10 NOV 2016

  • Export and import functionality of projects, predictions, and associated components now work between companies
  • Array Transformer in the power plant builder can now be turned on or off to remove the MV transformer loss from the output
  • Weather selection process in Environmental Condition screen updated to improve user flow and functionality
  • On-Screen plant summary results visually improved
  • A cumulative tab for multi-year predictions is now included in the plant summary on-screen results and export of the Plant Summary 8760 report
  • An informational error message now displays when a prediction is attempted to run without diffuse irradiance present in the weather file
  • Availability loss input field added to the System section of prediction builder
  • Maximum allowable row spacing extended to 50m, 164ft
  • Format improvement of the Inputs and Assumptions document
  • In the weather file table view, all variables can be selected at once for comparison