12 January 2023

Company Admins – Default Prediction Status

PlantPredict Business/Pro/Enterprise subscribers get a Company Admin who has the ability to set company level default values.  This can be a huge time saver, and can drive standardization across your PlantPredict Company.  We added a new company level default this sprint, where you can set your default Prediction Status.  Historically, Predictions were always created with a Draft-Private status, which means you would need to change the status to Draft-Shared to share your prediction with colleagues in the company.  Now, you can change that if you desire to have all predictions created in a Draft-Shared status.


Company Level Defaults

Extreme Annual Mean Minimum Dry Bulb Temp

As we prepare for the Voltage Pro launch that is coming soon, we realized that the Extreme Annual Mean Minimum Dry Bulb temp for a location is an important parameter for String Sizing when using Advanced String Sizing methods.  We acquired this data as part of our Ashrae data set, and now display that data in the Environmental Conditions screen.

Dry Bulb

Other minor Admin changes

  • User Status is now a Drop Down box instead of a toggle switch, which will make it easier to manage Pending and Disabled users within your company (For Company Admins ONLY).
  • Ability to DELETE Pending Users for Company Admins.  This is handy if your company has a user that never fully registered and has left the company, you can simply delete their account now.


  • When an Invalid configuration is setup on the Array, the Prediction acts like it saves, but it really does not save. We did a pretty comprehensive overhaul to the validation logic in the Block Builder User Interface to make sure that we handle invalid configurations better and in a more intuitive manner.