01 December 2022

Single Sign On (SSO) and better integration between PlantPredict and the Terabase Development Platform

As we prepare for the official launch of PlantPredict Pro coming up on January 1st, we had to implement single sign on so that navigation between PlantPredict and the Terabase Development Platform (a.k.a. Dev Platform) is smooth (no secondary login).  Beginning today, there will be a link in the navigation pane of PlantPredict that will allow PlantPredict users to smoothly launch the Dev Platform with the click of a button.  The Dev Platform will open without the need for a second login.

Dev Platform Link

Dev Platform is Free for everyone in December

For the entire month of December the Terabase Development Platform (Dev Platform) will be FREE to all PlantPredict users.  Go ahead and click on the link and check it out.  If you need some instructions on how to setup a project, contact support@plantpredict.com and we will arrange a demo to help you.  Beginning on January 1st, 2023 only PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise subscribers will be able to use the Dev Platform for detailed design and optimization of their power plants.  So, use the month of December to decide if this product is right for you!

We are also offering Early Bird Pricing through the month of December, so you can get 25% off the List Price which goes into effect on January 1st, 2023.  Click here to see details about the pricing of PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise:  https://plantpredict.com/pricing/

Inverter Description has been added

Inside a Block Builder Prediction, we have added an Inverter Description field so that users can now place a description/name of the inverter into their power plant design.  This is especially useful for our O&M customers and users who are using PlantPredict for their Digital Twin model and they want to call out the specific inverter in their as-built model

Inverter Description


  • Updated the Subscription Tiers backend logic so that when subscribing for a Business Package, the proper subscription gets applied

  • Import Project was failing to parse the KMZ files having xsi:schemsLocation attribution in the document tag…this has been fixed
  • The Tooltips on the DC Field and Array objects of Block Builder did not properly correspond to the field…we have updated this.