20 April 2023

Improved Wetland Layer

We rolled out a new Wetland API connection that is much faster to load.

Wetland Layer

Information Icons

We are continuing to roll out Information Icons.  The latest is an information icon that will help you understand what the difference is between KMZ Data and DEM Data in the Map Builder Upload Data screen.

Information Icon

3 Hour Rolling Average DC String Short Circuit Current (Amps) has been added to the DC Field Nodal Data

We recently rolled out the display of the Maximum String Short Circuit Current on our Prediction Results Summary Page.  To go along with that, we are now displaying the 3hr Rolling Avg DC String Short Circuit Current within our DC Field Nodal Data download file.  This way you can see the details on a Time Series basis behind this calculation.

3hr Rolling Avg DC String Short Circuit Current


  • SolarGIS weather files were erroring out on upload.  This has been fixed

  • Tracker Angle Time Series selection would be visible in the Block Builder DC Field even if the mounting type was Fixed tilt.  We fixed that.
  • In the Prediction Comparison results, when the tracking method was set to “True Tracking” the screen was displaying “True Mounting”, which we have fixed.
  • In the Power Plant System Screen, when adding a Transmission Line, the Resistance field was not responding to the “Imperial/Metric” toggle switch.  It does now.