exclude partial arrays if you want to see how much DC Capacity you can fit on your boundaries using only complete arrays.
      • Visualize Low Light Response for your Module Files
        • A special Chart tab has been added to the Module Library Module interface.  Click on this tab to see both a table and chart that shows Low Light Response (a.k.a Effective Irradiance Response) for the module you are using.

    Low Light Response



    • FEMA flood plain API had stopped working and it is now working again
    • Map Builder data converted to Block Builder DC Fields were not reporting appropriate module orientation when Landscape selected
    • User Limits for Premium Subscribers should account for disabled accounts
    • In Map Builder, moving a previously exploded and assembled subarray would leave behind its tables
    • Array Builder EXPLODE/ASSEMBLE of racked arrays would produce jagged subarray outlines
    • Array Builder racked exploded tables offset incorrectly, not matching the subarray outline
    • Array Builder would produce different size subarray based on positive or negative racking angle
    • Array Builder racking an array having four subarrays would result in incorrect result in subarrays of unequal rows
  • Release 8.16.0

    03 JUN 2021

    • Custom Array Builder Improvements
      • The Custom Array Builder is a powerful tool that allows you to build your power plant arrays exactly how you want them.  It is accessible only from within Map Builder Predictions and can be opened by clicking the bottom icon in the tool bar on the right hand side of the map.

    Custom Array Builder

      • Here is a listing of some of the enhancements you can expect when building a custom array:
        • E/W and N/S Roads
        • Define the Tables and Rows for each sub-array (as defined by the roads in your array).
        • Custom Table Sizes either based on the Modules High and Wide or on the Table Dimensions
        • Define spacing between your tables

    Custom Array Builder

      • AC Design Section in Map Builder Predictions
        • You can now set a Design Derate for your inverters directly from the Map Builder Screen and then see what the kVA Rating and Setpoint KW is for your inverters

    AC Design



    • Map Builder Ghost boundaries sometimes appeared when you opened your map builder screen.  This has been fixed.
    • Missing the Country code for AX
    • Constraint Names, Setback and Color could not be updated when coming back into a Map Builder.  This has been fixed
    • PlantPredict now supports table sizes larger than 100 modules wide
    • Inverter Quantity within BOM now matches up better with MWac values
  • Release 8.15.0

    29 APR 2021

    • Model LeTID on your Multi-Year Predictions
      • Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) is an important degradation mechanism that appears in certain solar modules.
      • As more research emerges, solar modeling software needs to be able to simulate LeTID degradation to ensure that all risks are known and understood.
      • Within the Prediction Simulation Settings, PlantPredict users now have the ability to turn on LeTID when running a multi-year prediction and then define the LeTID rates on an annual basis.
      • More information can be found in our Models and Algorithms section of our website


    • Plant Predict: Arrays, Inverters and DC fields with numbers >1 inaccessible
    • Fix block navigation issue.
    • Plant Predict: Default values for backside mismatch and structure shading for bifacial modules are missing
    • Saving a map prediction with a bifacial module should apply the module backside mismatch to the corresponding DCField.
    • Error Message does not disappear after saving with correct info
  • Release 8.14.0

    25 MAR 2021

    • Financial Modeling is NOW available in PlantPredict for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers only.
      • Today we released our Version 1 Financial Model, which is a simple model that establishes a foundation that we can build upon to create a more sophisticated model over time.
      • After running a Prediction, you will notice a new button next to the View Results button and this is where you will want to go to do your Finacial Modeling
      • Quickly calculate Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) using your energy prediction results and input parameters that you can control.
      • 25 different Input Parameters allow you to adjust important variables such as BOS Cost, Module Cost, Investment Tax Credit, PPA Pricing, O&M Costs, Federal, State and Local Taxes just to name a few.
      • Results are displayed as Key Performance Indicators, as well as, a cash flow graph that shows you the annual cash flows, along with the cumulative cash flows associated with your project.

    Financial Model

      • Company Administrators can define default Financial Model Input Parameters for their company
        • If you don’t like the general defaults that we have established, your company administrator can go into your Company Settings and update the Financial Analysis default settings.



    • Meteonorm hot fix to ensure all meteonorm weather files are available to PlantPredict Premium subscribers, even those that were downloaded prior to last month’s release.
    • Removed the restriction so that now all module cell technologies can be modeled as bifacial modules.
  • Release 8.13.0

    25 FEB 2021

    • Meteonorm weather data is now available to ALL PlantPredict Premium Subscribers
      • An agreement has been reached between Meteonorm and PlantPredict, which grants access to all PlantPredict Premium subscribers the ability to use the One-Click-Download of hourly Meteonorm TMY weather data for use in your PlantPredict Predictions.
      • Access to this data is Free and included in your PlantPredict Premium Subscription…for no additional charge.
      • Meteonorm has full global coverage so this is a benefit for our PlantPredict Premium subscribers around the world
      • You can also now use Meteonorm data in Multi-Year simulationsMeteonorm
      • OND File Import!
        • Here is a HUGE convenience improvement.  In addition to .PAN files, you can now import .OND files directly into PlantPredict.  Please review the values on the imported Inverter File against the Inverter Data Sheet just to make sure and let us know if you notice any discrepancies.
      • When doing Multi-Year Prediction and using the Non-Linear DC Degradation, you are now able to use negative values.  This is important for modeling LeTID.  We plan to increase our LeTID support in future releases, but this makes it possible to model LeTID using the functionality that currently exists within the Non-Linear DC Degradation capability.



    • Allow negative values for Module Quality loss factor in the MapBuilder.  Negative values are allowed in the Block Builder, but were not allowed in the MapBuilder, but this has been fixed.
    • Prediction UI was locking and not reporting when the prediction is complete.  If you ever notice this, please just refresh your screen.
  • Release 8.12.0

    28 JAN 2021

    • Introducing the Custom Array Builder!
      • Take Control of your Layout and design your arrays to your specification.  You can even “explode” your array into tables so that you can move tables around and fit them into the hard to reach corners of your site boundary.

    Custom Arrays


      • PAN File Import!
        • Here is a HUGE convenience improvement.  You can now import .PAN files directly into PlantPredict.  Please review the values on the imported Module File against the Module Data Sheet just to make sure and let us know if you notice any discrepancies.
      • Create DC As.
        • Now you can choose if you want to visualize your power plant using subarrays or fixed tilt/tracker tables.  Just specify your preference using the Create DC As field on the Map Builder parameters panel.

    Create DC as Tables

        • Loss Factors on Map Builder
          • Adjust the most common loss factors from within the Map Builder user interface.  This used to be a capability that was only available in Block Builder.
        • Wild card searches
          • PlantPredict users can now search Module or Inverter libraries using Regex pattern matching.  Using a .* (period and then asterix) serves as a wildcard character in your search string.
        • We also further optimized our automatic layout algorithm to better handle constraints
        • And we implemented versioning on the Clean Power Research weather file download for those customers who have a CPR API Subscription.




    • Time Series Data assignment was wrong when cloning.  Time Series Data was not getting assigned to the second array and the first one had the data from the second array.
    • PlantSummary PDF report formatting on large predictions is better.
    • Allow multi selection of constraints on map builder to make it easier to remove them.
    • In map builder, when changing the N/S or E/W roadway from 0 to any value did not reset/split the subarray configuration properly.
  • Release 8.11.0

    03 DEC 2020


    • Announcing the Launch of our Indicative Bill of Material within the Map Builder for PlantPredict Premium Subscribers!!!!
      • Click the “Bill of Materials” link to launch the Bill of Materials Screen and even download an Excel report with your BOM quantities.

    Bill of Materials

      • In the DC Field on BlockBuilder Predictions, we have made the Module Rating field Read Only.  We were seeing scaling issues in our Energy Predictions when users would over-ride the module wattage using this field.  So, this value is now for information purposes only.

    Module Rating



    • In Map Builder, there is no longer a restriction that forces your table size to be divisible by module string length.
  • Release 8.10.0

    29 OCT 2020


    • Parallel Strings is NOT updating properly when the Module Rating is updated on the DC Field
    • When changing Design Derate of the Inverter either long delay on updating respective values or no effect
    • Custom Discharge profile cannot be uploaded
    • Predictions have to be re-run after looking into Simulation Settings section regardless if changes were made or not
    • Shade Simulation for Trackers is not recognizing negative tracker angles
    • Adding Notes Disable View Results on executed prediction
    • Download Nodal Data option not visible on results report immediately
    • Map Builder ‘Estimated Area’ needs to report area required for desired AC/DC
    • The charts tab under Prediction results does not indicate when it is still loading / processing data
    • Remove item from “Recent Predictions” when Deleted
    • Predictions can be orphaned during Azure Scale-Down Events
    • Update assets when an import occurs
    • When trying to delete a project ,Delete button is disabled on Project Screen, Tooltip is also incorrect as it refers to modules
    • Unable to rename Projects in the project dashboard screen
    • Batch Prediction errors should not go to bottom of prediction log
    • My Weather, Inverter, and Module filter not properly working in Search Filter


    • Remove Admin Requirement for Stripe Checkout
    • Ability to complete a PlantPredict user registration and access without depending on an email making it through my spam filter


    • Added “Additional Night Losses” to the Inputs and Assumptions Report
    • Added both “Additional Night Losses” and the “Shelter Cooling Loss” as categories that are accessible in the “Quick Edit” for PowerPlant
    • Added ability to add multi-junction modules
    • Enhanced reporting performance changing queue pulling to push
    • Added ability to specify North-South and East-West Road Widths and have the MapBuilder build arrays using that roadway spacing
    • Refactor inverter logic to work with IMPP and VMPP adjustments
  • Release 8.9.0

    24 SEP 2020


    • Setback value in Constraints UI is not displaying in correct UoM for MapBuilder
    • Degradation issue for certain inverter operating regions
    • Typo on module import (Gamme Temperature Coefficient changed to ‘Gamma’)
    • PlantPredict Map Builder – Discrepancy in Buildable area leads to incorrect DC
    • Compare results excel download – missing electrical shading loss in loss factors section
    • 8760 Export not displaying Transmission Line losses
    • Fix UI Validation for Design Derate (The UI validation for Inverter Design Derate shows as “powerFactor”)
    • Update NSRDB API download request to use HTTPS
    • Cut Fill is not updating 3D Site View
    • Constraints imported from PlantDesign cannot have attributes edited in PlantPredict


    • Company Admin Improvements
    • Increase logging capabilities via a database change to increase ability to troubleshoot issues


    • Weather import can now handle larger files.  Storage container for weather files has been refactored
    • Added new value to DC field nodal data (GTeff_with_elec)
    • Align error messages from API re: PowerFactor with frontend “Design Derate” field labels
      When an error is thrown by the API for the fields labeled “Design Derate” in the UI, the API says there is an issue with ‘Power Factor’ (because that is the field name in the API).
      Resolved this difference by changing the field name from PowerFactor to DesignDerate in the API.
    • .Net SDK now supports non-expiring token
    • Added labels describing the DC specifications on subarrays when zoomed in
    • Ability to import KMZ Data and append it to my design (i.e. Constraints) so that it is easy to add constraints from KMZ data
  • Release 8.7.0

    30 JUL 2020

    Today we launched our Downloadable Layout Document, the PLP-1000, to our Map Builder tool.  This will allow PlantPredict Premium users to generate an engineering grade document that they can share with their project stakeholders and colleagues.

    We also greatly enhanced our layout capabilities with the introduction of our Advanced Layout DC Design functionality, which now allows you to select arrays so that you can delete, duplicate or move the DC field around on your map.  Fill in tight areas of your boundary, or remove the arrays from the portion of the boundary that will not have solar.  Find these functions on the toolbar in the Map Builder.

    Following up on our 3D Site View release last month, we also implemented a Cut/Fill Capability into the Map Builder Tool.  Flatten a portion of your site and find out how much dirt will need to be moved to do so.

    Along with these major enhancements, we also fixed several bugs and implemented some other minor enhancements:

    Bug Fixes

    • Cloning a Map Builder Prediction does not clone the Boundary, constraints or DC flood
    • .PPP files don’t import properly
    • Better handle accounts that are downgraded from Professional to Premium
    • Fix missing static files for NonProd and UAT
    • Batch iterations do not work via the UI (DC/AC ratio in combination with GCR iteration)
    • Time Series Downloads do not include details past 8760
    • When MapBuilder page is refreshed, many values return as ‘undefined’
    • Uploaded .TIF Data was not used in the 3D Site View as expected

    UI and API:

    • Improve Time Series Upload Error Messages
    • Refactor Time Series to work faster with Multi-Year Predictions
    • Addition of new interface supping Cut/Fill Analysis outputs and calculations
    • Implement new Report Generation plan that has better performance


    • MAX SITE CAPACITY to update without need for invisible DC features
    • Reduce filtering of elevation points so they are closer together to better see the change in elevation when the survey layer is turned on
    • Introduction of several Premium user features:
      – Ability to download a PLP-1000 Layout diagram (PDF) from within the MapBuilder tool
      – Ability to do Cut/Fill Analysis using DEM, TIF, or Google elevation data
      – Single or multiple component selections
      – Cloning of selected DC tables, arrays, PCS
      – Delete selected DC components from the layout
      – Drag/Move/Snap DC components to desired locations
      – UNDO/REDO capabilities
    • Enhanced layer selection available to Premium users:
      – Parcels, Survey (Elevations), Earthwork (Cut/Fill), Slope Constraints, Slope Banding, Post Analysis
  • Release 8.6.0

    25 JUN 2020

    Today we are doing a soft launch of our new PlantPredict Premium Paid subscription product.  All existing users will be grandfathered into a PlantPredict Premium Subscription that will expire on 8/1/2020.  So, you get a chance to experience PlantPredict Premium for a month for free.  Click here for more details:

    In addition to PlantPredict Premium, we are also releasing our 3D Site View and topographical analysis feature into our MapBuilder tool.  This will allow you to review and interact with your MapBuilder layout in 3 dimensions.  This is incredibly helpful for identifying topology problems with your project site and planning for them accordingly.  Click here for more details:

    Here is a full list of Bugs and Features we are deploying with release 8.6.0

    Bug Fixes:

    • Update display of “Calculate DC Capacity” on MapBuilder to always available when criteria is met
    • Fix backend parameter output for ROWSPACING when modulesHigh changed
    • Links clicked when not signed in do not redirect once authenticated
    • Reference irradiance cannot be set below 400
    • Fix typo in “Submit registration” button
    • Company Admins can now see users within their company



    • Provide Free Trial PlantPredict User access to experience all the Premium Features of PlantPredict
    • Provided a ‘Current Subscription Details’ page so a subscriber can understand their current access and upgrade if desired.
    • Improved support for non-monthly PlantPredict subscriptions
    • Management of subscription expiration date, subscription will be automatically downgraded to a Free account upon expiration


    UI and API:

    • Slim down of data downloads required at startup of application.  Certain data collections were quite large and impeded performance and impacted user experience.
    • Added backend DC current and voltage correction supporting CuRe modeling
    • For multi-year simulations, the time series is now carried through for the remaining years of simulation.
    • Added validation checking Timeseries data. Timeseries should be length of weather file or weather file + year repeater
    • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Object Shading until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’



    • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Upload or Download DEM data until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
    • Restrict ‘Free User’ access for Parcel Layer until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
    • SAVE of MAP data will now save all layer data to the server and retrieve the data upon re-entering the design.
    • 3D Site View has been added as a capability to MapBuilder. This option is restricted from ‘Free User’ access until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
    • With ‘Premium User’ access, all layers supported by 3D Site View output are available (Slope Analysis, Slope Banding, Post Height Analysis, Survey)
    • Added support for Google Elevation Points supporting 3D Site View.  This option is restricted from ‘Free User’ access until they upgrade as ‘Premium User’
  • Release 8.4.0

    30 APR 2020


    • Allow time series to be carried through multi-year predictions
    • Allow time series cloned predictions to carry data over

    Bug Fixes

    • Addressed issues related to last release requiring back-out of some features.
    • Addressed issues related to API certificate validation failures
    • ‘Modules Wide’ was not appropriately saving in the Map Builder
    • Fractional shading was not working for v6 and prior predictions
    • PVsyst import of bifacial module – Units fix
    • Typo in the Time Series Download template – ‘Degress’ changed to ‘Degrees’
    • Not able to run predictions for Antarctica
    • MapBuilder KMZ EXPORT resulted in too many DC Tables
  • Release 8.3.3

    21 APR 2020


      • When a prediction is waiting for a handler (Pending), the user will see their Queue position in order to better understand how long they will need to wait.

    Bug Fixes

      • None this release
  • Release 8.3.0

    09 APR 2020


      • Administrators are now able to move users from one company to another

    Bug Fixes

      • Resolved Post Height Errors that were occurring in the Map Builder
      • Fixed a bug on the Project Import that was causing a “Weather Not Found” error.
      • When Read-Only predictions are cancelled, the Results Summary from a prior prediction run is no longer deleted
  • Release 8.2.0

    28 FEB 2020


      • Upon log-in only “My Projects” are shown, to help with initial load time

    Bug Fixes

      • Corrected an error causing Table Length to be calculated differently on the front and back end
      • Resolved an issue with Expanded Time Series usage for Tracking Angles
      • Fixed an issue with Objects not being properly transposed when placing them near the DC Field
      • Solved an issue that was temporarily preventing the cloning of predictions
      • Alleviated an issue in which Backtracking was not being properly applied
  • Release 8.1.0

    04 FEB 2020

    Bug Fixes

      • Corrected “Tables per Row” issue with fractional effect electrical shading calculations
      • Set default fraction effect percentage to 100
      • Remedied issues that did not allow Fraction Effect electrical Shading with 2D shading predictions
      • Added transmission line loss percentage to plant exports
  • Release 8.0.0

    29 JAN 2020

    • New and improved 3D Shading Capabilities!
      • Objects can now be added to a prediction to model near shading on a DC Field
      • Stepped-Slope Predictions improved to provide more accurate results
      • Electrical Shading algorithm improved for more accurate predictions
      • Revamped DC Field UI for optimized Object Shading Experience
      • Refer to the user manual HERE for more information on 3D object shading!

    All 3D shading calculations were created using OpenGL. Open Graphics Library (OpenGL) is an application programming interface (API) for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics.


  • Release 7.23.0

    03 DEC 2019

      • Deprecated 3-diode shading model
      • Updated library to facilitate bulk SQL operations and increase performance
  • Release 7.22.0

    18 NOV 2019

    New Features

      • Expanded “Module Quality” loss limits to -200 to 99

    Bug Fixes

      • Fixed issue with “Modules Wide” field in the “Build on the Map” functionality where the field reverts to default value on update
  • Release 7.21.0

    29 OCT 2019

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issues with Clean Power Research weather API update causing issues with weather file downloads
    • Continued development toward improved performance and new features
  • Release 7.20.0

    15 OCT 2019

    New Features

    • Clean Power Research API call updated:
      • North America region updated to v3.3
      • South America newly added in v3.3
      • Indian Ocean region added to v3.2
  • Release 7.19.0

    1 OCT 2019

    New Features

    • Continuous improvement and preparation for future PlantPredict features
  • Release 7.18.0

    19 SEP 2019

    New Features

    • Added ability to toggle leap year information in multi-year degradation found in the “Model Choices” section of the Simulation Settings for a prediction
  • Release 7.17.0

    5 SEP 2019

    New Features

    • Added the ability to toggle between metric/imperial units of measurement to the improved “Build on the Map” functionality
    • Added ability to upload elevation data as .dem files and overlay a survey layer onto the map in “Build on the Map”

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue which would not allow batch predictions to be deleted
    • Resolved issue regarding “0 weather files to review” in project import process
  • Release 7.16.0

    20 AUG 2019

    New Features

    • Added ability to specify cell design type for module files
    • Option to hold AC, DC or the AC:DC ratio constant added to “Build on the Map” functionality
    • Improved module import experience by prompting for Cell technology, Diode Saturation Current, Gamma Temp Coefficient and Diode Quality Factor at import.

    Bug Fixes

    • Improved batch performance by correcting issue with processing using standard prediction engine
    • Fixed issue with LGIA limit time series API call occurring before page load
    • Time series selections now appear in power plant
    • “Upload You Own Weather File” now lists accepted formats
    • Remedied issue regarding bi-facial inputs being required when monofacial selected for a module import
    • Recombination parameter now displays correct default when importing module
    • Imperial/Metric toggle now works with row spacing in quick edit
    • Fixed DC field width population issue being tied to AC:DC ratio
  • Release 7.15.0

    8 AUG 2019

    New Features

    • Notes can now be added to a prediction on the prediction overview screen
    • Modified page responses to increase performance
    • Boundary measurements added to Build on the Map functionality

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issue encountered when downloading SolarGIS weather files
    • Yearly sums reordered chronologically on result export
    • Wind sensor height is now included in module import after saving the module
    • Metric and imperial unit conversion now functions when using Build on the Map for predictions
    • Restored “Choose Specific Prediction” functionality in batch predictions
    • Fixed issues with projects, predictions, modules, inverters and weather files not appearing until browser refresh
    • Restored batch prediction exports
    • GCR now updates when row spacing is changed while using Build on the Map feature
    • Advanced options toggle restored in Model Choices
  • Release 7.14.0

    25 JUL 2019

    New Features

    • Re-imagined map builder functionality to provide an improved experience with new features including:
      • A redesigned interface that creates a more fluid building experience
      • Improved boundary drawing capabilities
      • Ability to input desired maximum power in DC or AC
      • Addition of Map Layers including parcel data, wetlands, flood hazards and constraints
      • Constraints can be modeled as linear or area constraints

    Bug Fixes

    • Introduced new logic for adding data to an inverter using time series
    • Predictions are now removed from the Project overview screen when deleted
    • Revamped quick edit validation to correct issue with unused fields causing errors in predictions
  • Release 7.13.0

    9 JUL 2019

    New Features

    • Added improved metrics for monitoring PlantPredict performance
  • Release 7.12.0

    2 JUL 2019

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issues with company shading defaults displaying incorrectly
    • Optimized quick edit in order to improve functionality and usability, particularly for large sites
    • Remedied loop issue when using “Return to Prediction” during the “Add New Weather” process
  • Release 7.11.0

    11 JUN 2019

    New Features

    • Plant Summary is now available when creating and editing predictions
    • Added ability to toggle MWh vs. average MW to 12×24 view in prediction results
    • Albedo data added to prediction results

    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected weather file import calculations and averages
    • Resolved truncation error when exporting a weather file
    • Improvements to “Quick Edit” inputs in Plant Builder
    • Searches and filters are now retained while navigating through the application
    • Ability to navigate back to prediction from new weather file import resolved
    • Fixed issue with DC field width information not populating
  • Release 7.10.0

    30 MAY 2019

    New Features

    • Introduced PQ Curve functionality for inverters
    • Added “Additional Night Losses” in the array section of the Plant Builder to more accurately account for losses

    Bug Fixes

    • Resolved issue with readability of the User Manual on Mobile
    • Prediction status change no longer affects asset status
    • Issue with 0 values in “Quick Edit” resolved
  • Release 7.9.0

    14 MAY 2019

    New Features

    • Introduced new Expanded Time Series functionality! For more information on what it does and how it works, see the user manual located here

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed various issues with electrical shading custom import
    • Corrected hyperlink redirect while not logged into PlantPredict
    • Fixed issue with user being unable to save new modules
    • Improved filtering performance across application
  • Release 7.8.0

    30 APR 2019

    New Features

    • Continued efforts to increase performance and speed

    Bug Fixes

    • Corrected PDF export issue for certain legacy predictions
  • Release 7.7.0

    18 APR 2019

    New Features

    • Read-only weather files are now truly read-only

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing instances of infinite loading in the application
    • Fixed bug causing the linear degradation option to not appear right in certain instances
    • Fixed bug causing a newly created prediction to not appear until a refresh
    • Fixed a bug with power plant labeling within the builder
    • Fixed bug causing map builder to save inappropriately at various times
    • Fixed various labeling and units errors throughout the application
  • Release 7.6.0

    2 APR 2019

    New Features

    • Nodal data can now be specified in a prediction before the prediction run, and the user can choose which sections of nodal data to include. For more information, see the user manual HERE
    • Users can now download multiple reports at once
    • Monthly energy and GHI sums are now included in PDF and 8760 Plant Summary reports
    • The POAI summary will no longer be shown in weather files when POAI is not included in the weather file
    • Continued performance improvements

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing simulation date to be incorrect after edit from user
    • Fixed bug causing the custom shading table in the module file to be transposed after saving in certain situations
  • Release 7.5.0

    19 MAR 2019

    New Features

    • Continued performance enhancements throughout the application – users should notice a general increased application speed
    • Users will now have a “Quick View” option on read-only predictions
    • PlantPredict will now ensure a weather file is exactly one year long if the user wants to replicate the prediction
    • Albedo and module name will now be included in comparison reports
    • Improved validation for custom shading tables

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug preventing prediction energy charts to be displayed
    • Fixed bug causing the inability to delete predictions in certain situations
    • Fixed bug causing corrupt exports of draft multi-year predictions
  • Release 7.4.0

    5 MAR 2019

    New Features

    • Large performance improvements were implemented to asset libraries. After an initial load, modules, inverters, and weather files should load much faster, both in the aforementioned asset libraries and in the power plant builder where assets are used
    • Improved the accuracy of the EIR calculations in the Module File Generator
    • PlantPredict will now inform the user if they use the improper module orientation with select modules
    • Users now have the ability to cancel a running prediction
    • Read-only predictions are now more “read-only”

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue with the aggregation of data in subhourly weather files


  • Release 7.3.0

    27 FEB 2019

    New Features

    • Electrical Shading is now available in PlantPredict! Accurate shading profiles for all module types will now be applied automatically, and the user will also have the ability to apply custom shading profiles if desired.
      • Shading profiles for predictions can now be defined a) on the prediction level in model choices, and b) in the module itself
      • Shading profiles for module file is defaulted based on module technology and were chosen based on industry standards
      • The company default for shading has been changed away from “Linear” to be “Module Defined”
      • See the User Guide and the Models and Algorithms page for more information
    • Improved the draft-export workflow

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug while generating API credentials for certain users
    • Fixed bug causing the first keystroke to be ignored when filling out row spacing to GCR calculation (GCR to row spacing was unaffected)
  • Release 7.2.0

    5 FEB 2019

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing the welcome email to not appear for certain users
    • Fixed bug causing predictions to fail above a certain elevations
    • Fixed bug causing DHI to report incorrectly in the 8760 report when its value is 0
    • Fixed bug causing PDF summary to incorrectly appear on 2 pages
  • Release 7.1.0

    23 JAN 2019

    New Features

    • Draft-status predictions can now be exported. They will have a draft watermark and a _draft filename to avoid confusion
    • Albedo and Post Height will now be included in the exported 8760, when applicable
    • Improved error messaging throughout the application

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing new users accounts to not move from “Pending” to “Active”
    • Fixed bug causing old PlantPredict weather file formats to not be recognized
    • Fixed bug causing large weather files to take too long during the upload process
    • Fixed various labeling issues throughout the application
    • Fixed bug causing bifacial modules from being run in a a map or batch prediction
  • Release 7.0.0

    14 DEC 2018

    New Features

    • Verson 7 Logic is now live in PlantPredict. The new logic provides improvements in:
      • Inverter operation
      • Sub-hourly weather files
      • PVS reporting
      • Leap-year processing

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing users to be unable to save a power plant with larger “module high” numbers
  • Release 6.12.0

    29 NOV 2018

    New Features

    • Improved error messages in various situations throughout the application
    • Removed the “My Projects” filter as a default when logging in
    • A project’s name can now be edited
    • A users email will now be saved in the login form

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug causing users to have to re-accept the EULA mid-session
    • Fixed various bugs with uploading weather files
    • Fixed bug causing calculated performance temperature coefficient to not update
    • Fixed bug preventing a project from being created in South Sudan
    • Fixed bug causing the Generate Weather workflow to error out
    • Fixed bug causing only one prediction to show while comparing predictions
    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not hold their parameters after certain runs
    • Fixed bug causing the transmission line value to not save once changed
    • Fixed bug causing the GCR calculation to be delayed by one keystroke
    • Fixed bug with storage predictions in Firefox
    • Fixed various bugs only showing in Internet Explorer
    • Fixed various labeling and typos through the application
  • Release 6.11.0

    10 NOV 2018

    New Features

    • PlantPredict now uses a brand new login authentication method. You will use your email in combination with a password to login – no more social logins! An email from PlantPredict support was sent on November 10th. Inside that email is an activation link that will allow you to create your new password and login to PlantPredict. Should you have any issues, please contact support@plantpredict for assistance
  • Release 6.10.0

    16 OCT 2018

    New Features

    • The weather upload process will now include data quality checks in the form of a popup message on the “Quality Check” step
    • Cell technology options when “bifacial” is chosen while creating a module will now be limited to actual bifacial technologies
    • “Clear Sky” irradiance will now default to on in various charts throughout the application
    • Improved error messaging regarding the “Upload Full IV Curves” of the Module File Generator

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bug blank login screen on IE11
    • Fixed bug causing the “X” on the module and inverter file screens to function improperly
    • Fixed bug causing trend line to disappear in multi-year prediction summaries
    • Fixed various issues with metric to imperial rounding
    • Fixed bug required ESS data in power plant when no ESS data was present
    • Fixed bug causing the IV curve in the Module File Generator to appear incorrect at various times
    • Fixed bug causing too many transformers to appear in the “Compare Predictions” feature
    • Fixed copy/paste bug in inverter files
    • Fixed bug causing storage parameters to appear incorrect in exported the I&A document
  • Release 6.9.0

    2 OCT 2018

    • Fixed bug causing weather file values in tables and charts to occasionally appear incorrect
    • Fixed instances of incorrect units being used
    • The prediction queue is now listed in descending order from the time the prediction was run
    • Changed text and hyperlinks in the “Weather Vendor” section
    • Fixed bug causing latitude and longitude to be incorrect in a prediction’s results
    • Adjusted the logic for weather file data selector to allow any and all data to be selected in table view
    • Fixed bug causing calculated and clear sky POAI in weather files to not show up
    • Fixed various false positive banner warnings
    • Fixed bug with copy/paste function in Module File Generator’s “Enter Full IV Curves”
    • Fixed bug which created extra clones whenever user entered and altered the “Model Choices” of a cloned prediction
    • Fixed bug which caused module gap and collector bandwidth not to update upon user alteration
    • Fixed bug causing “Module Orientation” to display the “Modules High” value
    • Fixed bug causing an incorrect error message when “Seasonal Tilt” was toggled on and off
    • Structure shading will now set a default value as specified in the company “Default Settings”
    • Fixed bug preventing projects from being imported across companies
    • Fixed bug causing incorrect ashrae temperature values
    • Users can once against import inverters via a .ppi file
    • Fixed bug causing an unresponsive save button in the inverter file
    • “Post Height” will now only be visible when bifacial modules are used
    • The unit of area in map builder has been changed to hectares


  • Release 6.8.0

    18 SEPT 2018

    • Improved performance of export of large weather files
    • The Module File Generator now has two new input features – 1) Enter Key IV Points, and 2) Enter Full IV Curves. See the user manual for information on how to use these two new features
  • Release 6.7.0

    9 SEPT 2018

    • Fixed bug preventing user from uploading an excel file into the weather database that contained more than a single sheet
    • The PlantPredict Module File Generator is now live! Using the Module File Generator, users can now generate a fully functional PlantPredict module file – also known as a .ppm file, which is analogous to a .PAN file. Release 1 includes the ability to generate a .ppm file by simply entering in datasheet parameters, with the optional feature of tuning the 1-diode parameters to a specified EIR curve. See the User Guide section and the Models and Algorithms section of the PlantPredict website for more information
  • Release 6.6.0

    21 AUG 2018

    • Fixed bug causing prediction to error out when prediction was run with “Energization Date” on
    • Fixed various upload errors with weather file uploads
    • Fixed header issues in nodal data
    • Enhanced the Swagger API documentation


  • Release 6.5.0

    7 AUG 2018

    • 2D view factor model for simulating bifacial systems is now available for use in PlantPredict

    *There is a general shortage of utility-scale field validation of bifacial prediction models in industry and this model is no different. Unlike the core monofacial PlantPredict models, this new bifacial performance model has not been validated and benchmarked at scale against measured data.

    • Fixed bug with GCR/Row spacing calculation
    • Fixed bug with adding a transmission line
    • Fixed bug causing seasonal tilt to not save
    • Fixed bug preventing the overriding of module construction type when cell technology type is chosen
    • Fixed bug causing the currentUser attribute to be lost upon refresh
    • Expanded the functionality of the weather file import process to find invalid entries in uploaded files
    • Implemented a Multi-Year Summary sheet in the exported 8760 of a multi-year prediction
    • Fixed bug causing PV Energy and Storage energy totals to not display in exported 8760
    • Fixed bug causing predictions with different P-values to not display correctly
  • Release 6.4.0

    26 JULY 2018

    • NSRDB weather database upgraded from 2.0 to 3.0
    • Fixed bug causing incorrect weather file export when weather file contains <8760 entries
    • Implementation of UX Rings
    • Prediction name will now pre-populate when user wants to edit the name of a prediction
    • Fixed bug causing application to crash when certain values in the DC field were set to 0
    • Fixed bug causing an unintelligible error message when exporting a minute level weather file
    • The weather file upload process will now check for invalid entries in the GHI and POAI columns
  • Release 6.3.0

    10 JULY 2018

    Prediction will now give user indication that it’s running on the main prediction screen.

    • Fixed bug preventing data from being shown in prediction summary cards
    • Fixed bug causing Draft-Shared predictions to be un-runable
    • Fixed bug causing the “Delete” button to not work from within the Energy Storage section of a prediction
    • “Cell Technology” and “Module Construction” fields within the module file are now required fields
    • Fixed bug causing POAI information to be required in a weather file when no POAI information is present
    • Copying and pasting a prediction URL into a new tab or window will now take the user to the desired prediction rather than to the Project landing page
    • User will now be taken back to the Power Plant Builder from module or inverter file when originally navigated to that asset from the Power Plant Builder
    • Release of custom dispatch/charge capabilities for energy storage modeling
    • Fixed bug causing the construction date to always be set to Dec 20 2011
    • When POAI used, decomposition and transposition are now automatically set to DIRINT and Perez and no error messages are thrown
    • Adding new weather from within a prediction now automatically selects that weather when user navigates back to prediction
    • Fixed bug causing non-decimal format latitude and longitude to be displayed incorrectly
    • User now has the ability to navigate day-by-day in the Charts sections by using arrow keys
    • Fixed bug causing azimuth and slope azimuth to be incorrectly displayed on DC field visualizer (results were unaffected)
    • Fixed bug causing default Transmission Line resistance values to be incorrectly populated
    • Improved various error messages during the weather import process
    • Fixed bug causing the numbering of new portions of the Power Plant Builder to be capped at 10
  • Release 6.2.0

    26 JUNE 2018

    • PlantPredict now has energy storage capacity, or PVS. The scope of this feature is limited to AC-coupled storage systems. This means that the storage is connected to the PV system at the MV level, after the MV transformers and associated cabling. The storage system consists of batteries, inverters and MV transformers and cabling. The PVS models and algorithms can be found in the Models and Algorithms section of the PlantPredict website.
    • Fixed issue with exported 8760 reports causing “MW” to appear instead of “MWh”



  • Release 6.1.3

    12 JUNE 2018

    • Fixed bug causing sluggish, slow performance
    • Fixed bug causing the Plant Output Limit to be incorrectly turned off in certain situations
    • Fixed bug causing the Block Builder to be empty when Map Builder is converted to a Block Builder
    • Fixed bug causing predictions to be hidden when P Values are added to a prediction
  • Release 6.1.2

    24 MAY 2018

    • Updated Terms of Use to support GDPR compliance
    • Fixed bug causing rotational limit as well as various unit labels in Quick Edit to not appear correctly
    • Restored the power plant icon as well as many other unit labels to the View Full Results screen
    • “Search Available Vendors” will now be autoclicked when entering “Add New Weather” screen from within a prediction
    • Enabled truncation of various input values when displayed within a prediction.
    • Fixed bug preventing negative temperature values from being put in the inverter derate curve
    • Fixed bug preventing inverter setpoint and design derate to not be linked in Quick Edit.
    • Fixed bug allowing user to create a new prediction with no name
    • Fixed bug causing power plant elements to be missing upon the first entry to a cloned prediction
    • Fixed bug causing certain defaults to not be set when importing a module from PVsyst
    • Fixed bug on weather import causing start and end date to be wrong
    • Fixed bug causing all variables to be selected during the weather file import
    • Fixed bug causing the “Recheck Timeshift” button to not work within weather import process
    • Fixed bug causing the collector bandwidth within the DC field to not update when “modules high” was updated
    • Fixed bug preventing the successful conversion from a map to a block builder
  • Release 6.1.1

    21 MAY 2018

    • Fixed bug that disallowed account linking feature used during the login process
    • Predictions within a project will now be ordered in descending order based on the most recent updated date.
    • Fixed bug causing on-screen results for multi-year predictions to display the wrong year of results
    • Fixed bug causing transmission line values to not live-update
    • Fixed bug preventing the upload of weather files with POAI
    • Fixed bug preventing single year prediction results from showing up
  • Release 6.1.0

    11 MAY 2018

    • Upgraded the front-end framework of PlantPredict from AngularJS to Vue.js, providing users with a fresh, snappy application experience and upgrading the future application potential. New Application URL: New API Application URL:
    • API calls must remove the “/api” from the URL – that is no longer supported.
      • Previous call:…
      • New call:…
    • DNS name splitting the UI from the API.  Previously both were under, now the UI is and the API is
    • ASHRAE stations now include additional station Locality information
    • Added new 3Tier/Vaisala weather file format for automatic detection during weather import.
  • Release 6.0.0

    9 MARCH 2018

    • Fixed bug causing sun icon on loading screen to not work properly
    • Fixed bug with Map Builder causing energy predictions to be incorrect*
    • Cloud service operating system upgraded


    *On February 22, 2018, an issue was identified with the PlantPredict Map Builder that caused shading losses to be understated and predicted energy to be overstated. The issue was rectified with Release 6.0.0 on 3/9/2018. The issue is confined to Map Builder predictions created and run prior to Release 6.0.0. Because shading losses are generally higher for horizontal trackers, especially when true-tracking, such predictions will be most significantly affected.

    Users with affected predictions can remedy their predictions in a couple ways. First, rerunning Map Builder predictions using version logic 6.0.0 will resolve the issue. Alternatively, users can convert Map Builder predictions into a Block Builder predictions while maintaining version logic 5 or earlier. Either method is equally valid and will successfully resolve the issue. Upon rerunning, users should expect to see an increase in shading losses and decrease in energy.

  • Release 5.4.1

    12 FEB 2018

    • Fixed bug preventing weather vendor API access
    • Fixed bug preventing the linking of PlantPredict account with Google or Microsoft authentication account
  • Release 5.4.0

    26 JAN 2018

    • Changed the navigation bar of PlantPredict to make it more readable and also include a “Recent Predictions” section
    • Fixed bug causing the graphical results of Batch predictions to appear incorrect
    • Fixed bug that kept child predictions of Batch predictions from changing their status when the parent prediction’s status was changed
    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to use the same input parameters on a rerun of the prediction
    • Extended the boundaries for the Recombination Parameter and the Diode Ideality Factor in the module file
    • Fixed bug preventing Batch predictions from showing graphical results when only iterating a single variable
    • Expanded the API functionality of nodal data – users can now access nodal data via the API on the block, array, inverter, and DC field level
    • Incorporated an error message and back-end check for situations in which a user – 1) tries to use a non-0 recombination parameter with a non-thin film technology, and 2) tries to use the 1-Diode recombination simulation model with a 0 Recombination Parameter or a 0 Built-in Voltage
    • Built-in Voltage and Bandgap Voltage and now populate when “Cell Technology” is selected
    • Fixed bug that prevented a scroll bar from appearing when confirming Ashrae stations when cloning a project
    • The map builder will now automatically refresh upon entering
    • Changed the “Save and Close” button to just “Close” in situations in which the prediction was not altered
  • Release 5.3.0

    13 DEC 2017

    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not correctly modify DC capacity when DC:AC ratio was iterated.
    • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not include correct shading losses.
    • Clean Power Research weather files are again available for user download.
    • Weather files lacking locality uploaded from the user from within a prediction will now pull locality information from the Project.
    • Fixed bug causing too many significant figures in the tilt angle to be displayed on a prediction summary screen.
    • Fixed bug causing row spacing to not calculate if GCR is chosen before the module file.
  • Release 5.2.0

    28 NOV 2017

    • Fixed bug causing the Google Logo in the Map Builder to be hidden.
    • Expanded the lower limit of the LID loss factor input parameter from 0 to -10 in DC field (allowing for LID gains, like in the case of light soaking gains).
    • Fixed a bug causing the “Spectral Shift” parameters in a module to be set incorrectly when creating a new module.
    • “Cell Technology” is now a required field when creating a module.
    • Fixed bug causing the displayed slope of the linear trendline for degradation to be off by a factor of 100.
    • Fixed bug causing the “Maximum Desired MWdc” to be incorrectly set to 0 when using a base prediction for a Batch simulation.
    • Improved error message when weather files that have non-numeric values in data fields are uploaded.
    • The graphical heat map now represents the results of a Batch prediction.
    • Moved the “miles distance from” in weather files in a Batch to below the title of the weather file.
    • “Weather File POA” now defaults to “On” when a weather file with POAI is imported from within a prediction.
  • Release 5.1.0

    14 NOV 2017

    • Fixed bug that caused imported weather files with the PlantPredict Excel Template to replace NULL values with 12. Note that text values (ie NULL and NaN) are currently not supported as part of any weather import.
    • Fixed bug that caused the Inputs and Assumptions PDF to display the DC Wiring Loss value in the DC Health field.
    • Fixed bug that caused a batch prediction to use previous input parameters when trying to rerun a batch prediction with new parameters.
    • Fixed bug that limited batch predictions to a single inverter.
    • Fixed bug that preventing running batch predictions when a base prediction was used.
    • Fixed bug that caused the user to be dropped into an empty screen when a batch prediction was cloned from output screen.
    • Fixed bug that produced incorrect weather files under certain circumstances with the synthetic weather generator.
    • Fixed bug causing “Bid” statuses on predictions to be labeled incorrectly.
    • Added a “Sort By’ function for the list of predictions on the batch results page.
    • Fixed bug preventing the creation of projects in regions without country codes (i.e. West Bank).
    • Fixed bug defaulting CdTe modules to “Backtracking” instead of “True tracking”.
    • Weather file character name can now be greater than 50 characters.
    • Fixed bug causing an incorrect timeshift of 30 minutes for non-hourly weather files.
    • Fixed bug that incorrectly assumed all weather files that were imported in Excel format were in PlantPredict template format.
    • Fixed bug causing the Model Choices button on a standard prediction to incorrectly appear already visited and completed in some circumstances.
    • Fixed bug preventing the saving of fields in an older module file.
    • Degradation settings for a prediction will now update when a module with a new degradation setting is chosen.
  • Release 5.0.0

    01 NOV 2017

    • Batch predictions now available – users are now able to compare up to 350 predictions at once with predefined iterations of up to 2 variables.
    • Module technology specific loss factor defaults now pulled from module files rather than from “Default Settings” in account management.
    • Module Cell Technology types now include PERC and BSF options.
    • Module files now include Construction Type (i.e. glass-glass and glass-backsheet).
    • Fixed bug that caused mapping flood calculations to yield slightly lower DC.
    • Changed “Resistivity” text label to “Resistance”. No associated change to functionality.
    • Fixed bug causing the first year of degradation to occur a year late in multi-year degradation predictions where “Stepped AC” was selected.
    • Changed prediction comparison in the UI and excel reports from having positive values as loss and negative as gain to having positive values as gain and negative as loss.
    • Increased maximum transformer rating to 20,000 kVA.
    • Fixed bug that caused calculated pressure data to be included in imported weather files when POAI was included in the raw data but pressure was not.
    • Fixed bug that caused automatic logout of an administrator when another account is disabled
    • Improved inverter logic when operating around the MPP floor of the inverter. Lower inverter limitation losses will be seen in some predictions, especially when the DC system was operating near the lower MPPT range of the inverter.
    • Cloned predictions now have the suffix “ – CLONE”.
    • Fixed bug that incorrectly indexed timestamps on Clean Power Research weather files.
    • Weather files in the weather library are now sorted in descending order.
    • Implemented new NASA weather library, which provides free weather data for individuals worldwide.
    • Fixed logic for non-hourly weather files. Specifically, tracker limitation losses were previously too high in sub-hourly files, and total energy reported, POAI and other related metrics were incorrect in previous versions of the software when sub-hourly weather data was used. *Note* Non-hourly weather files imported before V5.0.0 were not updated, so please re-import non-hourly weather files for accurate data.
    • Fixed bug causing a blank prediction uncertainty analysis.
    • Fixed bug causing “I Agree” button on the Terms and Conditions page to only display a “-“.
    • Fixed bug causing the “Manage Accounts” header to be misaligned.
    • Fixed bug not allowing user to change the name of a previously-run prediction.
  • Release 4.13.0

    20 SEP 2017

    • Fixed bug that caused prediction start and end date to shift back one day and prediction to fail.
    • Fixed bug that caused selection for degradation type to falsely toggle back to “None”.
    • Plant Annual Energy chart in prediction results now labels the linear fit trend with its degradation rate.
    • Fixed incorrect units for temperature difference values.
    • Fixed incorrectly displayed error messages.
  • Release 4.12.0

    6 SEP 2017

    • Resolved bug in which changing the prediction name was not always reflected in the Prediction Log
    • Weather file map distance calculation corrected.
    • Setback can now be zero in power plant map builder.
    • Application no longer freezes when “Modules High” value is deleted in DC Field.
    • Map builder view zoomed further out by default to more closely match utility-scale system sizes.
    • Columns added to nodal data export via prediction results.
    • Higher precision now allowed for DC:AC ratio.
    • Module to cell temperature difference unit conversion bug fixed.
  • Release 4.11.0

    23 AUG 2017

    • POAI can be imported as part of a weather file and used as the basis of energy predictions via the GTI-DIRINT model.
    • Clean Power Research temporarily down for maintenance. New downloads are not available at this time.
    • Secondary y-axis available on Results Chart.
    • Internet Explorer long running script bugs resolved.
    • Typing delay incorporated into Create New Project screen on latitude and longitude inputs.
    • Resolved bug which caused to multiple errors when an Inverter was chosen before the Module in the Map Builder.
    • Custom Excel files can now be imported using the Weather Import Process.
  • Release 4.10.0

    14 JUL 2017

    • New 3D scene added to the DC Field of Power Plant Builder to visualize DC Field set up and orientation.
    • New slope functionality added to the DC Field to allow modeling of sloped terrains.
    • Improved Power Plant map builder feature to work with Firefox browser.
    • Enhanced Power Plant map builder to include Site Capacity of DC that fits within drawn boundary.
  • Release 4.9.0

    28 JUN 2017

    • New Non-Linear DC Degradation option for user to input custom degradation yearly profile from within the module or simulation settings of a prediction.
    • Add New Weather from within a prediction now defaults the latitude and longitude from the project location.
    • Enhanced Power Plant Map builder feature to support input of tilt angle or rotational limits, unit conversion preference, download .KMZ option, and limit of the DC fill display based on user input of Target MWdc.
    • Inverter selection list sorted alphabetically within the Power Plant builder.
    • User now has option to re run prediction from within Charts Results tab to display the charts for Draft status predictions.
    • Improved filter drop down options for Weather, Inverter, and Module libraries
  • Release 4.8.0

    14 JUN 2017

    • New simple layout feature to allow for user to draw site boundary on map and define power plant parameters within defined boundary.
    • Environmental Conditions weather selection updated to show map and weather list side by side.
    • Prediction comparison output report improvements.
    • Weather file export file to include wind sensor height field.
    • Deleted project from project list view removes from list without needing to refresh
  • Release 4.7.0

    31 MAY 2017

    • Ordered ran predictions newest on top in the Prediction Que.
    • ICF and DNV validation reports posted in Resource Library.
    • Changed location and format of Need Help pull up menu’s.
    • The Plant Output limit value is no longer rounded in output reports.
    • Enabled deep linking feature to allow for link of prediction or project to be sent to other users to open directly without needing to navigate from the project dashboard.
    • New Charts tab added to the Results screen to visually display results by day, month, or year.
    •  Energization dates field to still display the date selected when turned OFF.
    • Fixed bug that was preventing Array Based Toggle to be set to ON.
  • Release 4.6.0

    17 MAY 2017

    • Resolved issue preventing users from downloading NSRDB weather data
    • Synthetic monthly generator added as a weather import method to allow users to create
    • Feature added in Power Plant Builder on the Inverter tab allowing users to exclude cooling design temperature from the kVA rating calculation
    • Added capability to delete a prediction on the prediction list view
    • Added ‘Back’ functionality in the Weather Import process
    • In the Power Plant Builder tree view, the Inverter/DC Field Repeat Count has been added to the hover over window on the inverter object
    • Enhanced the prediction result summary screen
    • (12×24) chart tab has been added to the prediction results
  • Release 4.5.0

    02 MAY 2017

    • SolarGIS now available as a weather vendor – demo licenses available for all users with option to purchase and store API keys for extended use in PlantPredict.
    • More options available in the Quick Edit feature that can be selected from the Display Fields drop down menu.
    • Soiling loss can now be imported as part of a weather file and used in simulations in place of static monthly values.
    • Enhancements to the prediction engine to reduce prediction run times.
    • Users can now remove inverter efficiency data points.
  • Release 4.4.0

    18 APR 2017

      • SolarGIS weather file template updated for auto-recognition in weather import process.
      • Improved nodal data output format and included new column for inverter limitation loss in the inverter nodal data output.
      • Fixed bug that was preventing the addition of inverters in the Power Plant builder when array transformer was turned off.
      • Fixed bug that prevented diffuse decomposition models other than Erbs to be used when the weather file lacked diffuse irradiance.
      • Quick Edit bug fix allowing the “Update All” functionality to work properly for Row Spacing input.
      • Bug fix ensuring that all predictions appear in the prediction list when using the Compare feature.
  • Release 4.3.0

    04 APR 2017

    • Official Product launch of the API. Documentation crafted for API integration efforts along with an initial beta prediction limit for companies connected directly through the API of 100 predictions per day.
    • Improved time shift check in weather import process. Clear sky model employed now uses Google  API time zone used for projects rather than weather file time zone.
  • Release 4.2.1

    Fixed an issue preventing reports from rendering when a transformer or transmission line is used in the Power Plant section

  • Release 4.2.0

    22 MAR 2017

    • Company Admins can now enter weather API login credentials in the Manage Accounts section of the website.
    • Improved the usability of the prediction queue by relocating it to the left navigation bar and displaying additional prediction information.
    • Fixed bug that was affecting the use of the Quick Edit feature for changing row spacing when Array Based Shading feature in the power plant builder was turned on.
    • Called out degradation losses explicitly in the Loss Tree, including fixing a bug which previously caused degradation losses to be incorrectly included as part of the Inverter Limitation Loss when Linear DC Degradation was used.
  • Release 4.1.0

    09 MAR 2017

    • Improved display when importing weather data and added a toggle for data sets containing leap days.
    • Fixed bug that was preventing the clone of DC Field in the Power Plant Builder.
    • Weather vendor partnerships established to provide sample data to customers through their API services with some accessibility limits.
    • Degradation will now start from the Power Plant Energization Date, if defined, independent of the weather dates.
    • Reduced loading time for Prediction list within a Project.
    • Added nighttime loss output capability to the API.
  • Release 4.0.0

    22 FEB 2017

    • Improved weather import process, featuring more streamlined flow and data quality checks
    • Several new user interface improvements – better toast and warning messages and tab headers, to name a few
    • Array based shading feature which allows for improved prediction accuracy when running predictions with small DC fields (for example string inverters nested in a large DC Field)
    • Code versioning system allowing user to revert to older Version 3 of the backend code
    • Bug fix allowing projects to have half an hour and other subhourly time zones
    • Inverter files now feature DC and AC Power columns in their efficiency table
    • Select inverters in the Global library were retired and reimported with corrected efficiency tables
    • OND file converter now correctly maps DC power exported by PVsyst to DC power in PlantPredict efficiency tables
    • Shading algorithm now correctly uses East-West array dimension when calculating shading on fixed tilt systems (no change for tracker systems)
    • NSRDB PSM and NSRDB SUNY data now downloads using correct “middle of interval” timestamp denotation
  • Release 3.13.0

    24 JAN 2017

    • Bug fix allowing users to use Google or Microsoft for log in process.
    • Tree view automatically reorders assets when they are renumbered.
    • Bug fix resulting in correct MWac size in the power plant builder array tab display.
    • The monthly spectral value included in the output reports now displays 0 for months that are not in the weather file.
    • Global components now owned by “System Account”.
    • Bug fix which directly bypasses the Plant Output Limit (LGIA) calculation when setting is turned “OFF”.
    • Black and Veatch Technical Review available in Resource Center
  • Release 3.12.0

    20 DEC 2016

    • Retired select weather files in California mislabeled as NREL-provided and reimported as White Box Technologies provided
    • Bug fix enabling inverter files to be saved when an efficiency or derate curve is removed
    • Bug fix enabling projects to be created in time zones +13 and +14
  • Release 3.11.0

    29 NOV 2016

    • Allow opening and viewing of Weather, Inverter and Module files within a prediction that is in a read-only state
    • Improved formatting in Firefox browser
    • Inverter files can be created by uploading an OND file
    • Weather compare feature added to the Environmental Conditions section of prediction builder
  • Release 3.10.0

    10 NOV 2016

    • Export and import functionality of projects, predictions, and associated components now work between companies
    • Array Transformer in the power plant builder can now be turned on or off to remove the MV transformer loss from the output
    • Weather selection process in Environmental Condition screen updated to improve user flow and functionality
    • On-Screen plant summary results visually improved
    • A cumulative tab for multi-year predictions is now included in the plant summary on-screen results and export of the Plant Summary 8760 report
    • An informational error message now displays when a prediction is attempted to run without diffuse irradiance present in the weather file
    • Availability loss input field added to the System section of prediction builder
    • Maximum allowable row spacing extended to 50m, 164ft
    • Format improvement of the Inputs and Assumptions document
    • In the weather file table view, all variables can be selected at once for comparison
  • Release 3.9.0

    18 OCT 2016

    • “Remove Completed” button added to the prediction queue. Allows users to quickly clear the queue of completed processes.
    • Tree view in Power Plant Builder enhanced to display additional information
    • Weather map search changed to only search geographic locations and latitude/longitude
    • Under Manage Accounts, a company can now overwrite PlantPredict default values for all fields
    • Updated labels in the inverter section of the Power Plant builder:
      • “Power Factor” to “Design Derate”
      • “kVA” to “Temperature Adjusted kVA”
  • Release 3.8.0

    4 OCT 2016

    • Degradation model now allows you to run multiple years by repeating a TMY single year file and apply degradation. This feature only works with single year weather files and only allows 50 years maximum. The on-screen summary and output reports allow for viewing results per year.
    • Update design of the metric and imperial unit toggle to make more clear which unit is selected
    • Weather File DNI toggle has been set to default OFF in the Advanced Model Choices section of prediction builder
    • Updated version of OND and PAN Converter tool included in the Resource Center
    • Bug fix of the GCR not updating when switching from Fixed Tilt to Horizontal Tracker in the Power Plant builder DC Field section
  • Release 3.7.1

    20 SEP 2016

    • Bug fix preventing dates from being saved under Model Choices while using Internet Explorer
  • Release 3.7.0

    20 SEP 2016

    • Ability to repeat the inverter and the associated DC Field added to the Inverter tab of the power plant builder
    • Data Source collection field added to inverter
    • Latest version of spectral model added as an option to Model Choices. The model uses 2 parameters: precipitable water and air mass
    • Adjusted login process to allow association of personal Gmail accounts with company login or authentication
  • Release 3.6.0

    23 AUG 2016

    • Prediction nodal data is now accessible without being required to change status of the prediction to a read-only state
    • Due to user feedback, Run Bulk Actions has been removed. The compare and change status buttons have been restored for ease of use
    • Records in the prediction list view within a project now include prediction preview information (MWac, MWdc, DC:AC, Mounting Type, GCR %)
    • When creating a new project, the map view will zoom in on the location and display nearby projects for your reference
    • YouTube tutorial videos placed on the Help tabs throughout the application and in the Resource Center User Manual
    • A .OND and .PAN file converter tool is now available in the Resource Center allowing users to quickly convert to PlantPredict files
    • A PlantPredict warning message countdown displays when a new version is about to be released to inform users to save their work before they are kicked out
    • Project list is now sorted by date created in descending order
    • Internet Explorer v10 is no longer supported by PlantPredict and will be prompted with an Unsupported Browser message when visited
    • The Save and Close button in the Power Plant builder no longer clears results if no changes have been made
    • Import/Export and cloning of projects or predictions is now enabled. Previously this feature was disabled and under construction
  • Release 3.5.0

    9 AUG 2016

    • Updated Prediction list by removing the Notes section to allow for the prediction list to use the entire screen
    • Updated all modules to include 2-Param Pwat and AM spectral coefficients (Model to be released next sprint)
    • Spectral selection logic changed to use dropdown in Model Choices. Three choices: None, 1-Param Pwat or Sandia, or Monthly Override
    • Added NSRDB PSM and NSRDB SUNY as downloadable API weather options. This service is available in the Americas and India. View data coverage MAP
    • The Change Status modal for exporting prediction results in Draft status now displays the correct Prediction name. Components draft list updated to exclude duplicates
    • Prediction results downloadable file name now defaults to prediction name
    • In the on-screen compare decomposition model selection now displays
  • Release 3.4.0

    25 JUL 2016

    • LID loss default updated for Poly c-Si modules to 1.5% from 2.0%
    • Uncertainty Analysis plot in Simulation Settings corrected to display P-Values on the correct side of the chart
    • Weather chart table view default updated to Monthly instead of Hourly
    • Corrected bug requiring the time frame start date to be within the first year for multi-year weather files
    • Filters changed to be persistent and maintain the filter selection during the user session
    • Filters updated to allow multiple filter choices at once for better usability
    • Time frame selection from the calendar drop-down in Simulation Settings is now restricted to the date range of the weather file to prevent user error
    • Average DC Array Size calculation corrected; previously reported DC Field average size
    • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to compare weather files from the weather map view
    • IE bug affecting prediction progress bar functionality fixed, located in the prediction queue
    • Weighted average GCR percentage now displays as part of the On-Screen Results and downloadable reports: Plant Summary, Block Summary, Prediction Comparison, and Reports
    • Fixed bug that was preventing a prediction from running if the Mounting Structure was first defined as Fixed Tilt then changed to Seasonal Tilt
    • Metric to Imperial toggle added to left hand navigation menu for simple onscreen unit conversions
  • Release 3.3.2

    15 JUL 2016

    • Fixed a bug preventing Module Orientation and Tracking Method drop downs in the DC Field from opening
  • Release 3.3.1

    13 JUL 2016

    • Fixed bug preventing users from accessing the prediction compare
  • Release 3.3.0

    12 JUL 2016

    • Predictions will now run when a weather file does not contain DNI and/or DHI.
    • Minimum AC Power Threshold unit label corrected to W instead of kW
    • Onscreen prediction results view label adjusted. “LGIA Limit” label change to “Plant Limit” in order to promote consistent messaging through the application.
    • Tracker rotational limit default updated in DC Field to 60/60 instead of 45/45
    • Module list view updated to group based on manufacturer and secondarily sort by module wattage
    • Bug fixed where azimuth warning message in DC Field was incorrectly triggering
    • Weather list in Environmental Conditions updated to sort by distance in ascending order
    • Error message added when a new user is added but already has an existing account
      • “Email address is already in use”
    • GCR and Row Spacing are now co-dependent variables making it easier to compare between different technologies. Mounting Structure layout in the DC Field improved
    • Obscure bug preventing saving in the Power Plant Builder fixed related to DC Fields using seasonal tilt
    • Time Frame in Model Choices now defaults correctly to weather file start and end date regardless of your computer/browsers UTC time setting
    • Validation check added to confirm Time Frame in Model Choices is within the start and end date of the weather file
      • “Timeframe must be inside the bounds of the weather file start and end date”
    • New modal added to force user to move a prediction to a read-only status when exporting reports. This logic is added to confirm there is a matching soft copy of all reports generated
    • Compare Prediction screen can now be exported into user friendly excel file
    • New page header design implemented throughout the application to improve user experience
  • Release 3.2.0

    28 JUN 2016

    • Power Plant Builder tab drop-downs now show complete list of Blocks, Arrays, Inverters, and DC Fields instead of only 10
    • Environmental Conditions screen page scrolling bug fixed
    • Corrected Environmental Conditions spectral override error message to trigger on Save event
    • Environmental Conditions weather list bug fixed and now allows collapse of summary view
    • Change Status screen formatting updated when called from inside component or prediction
    • Advanced Model Choices format spacing between toggle features
    • Create New Project bug fixed and now allows saving when Locality, State/Province, and Region fields are missing from API
    • Save Progress within the power plant builder bug fixed and now correctly saves every time
    • When loading animation present, the notification message display time is extended
    • Exporting a multi-year weather file now exports all years
    • Compare weather chart screen now set to default on hourly view for graphs
    • LID loss field saves correctly when edited in the DC Field
    • Edit Block number picker no longer flashes when opening Power Plant for the first time
    • When a user cancels Override Plant Design Temperatures, the inverter kVA will recalculate based on the new temperature
    • Module field Short Circuit Current at STC value saves when changed
    • DC:AC ratio is now an input option when creating a power plant
    • Inputs and Assumptions document finalized
    • Notification message for each upcoming release with link to the Release Notes section of Resource Center
    • Design update to the login and logout screen
    • End User License Agreement added for new users
    • Inverter efficiency and derate curves design update to improve the ability to view each curve
  • Release 3.1.0

    14 JUN 2016

    • General formatting styling updates to improve usability
    • Persistent error messages now update once the error is fixed
      • Area in application: Degradation Rate, Model Choices
    • Error messages added when change status rule is violated
    • Error message banners now wrap text to fit entire message
    • Some error messages previously appeared behind the map and now are surfaced
      • Area in application: Create New Project
    • All notification messages are set to fade out and clear after 3 seconds
      • Area in application: Saving and cloning notifications
    • When weather file is selected in Environmental Conditions, summary dropdown defaults open
    • Data Provider filter on weather map now functions properly
    • New weather icon used on map view to improve visibility
    • Enabled “branch out” feature when pins are overlapping to improve visibility
    • Weather map satellite toggle now functions properly
    • Prediction Builder summary now displays spectral as ON or OFF
    • The module efficiency field is now auto calculated based on module wattage and module area
    • Default Module Orientation drop down added to module files
      • DC field orientation uses this parameter now as the default setting
    • Filter defaulted to Global and Active for Module and Inverter lists within the Power Plant Builder
    • Planned Module Count calculation fixed inside the DC Field of Power Plant Builder
    • Plant Output Limit in System is now defaulted OFF
    • The Block Capacity summary on the Block tab refreshes without having to Save and Close the Power Plant Builder
    • Bug that displayed an incorrect DC:AC ratio on DC Field is now fixed
    • Toggle added to disable first year degradation in Model Choices
    • Product Releases tab added to the Resource Center to display release notes
    • Contact Us feature located in the Welcome Back Menu and in the Resource Center added
    • Plant Design Temperature station name and distance from project added to Environmental Conditions, as well as an override to adjust to customer values
    • Bug preventing a clone of a running prediction is now resolved
    • Cancel button located in the Weather, Inverter, and Module files, sends you back to the previous screen. Allows users to return to a prediction from viewing a component
    • Minor rounding errors and spelling issues corrected on output reports
    • The PlantPredict Template file updated: conditional formatting of required fields and allow import of multi-year weather data
    • Default display of weather graphs changed to hourly view over daily range
    • Clear Sky Model in weather charts now works when weather file is missing pressure
    • Revised modules and inverter selection method in the power plant to improve user experience
  • Release 3.0.0

    31 MAY 2016

    • Initial Release