25 JUL 2016

  • LID loss default updated for Poly c-Si modules to 1.5% from 2.0%
  • Uncertainty Analysis plot in Simulation Settings corrected to display P-Values on the correct side of the chart
  • Weather chart table view default updated to Monthly instead of Hourly
  • Corrected bug requiring the time frame start date to be within the first year for multi-year weather files
  • Filters changed to be persistent and maintain the filter selection during the user session
  • Filters updated to allow multiple filter choices at once for better usability
  • Time frame selection from the calendar drop-down in Simulation Settings is now restricted to the date range of the weather file to prevent user error
  • Average DC Array Size calculation corrected; previously reported DC Field average size
  • Fixed an issue preventing the ability to compare weather files from the weather map view
  • IE bug affecting prediction progress bar functionality fixed, located in the prediction queue
  • Weighted average GCR percentage now displays as part of the On-Screen Results and downloadable reports: Plant Summary, Block Summary, Prediction Comparison, and Reports
  • Fixed bug that was preventing a prediction from running if the Mounting Structure was first defined as Fixed Tilt then changed to Seasonal Tilt
  • Metric to Imperial toggle added to left hand navigation menu for simple onscreen unit conversions