21 July 2022

Batch Prediction Improvements


We returned our attention to our Batch Prediction functionality with this latest release.  Our PlantPredict Premium subscribers will notice that we have added a Secondary Sort to go along with the Primary Sort that was already there.  This is especially useful if you want to organize your results by DC/AC Ratio and GCR%.  Furthermore, the order in which your results are sorted will also be used in the Results Export, so you can simplify your analysis by sorting your results and then exporting them.

Secondary Sort

We have also added the ability to export only the prediction summaries for your Batch Prediction result export.  This drastically reduces the size of the file that you are exporting and speeds up the processing of the report generation.  Very large batch predictions would sometimes time out because the results took too long to generate.  Exporting the Summaries should resolve that issue, and in most cases our users are mostly interested in only the summary data.

Summary Export


DC Field Short Circuit Current now available in Nodal Data Results

A relatively minor (but very handy) enhancement is that we have added Short Circuit Current to our Nodal Data results.  Nodal Data is a very powerful way to see the details behind the energy prediction results, and now with the Short Circuit Current at each time series interval, you have a little more visibility into your prediction results.

Turn on or turn off Constraint Labels in Map Builder

A very common request (especially for those users importing an Anderson Optimization KMZ file) is to hide the constraint labels on the Map builder screen.  Those labels can be helpful, but they can also make your design appear cluttered.  So, we have added an option in the Map Overlays section to turn on or turn off Constraint Labels.

Constraint Labels


  • SolarGIS PvPlanner one-click weather download was throwing an error at the end of the download.  We have fixed this.
  • SolarGIS default download dataset was not working and this has been fixed.