14 NOV 2017

  • Fixed bug that caused imported weather files with the PlantPredict Excel Template to replace NULL values with 12. Note that text values (ie NULL and NaN) are currently not supported as part of any weather import.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Inputs and Assumptions PDF to display the DC Wiring Loss value in the DC Health field.
  • Fixed bug that caused a batch prediction to use previous input parameters when trying to rerun a batch prediction with new parameters.
  • Fixed bug that limited batch predictions to a single inverter.
  • Fixed bug that preventing running batch predictions when a base prediction was used.
  • Fixed bug that caused the user to be dropped into an empty screen when a batch prediction was cloned from output screen.
  • Fixed bug that produced incorrect weather files under certain circumstances with the synthetic weather generator.
  • Fixed bug causing “Bid” statuses on predictions to be labeled incorrectly.
  • Added a “Sort By’ function for the list of predictions on the batch results page.
  • Fixed bug preventing the creation of projects in regions without country codes (i.e. West Bank).
  • Fixed bug defaulting CdTe modules to “Backtracking” instead of “True tracking”.
  • Weather file character name can now be greater than 50 characters.
  • Fixed bug causing an incorrect timeshift of 30 minutes for non-hourly weather files.
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly assumed all weather files that were imported in Excel format were in PlantPredict template format.
  • Fixed bug causing the Model Choices button on a standard prediction to incorrectly appear already visited and completed in some circumstances.
  • Fixed bug preventing the saving of fields in an older module file.
  • Degradation settings for a prediction will now update when a module with a new degradation setting is chosen.