20 MAY 2022

Batch Prediction Improvements!

We are rolling out a new user interface for our Batch Predictions today, which allows the Batch Prediction functionality to work better and look nicer for our PlantPredict Premium customers.

Batch Screen Improvements

Model Choices in Batch

  • Utilize the Uncertainty Analysis to do a P90, P99, P50 or even a P10 analysis for your batch predictions
  • Specify your models (decomposition, transposition, module temperature, etc…) that will be applied to your batch prediction putting you more in control of the results
  • Now you can run multi-year predictions in batch mode.  This makes it easier to see how energy results are impacted by long term degradation when you vary any of our batch variables with your prediction.

Multi-Year Batch Results

Analyze North and South Slope separately in 3D Site View

PlantPredict Premium subscribers can now analyze both North facing and South facing slope separately

North and South Facing Slope

New KMZ Layer Upload mode

There is now a KML/KMZ backdrop mode in the Upload KMZ pop-up window.  This allows a PlantPredict Premium user to be able to upload a KMZ file and create an overlay with the objects in the KMZ.  Clicking on the objects allows the user to define if the object is a site boundary or a site constraint.


  • One-click weather download was not working properly with the CPR API key.  It is now working just fine.
  • Fixed Tilt batch predictions were not computing correctly
  • When popup displays on Mapbuilder, a ‘selection dead zone’ occurs on TOP and RIGHT of popup

  • When setbacks for both Site Boundary and Constraints are ‘0’, building DC islands is compromised