03 MAY 2022

New Password Policy has been implemented

With today’s release, we have increased the data security protection of all PlantPredict users by strengthening our password requirements.  All users will need to reset their password as part of this change, so an email is being mailed out to all PlantPredict users with a temporary password that will allow the user to reset their password.

If you have any trouble logging in please contact PlantPredict support at support@plantpredict.com.


Post Height has been added as a Batch Prediction Variable to Iterate on

We are going to be expanding the Batch Prediction capabilities of PlantPredict over the next few sprints.  One of the first changes is that we have added post height as a new parameter that can be iterated on.  This allows users to quickly identify the optimal post height for their project


Batch Results

Specific Yield added to Batch Results Chart and Sort By Parameter

Users can now choose if they want to see their Batch Prediction results charted by Specific Yield or Plant Net Energy.  Sometimes, users want to prioritize Specific Yield, and that was difficult to do when the only parameter to chart on was Plant Net Energy.

Measurements appear when drawing Constraints in the Map Builder tool

When drawing Constraints (Both Area and Linear), the measurements will appear as you draw.  This will allow you to make sure your constraints align with the dimensions of the object that you are trying to model as a constraint.

Constraint Measurements



  • Nighttime Inverter Losses has been removed from the Block Builder Array screen as it was not actually impacting Yield.
  • Backside Irradiance was appearing as negative in the Loss Tree in some situations