29 NOV 2018

New Features

  • Improved error messages in various situations throughout the application
  • Removed the “My Projects” filter as a default when logging in
  • A project’s name can now be edited
  • A users email will now be saved in the login form

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing users to have to re-accept the EULA mid-session
  • Fixed various bugs with uploading weather files
  • Fixed bug causing calculated performance temperature coefficient to not update
  • Fixed bug preventing a project from being created in South Sudan
  • Fixed bug causing the Generate Weather workflow to error out
  • Fixed bug causing only one prediction to show while comparing predictions
  • Fixed bug causing Batch predictions to not hold their parameters after certain runs
  • Fixed bug causing the transmission line value to not save once changed
  • Fixed bug causing the GCR calculation to be delayed by one keystroke
  • Fixed bug with storage predictions in Firefox
  • Fixed various bugs only showing in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed various labeling and typos through the application