11 MAY 2018

  • Upgraded the front-end framework of PlantPredict from AngularJS to Vue.js, providing users with a fresh, snappy application experience and upgrading the future application potential. New Application URL: ui.plantpredict.com. New API Application URL: api.plantpredict.com
  • API calls must remove the “/api” from the URL – that is no longer supported.
    • Previous call: https://app.plantpredict.com/api/Project…
    • New call: https://api.plantpredict.com/Project…
  • DNS name splitting the UI from the API.  Previously both were under app.plantpredict.com, now the UI is ui.plantpredict.com and the API is api.plantpredict.com.
  • ASHRAE stations now include additional station Locality information
  • Added new 3Tier/Vaisala weather file format for automatic detection during weather import.