15 September 2022

Near Shading Loss Comparison

As we continue to work on modeling the impacts terrain has on a prediction, one of the loss factors we want to pay special attention to is Near Shading Loss.  For our PlantPredict Premium subscribers, we have added the ability to see Near Shading Loss comparison between predictions in our Prediction Comparison Charting screen.  This will make understanding the impact of Near Shading Loss on your project easier than ever.

Near Shading Loss Comparison


Company Admin – Available Licenses

For all our Company Admins out there (Only Available with PlantPredict Premium Business or Enterprise Subscriptions), we appreciate the work you to do administer your company’s users and default values.  We have updated the Company Admin Screen so that you can easily see how many Active Users you have and how many Available Licenses you have remaining.

Available Licenses



  • We fixed the auto formatting of SolarAnywhere TMY3 file formats, so the import process should go smoother now when importing TMY3 files
  • In certain situations, when you opened the Project Library it would appear like all your projects were gone.  A quick refresh would bring them back.  We think that we fixed the issue that was causing your projects from disappearing in the first place.
  • We changed our 3D shading scene processor so that the server is turned off by default.  When you run a 3D shading scene prediction it might take a little longer because the server will need to be started up.
  • Company Level Defaults were being reset when you added a Weather Vendor API Key.  We fixed this so that it does not happen anymore.