19 January 2023

For this release, we are making updates ONLY to the Development Platform.  These changes will only impact PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise subscribers.

String Harness Logic Update

When designing a layout with Thin Film modules, we needed the cabling and BOQ logic to consider the use of String Harnesses.  This will impact the number of combiner boxes required on the site, and will also have a significant impact on the home run cable requirements of the site.  Both of these factors will make the EPC Cost estimate (when using Thin Film modules) more representative of market pricing.  Furthermore, we updated the clustering logic that groups racks with combiner boxes and ultimately with Inverters.  You will now get a more accurate measurement of cables (above ground and underground in trenches) that are connecting harnesses to combiner boxes.


Ability to Show or Hide Site Plan Object labels

When creating a Site Plan with a lot of objects, it is sometimes nice to be able to hide the labels associated with those objects.  We have added a checkbox that allows the user to control if those labels are visible or not.


Other minor changes

  • We updated the wording of our Layout Options and Compare Tool to simplify what is displayed (i.e. Total no.of strings > Strings)


  • Users with Shared Projects were NOT able to see the Site Plans – This has been resolved.

  • “Boundary can’t overlay other boundary” error when parcels share a boundary – This has been resolved with the 2 boundaries being merged into a single boundary.
  • After receiving a “Boundary can’t overlay other boundary” error, if a user cancels the action then the selection of row is not enabled – This has been resolved