12 JUL 2016

  • Predictions will now run when a weather file does not contain DNI and/or DHI.
  • Minimum AC Power Threshold unit label corrected to W instead of kW
  • Onscreen prediction results view label adjusted. “LGIA Limit” label change to “Plant Limit” in order to promote consistent messaging through the application.
  • Tracker rotational limit default updated in DC Field to 60/60 instead of 45/45
  • Module list view updated to group based on manufacturer and secondarily sort by module wattage
  • Bug fixed where azimuth warning message in DC Field was incorrectly triggering
  • Weather list in Environmental Conditions updated to sort by distance in ascending order
  • Error message added when a new user is added but already has an existing account
    • “Email address is already in use”
  • GCR and Row Spacing are now co-dependent variables making it easier to compare between different technologies. Mounting Structure layout in the DC Field improved
  • Obscure bug preventing saving in the Power Plant Builder fixed related to DC Fields using seasonal tilt
  • Time Frame in Model Choices now defaults correctly to weather file start and end date regardless of your computer/browsers UTC time setting
  • Validation check added to confirm Time Frame in Model Choices is within the start and end date of the weather file
    • “Timeframe must be inside the bounds of the weather file start and end date”
  • New modal added to force user to move a prediction to a read-only status when exporting reports. This logic is added to confirm there is a matching soft copy of all reports generated
  • Compare Prediction screen can now be exported into user friendly excel file
  • New page header design implemented throughout the application to improve user experience