7 AUG 2018

  • 2D view factor model for simulating bifacial systems is now available for use in PlantPredict

*There is a general shortage of utility-scale field validation of bifacial prediction models in industry and this model is no different. Unlike the core monofacial PlantPredict models, this new bifacial performance model has not been validated and benchmarked at scale against measured data.

  • Fixed bug with GCR/Row spacing calculation
  • Fixed bug with adding a transmission line
  • Fixed bug causing seasonal tilt to not save
  • Fixed bug preventing the overriding of module construction type when cell technology type is chosen
  • Fixed bug causing the currentUser attribute to be lost upon refresh
  • Expanded the functionality of the weather file import process to find invalid entries in uploaded files
  • Implemented a Multi-Year Summary sheet in the exported 8760 of a multi-year prediction
  • Fixed bug causing PV Energy and Storage energy totals to not display in exported 8760
  • Fixed bug causing predictions with different P-values to not display correctly