23 March 2023

Version 11 Beta

We are releasing a new Prediction Logic Version (Version 11 Beta), which is being released in “Beta mode”.  This means that the default prediction logic will remain as Version 10; however, you can switch your prediction to Version 11 by selecting the Version 11 Beta option in the Prediction Logic drop down before running your prediction.  Please be aware, we will be deploying more prediction changing enhancements to the Version 11 logic over the next several sprints, so the Version 11 results will not be locked down until we remove the Beta tag. 

Version 11 Beta

Version 11 Includes

    • Bifacial Model Improvement – We adjusted the tilt angle algorithm for the backside irradiance calculation to make a better fit to expected results
    • Fixed a bug in the Module Irradiance Loss calculation – We discovered that changes to the “DC Wiring at STC” loss factor input was impacting the Module Irradiance Loss, which does not make sense.  We found the bug in the loss factor calculation and corrected it.
    • Replaced our Inverter Efficiency Model with the Sandia Inverter Efficiency Model – Our legacy Inverter Efficiency Model curve was too steep, and was resulting in more efficiency loss than there should have been.  Here are two links to our Knowledge Base with more details:  Sandia Inverter Efficiency Model vs Legacy Inverter Efficiency Model

Simulation Settings page reorganization AND Circumsolar Treatment has been added

We reorganized the simulation settings page so that there is more logical groupings of the input parameters on the page.  We also added a NEW input parameter that allows our users to specify the way they want Circumsolar to be treated in the Transposition Model.  Learn more by checking out our Knowledge Base:  Separate Treatment of Circumsolar

Circumsolar Treatment

Calculating the Max 3hr Rolling Average DC Short Circuit Current

For every prediction run going forward, we are automatically calculating the Maximum 3 hour rolling average DC Short Circuit Current for all the strings in the prediction, and then displaying this value in the Prediction Results screen and on the Prediction Results Summary reports. This calculation is in accordance with NEC 690.8(A)(1)(a)(2)

Rolling Average Current


  • Direct Import of NSRDB Albedo button on the Environmental Conditions page works again

  • In Mapbuilder when deleting a polygon and then “undo” would return the polygon twice – this has been fixed
  • Inverter repeater was resetting to 1 when using a central inverter with the “Calculate DC Capacity”
  • Dev Platform – Fixed the “Complex Polygons not supported” Error