10 November 2022

Slope Grade and Direction is now displayed on Array Details

PlantPredict Premium subscribers can now easily see the slope grade and direction of all your Arrays by turning on the Advanced Plant Layout within the Slope Design tab of a Map Builder Prediction.  You must zoom into the arrays so that the Array Details are visible.  Please note that this is the prevailing grade of the array as determined by looking at the elevation of the 4 corners of the array.
Slope Grade and Direction

Ability to Hide or Display Constraint Labels on your PLP-1000

We have added a check box control to the PLP-1000 Layers menu to give our PlantPredict Premium users control over whether or not they want to have constraint layers appear on their PLP-1000 PDF downloadable report.

PLP-1000 Constraint Labels

Here is a listing of some of the other improvements and enhancements

  • Global Module File Cleanup – We have removed some obsolete module files as we continue to maintain our listing of Global Modules and Inverters
  • Nodal Data File Changes – Within the DC Field Nodal Data Files, we have added 2 additional columns of data:  Cell Temperature at Open Circuit (°C) and Open Circuit DC Voltage at Open Circuit Cell Temperature (V) and we have renamed 2 similar columns for clarity:  Cell Temperature at MPP (°C) – Column AY and Open Circuit DC Voltage at MPP Cell Temperature (V) – Column BA

Formula for Cell Temperature at Open Circuit

Cell Temp at Open Circuit

Formula for Open Circuit Voltage at Open Circuit Cell Temperature

Open Circuit VoltageBUG FIXES

  • The Prediction Summary 8760 Downloadable report was missing the Plant Net Aux Losses for P75, P90 and P99 results.  This has been fixed

  • When Uploading .KMZ files into Map Builder Predictions, the KMZ Files with xsi:schemaLocation were failing to parse.  We have also fixed this bug