26 JAN 2018

  • Changed the navigation bar of PlantPredict to make it more readable and also include a “Recent Predictions” section
  • Fixed bug causing the graphical results of Batch predictions to appear incorrect
  • Fixed bug that kept child predictions of Batch predictions from changing their status when the parent prediction’s status was changed
  • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to use the same input parameters on a rerun of the prediction
  • Extended the boundaries for the Recombination Parameter and the Diode Ideality Factor in the module file
  • Fixed bug preventing Batch predictions from showing graphical results when only iterating a single variable
  • Expanded the API functionality of nodal data – users can now access nodal data via the API on the block, array, inverter, and DC field level
  • Incorporated an error message and back-end check for situations in which a user – 1) tries to use a non-0 recombination parameter with a non-thin film technology, and 2) tries to use the 1-Diode recombination simulation model with a 0 Recombination Parameter or a 0 Built-in Voltage
  • Built-in Voltage and Bandgap Voltage and now populate when “Cell Technology” is selected
  • Fixed bug that prevented a scroll bar from appearing when confirming Ashrae stations when cloning a project
  • The map builder will now automatically refresh upon entering
  • Changed the “Save and Close” button to just “Close” in situations in which the prediction was not altered