9 MARCH 2018

  • Fixed bug causing sun icon on loading screen to not work properly
  • Fixed bug with Map Builder causing energy predictions to be incorrect*
  • Cloud service operating system upgraded


*On February 22, 2018, an issue was identified with the PlantPredict Map Builder that caused shading losses to be understated and predicted energy to be overstated. The issue was rectified with Release 6.0.0 on 3/9/2018. The issue is confined to Map Builder predictions created and run prior to Release 6.0.0. Because shading losses are generally higher for horizontal trackers, especially when true-tracking, such predictions will be most significantly affected.

Users with affected predictions can remedy their predictions in a couple ways. First, rerunning Map Builder predictions using version logic 6.0.0 will resolve the issue. Alternatively, users can convert Map Builder predictions into a Block Builder predictions while maintaining version logic 5 or earlier. Either method is equally valid and will successfully resolve the issue. Upon rerunning, users should expect to see an increase in shading losses and decrease in energy.