28 NOV 2017

  • Fixed bug causing the Google Logo in the Map Builder to be hidden.
  • Expanded the lower limit of the LID loss factor input parameter from 0 to -10 in DC field (allowing for LID gains, like in the case of light soaking gains).
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Spectral Shift” parameters in a module to be set incorrectly when creating a new module.
  • “Cell Technology” is now a required field when creating a module.
  • Fixed bug causing the displayed slope of the linear trendline for degradation to be off by a factor of 100.
  • Fixed bug causing the “Maximum Desired MWdc” to be incorrectly set to 0 when using a base prediction for a Batch simulation.
  • Improved error message when weather files that have non-numeric values in data fields are uploaded.
  • The graphical heat map now represents the results of a Batch prediction.
  • Moved the “miles distance from” in weather files in a Batch to below the title of the weather file.
  • “Weather File POA” now defaults to “On” when a weather file with POAI is imported from within a prediction.