01 September 2022

Quality of Life Improvements!

Every once in awhile, we have a sprint dedicated to improvements that we call “Quality of Life Improvements”.  These are simple changes that make the user interface work more smoothly and make certain tasks easier in the application.  Here are some of the ways we are making life better for our PlantPredict Users.

  • Library Filters and Sorting stay consistent across the application during a session – When you go into the Weather, Inverter or Module Library and define a filter (i.e. My Weather) or a Sorting (i.e. Rated power highest to lowest), these selections will stay for the duration of your session.  They will even appear for you as you are in a prediction and selecting your weather, inverter or module.  This will reduce the number of clicks when creating multiple predictions and should make the application just work a little better


Filter and Sort


  • Multi-Selection Prediction Deleting – Sometimes it is nice to keep your projects clean, and one way to do that is to delete the predictions that you no longer need within your project.  Traditionally, you could do this by deleting them one-by-one.  Now, you will be able to select multiple and delete all of them with the single click of a button.

Multiple Delete


  • Added a Close (“X”) on the Prediction Results screen – When viewing the prediction results, it was not obvious how to return to the actual prediction.  You had to either use the bread crumb trail at the top of the screen, the browser back button, or go all the way back the the Project Library and navigate into your Project and Prediction.  We thought an intuitive Close button (Labeled with a simple “X”) would be helpful.
  • Constraint Setbacks when using Metric UoM are now defaulted to 15.24 Meters instead of 50.  50 Meter setbacks were a little extreme for a default value, so we reduced the default to 15.24, which equals 50 feet when converted to Imperial Measurement.



  • We fixed the SolarGIS Timeout Error, which was not happening properly.