06 April 2023

All PlantPredict Projects are available in Voltage Pro

For our Pro and Enterprise Subscribers who use Voltage Pro, you can now run Voltage Pro calculations using projects that were already created in PlantPredict.  This is a small but very helpful improvement in the process.  When you open Voltage Pro, the Project List will be filtered to show Active and Voltage Pro Projects.  If you want to run Voltage Pro for a PlantPredict Project that has already been created, clear the Voltage Pro filter and you will see all your PlantPredict Projects.

Voltage Pro Projects Filter

Information Icons

In an effort to provide better documentation, we are beginning to add information icons on certain fields that link to our Knowledge Base.  Check out the information icon on the Circumsolar Treatment field in the Simulation Settings page for the first example.

Information Icon

Map Builder Snapping tool Improvements

We noticed that the snapping tool in the Mapbuilder could use some improvements, so we focused some attention on improving that minor (but very important) feature.

Snapping Tool


  • Inverters Per Array was automatically updating behind the scenes – we fixed this so that it stops happening.  If you set the Inverter Per Arrays, it will stay what you set it to be now.

  • Fixed some oddities in the shading scene editor within the DC Field
  • Albedo was displayed as negative and did not have enough decimal place precision, we have improved that within the Predict Results Screen.