10 JULY 2018

Prediction will now give user indication that it’s running on the main prediction screen.

  • Fixed bug preventing data from being shown in prediction summary cards
  • Fixed bug causing Draft-Shared predictions to be un-runable
  • Fixed bug causing the “Delete” button to not work from within the Energy Storage section of a prediction
  • “Cell Technology” and “Module Construction” fields within the module file are now required fields
  • Fixed bug causing POAI information to be required in a weather file when no POAI information is present
  • Copying and pasting a prediction URL into a new tab or window will now take the user to the desired prediction rather than to the Project landing page
  • User will now be taken back to the Power Plant Builder from module or inverter file when originally navigated to that asset from the Power Plant Builder
  • Release of custom dispatch/charge capabilities for energy storage modeling
  • Fixed bug causing the construction date to always be set to Dec 20 2011
  • When POAI used, decomposition and transposition are now automatically set to DIRINT and Perez and no error messages are thrown
  • Adding new weather from within a prediction now automatically selects that weather when user navigates back to prediction
  • Fixed bug causing non-decimal format latitude and longitude to be displayed incorrectly
  • User now has the ability to navigate day-by-day in the Charts sections by using arrow keys
  • Fixed bug causing azimuth and slope azimuth to be incorrectly displayed on DC field visualizer (results were unaffected)
  • Fixed bug causing default Transmission Line resistance values to be incorrectly populated
  • Improved various error messages during the weather import process
  • Fixed bug causing the numbering of new portions of the Power Plant Builder to be capped at 10