09 February 2023

Voltage Pro 1.0 is released to the public today!

After several months of development, and over a year of working with representatives across the industry, the first version of Voltage Pro is being released today for PlantPredict Pro and Enterprise Subscribers ONLY.  Voltage Pro utilizes an intuitive user interface and integration with PlantPredict to simplify and standardize the string sizing application that all designers and engineers must do when designing a utility scale solar power plant.  If you are interested in learning more about Voltage Pro, we will be holding a webinar on March 9th to demonstrate the power of Voltage Pro.

Click here to register for the Voltage Pro Webinar

We have also published a User Guide for Voltage Pro, which can be accessed here:  Voltage Pro User Guide

You can also request a Free Trial subscription to PlantPredict Pro by contacting us via support@plantpredict.com

Voltage Pro

Refactored the SolarGIS 1-Click Weather File Download

For our users that have a SolarGIS API key, which grants them access to the SolarGIS TMY60 and TMY15 weather data files via PlantPredict, we refactored the download process and made the process run as a background process.  Since this download takes several minutes, we were experiencing timeouts with the former process.  Now that the process is running in the background, we do not have a timeout threshold to worry about.



Other minor changes

  • We updated Inverter Description field size to 25,000 characters (up from 250) because we had customers who needed more room for their inverter descriptions.
  • Added the ability to upload Backside POA as part of a weather file.  This sets the stage for using Backside POA when running a prediction to improve the modeling of bifacial models in situations where you have measured backside POA for the system you are trying to model (Coming Soon).
  • Updated the Default Sort for both the Inverter and Module library’s to be alphabetical (A-Z) based on the Inverter and Module name.


  • When converting wetland into exclusion areas in the Dev Platform, and error would appear saying “Complex Polygons not supported” – We believe we have fixed this.

  • Tracker Quantity was 0 in the Dev Platform EPC Cost Estimate when using the 1P Multi-String Tracker – This has been fixed.
  • Fixed the 30 minute Time Shift issue that has existed for a long time when downloading NSRDB weather files.