24 MAY 2018

  • Updated Terms of Use to support GDPR compliance
  • Fixed bug causing rotational limit as well as various unit labels in Quick Edit to not appear correctly
  • Restored the power plant icon as well as many other unit labels to the View Full Results screen
  • “Search Available Vendors” will now be autoclicked when entering “Add New Weather” screen from within a prediction
  • Enabled truncation of various input values when displayed within a prediction.
  • Fixed bug preventing negative temperature values from being put in the inverter derate curve
  • Fixed bug preventing inverter setpoint and design derate to not be linked in Quick Edit.
  • Fixed bug allowing user to create a new prediction with no name
  • Fixed bug causing power plant elements to be missing upon the first entry to a cloned prediction
  • Fixed bug causing certain defaults to not be set when importing a module from PVsyst
  • Fixed bug on weather import causing start and end date to be wrong
  • Fixed bug causing all variables to be selected during the weather file import
  • Fixed bug causing the “Recheck Timeshift” button to not work within weather import process
  • Fixed bug causing the collector bandwidth within the DC field to not update when “modules high” was updated
  • Fixed bug preventing the successful conversion from a map to a block builder