23 AUG 2016

  • Prediction nodal data is now accessible without being required to change status of the prediction to a read-only state
  • Due to user feedback, Run Bulk Actions has been removed. The compare and change status buttons have been restored for ease of use
  • Records in the prediction list view within a project now include prediction preview information (MWac, MWdc, DC:AC, Mounting Type, GCR %)
  • When creating a new project, the map view will zoom in on the location and display nearby projects for your reference
  • YouTube tutorial videos placed on the Help tabs throughout the application and in the Resource Center User Manual
  • A .OND and .PAN file converter tool is now available in the Resource Center allowing users to quickly convert to PlantPredict files
  • A PlantPredict warning message countdown displays when a new version is about to be released to inform users to save their work before they are kicked out
  • Project list is now sorted by date created in descending order
  • Internet Explorer v10 is no longer supported by PlantPredict and will be prompted with an Unsupported Browser message when visited
  • The Save and Close button in the Power Plant builder no longer clears results if no changes have been made
  • Import/Export and cloning of projects or predictions is now enabled. Previously this feature was disabled and under construction