29 September 2022

Sub-hourly weather files are now available for download from NSRDB

Sub-hourly modeling is a very important capability within PlantPredict, and we want our PlantPredict Premium users to be able to do sub-hourly modeling even if they don’t have a SolarAnywhere or SolarGIS subscription.  So, we have updated our NSRDB API integration in order to allow our PlantPredict Premium users to download sub-hourly weather files from the NSRDB.  Simply add a new weather file for your location and click the download button for the NSRDB file format.  This will present you with a choice to download the Standard TMY (60 minute) files or to choose from a Customized Format that includes sub-hourly data

Sub-Hourly NSRDB Data

Specify your download options

Download Options

Download your sub-hourly data

Subhourly Data

Search Libraries by Object ID

As a minor usability enhancement, you can now search for Modules, Inverters, Weather Files, etc… using the Object ID that you want to use.  If you know the ID, just enter it into the search box to quickly get to the Object you want.

Search by ID


  • ResultDetails endpoint should return results down to the granularity of the weather file interval – This has been fixed