22 FEB 2017

  • Improved weather import process, featuring more streamlined flow and data quality checks
  • Several new user interface improvements – better toast and warning messages and tab headers, to name a few
  • Array based shading feature which allows for improved prediction accuracy when running predictions with small DC fields (for example string inverters nested in a large DC Field)
  • Code versioning system allowing user to revert to older Version 3 of the backend code
  • Bug fix allowing projects to have half an hour and other subhourly time zones
  • Inverter files now feature DC and AC Power columns in their efficiency table
  • Select inverters in the Global library were retired and reimported with corrected efficiency tables
  • OND file converter now correctly maps DC power exported by PVsyst to DC power in PlantPredict efficiency tables
  • Shading algorithm now correctly uses East-West array dimension when calculating shading on fixed tilt systems (no change for tracker systems)
  • NSRDB PSM and NSRDB SUNY data now downloads using correct “middle of interval” timestamp denotation