23 February 2023

Backside POAI can now be uploaded and used when running a Prediction

If you are a PlantPredict Subscriber, you can upload a weather file containing Backside POAI and have that data utilized within your prediction.  For many of our customers who are checking the expected energy of a power plant vs the actual energy produced, eliminating the error of converting GHI to POAI using Albedo values will be helpful.

Backside POA

Import Horizon Scene Data from PVGIS

In addition to being able to import a Meteonorm Horizon Scene with a click of a button, our PlantPredict Subscribers can now also import a PVGIS Horizon Scene.  This gives you options and also greater coverage around the globe.

PVGIS Horizon Scene

KMZ File Upload improvements in the Dev Platform

We have simplified the uploading of Boundaries and Constraints/Exclusions within the Dev Platform Site Plan Editor.  If you have a KMZ containing only Boundaries, or a KMZ containing only Exclusions, you can have the boundaries or exclusions drawn automatically with the click of a button.

KML Upload

Other minor changes

  • We improved the speed of Projects Loading when opening the Dev Platform, and we have added a “My Projects” tab so that by default only the projects that a user has created will be loaded initially.  Users can still see all projects for their Company by clicking the Company projects tab.
  • Added the Simulation Date and Time, along with the Site Plan used to the Simulation Inputs information in the Dev Platform.
  • Added Effective Global POAI and Cell Temperature at Open Circuit in the Nodal Data output for Voltage Pro
  • Extended the Array MWdc and MWac to 3 decimal places in PlantPredict Block Builder interface so users have kW precision.
  • Put an icon in PlantPredict to denote the different prediction types to make it easier to find the prediction you are looking for within a project.


  • In the Prediction Results screen, Albedo was appearing as a negative number, when it should be a positive number

  • In MapBuilder, when the MWAc is locked and a user updates the MWDC the DC:AC Ratio was not updating…this has been fixed
  • Rated PWR unit of measure on the Inverter was wrong in the MapBuilder interface.  It showed “W” when it should be “kW”.  Fixed.
  • Resolved an issue causing Simulation Failures in the Dev Platform related to road placement