10 March 2023

PlantPredict Map Builder Improvements

We made several improvements to the PlantPredict Map Builder tool as part of this release.

    1. Added the ability to specify the number of inverters included in an array.  This is especially important when using String Inverters.
    2. Updated the “Create DC As” logic, to include pink PCS stations when creating DC as Tables, and also refined the logic so that the results are the same if creating DC as Tables or Arrays.
    3. We also added Railways as a Map Overlay Layer, so now you can understand your site’s proximity to Railways and exclude them as a constraint if they run through your site.

The ability to define the number of Inverters Per Array is on the AC Design Tab.  Notice the alignment of the below site when created with Array Shapes and Table Shapes.

Map Builder Improvements

View Railways on your map



DXF Export includes additional Layers

We have added some additional layers to be included in the DXF File export from within the PlantPredict Map Builder tool.  You can now include Earthwork, Slope Constraints, Slope Bands and Post Height Analysis results to your DXF file, so that you can bring those layers into AutoCAD.  Simply ensure that those layers are turned on when exporting your layout to .DXF.

DXF Layers


  • Fixed a bug where the Fixed Tilt validation logic would error out even though you were designing with a Horizontal Tracker.  The error would only occur if you removed the Fixed Tilt angle before switching your DC Field to Horizontal Tracker.