13 October 2022

More Weather Download improvements

Clean Power Research Version 3.6 weather files are now available for download using the 1-Click Weather Download feature in PlantPredict (You must have a SolarAnywhere API key and PlantPredict Premium to use this feature).  We also updated our 1-Click Weather Download so that PlantPredict Premium users can download Clean Power Research Version 3.5 weather files in Canada.

CPR V3.6

We also fixed some issues with our new NSRDB 1-Click Weather Download functionality that was part of the last release.

      • The Time-Shift on the Quality Check page was not being properly applied when importing a Custom NSRDB weather file
      • Custom NSRDB files will now be imported as Draft-Private weather files, so that you can update the name and use them within your company only.  We do not want these custom weather files listed as part of our Global Database.

Block Builder Usability Improvements


When Cloning a Block, Array or Inverter you will now be placed into the newly cloned object after the operation completes.  Previously, you would remain in the object that you had cloned, which did not seem very intuitive.  This would require you to navigate out of the current object and into the newly cloned object to make any changes, which is extra clicks that seemed unnecessary.


When deleting a Block, Array, Inverter or DC Field you will be taken to the object directly above the object that was deleted.  Previously, you would be taken to the first object, which also did not seem intuitive.  The only exception to this is when deleting the first object, you will then be taken to the object that is now the first object.

SMA Global Inverter Files for the Sunny Central UP Family have been released in PlantPredict’s Inverter Library

In collaboration with SMA, we have released the latest SMA Inverter files with OEM review and certification.  These inverter files contain 4 efficiency curves which will lead to more accurate predictions that other what can be achieved in other industry standard yield simulation software.

SMA Inverters


  • Backside Irradiance and Backside Mismatch were not displayed correctly on the Plant Summary 8760 report – This now has been fixed

  • Fixed the new String Size Project Status so that it is usable now
  • Fixed a bug with the DXF file download functionality in Map Builder so that it is now possible to download very large layouts as DXF files