16 OCT 2018

New Features

  • The weather upload process will now include data quality checks in the form of a popup message on the “Quality Check” step
  • Cell technology options when “bifacial” is chosen while creating a module will now be limited to actual bifacial technologies
  • “Clear Sky” irradiance will now default to on in various charts throughout the application
  • Improved error messaging regarding the “Upload Full IV Curves” of the Module File Generator

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug blank login screen on IE11
  • Fixed bug causing the “X” on the module and inverter file screens to function improperly
  • Fixed bug causing trend line to disappear in multi-year prediction summaries
  • Fixed various issues with metric to imperial rounding
  • Fixed bug required ESS data in power plant when no ESS data was present
  • Fixed bug causing the IV curve in the Module File Generator to appear incorrect at various times
  • Fixed bug causing too many transformers to appear in the “Compare Predictions” feature
  • Fixed copy/paste bug in inverter files
  • Fixed bug causing storage parameters to appear incorrect in exported the I&A document