20 AUG 2019

New Features

  • Added ability to specify cell design type for module files
  • Option to hold AC, DC or the AC:DC ratio constant added to “Build on the Map” functionality
  • Improved module import experience by prompting for Cell technology, Diode Saturation Current, Gamma Temp Coefficient and Diode Quality Factor at import.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved batch performance by correcting issue with processing using standard prediction engine
  • Fixed issue with LGIA limit time series API call occurring before page load
  • Time series selections now appear in power plant
  • “Upload You Own Weather File” now lists accepted formats
  • Remedied issue regarding bi-facial inputs being required when monofacial selected for a module import
  • Recombination parameter now displays correct default when importing module
  • Imperial/Metric toggle now works with row spacing in quick edit
  • Fixed DC field width population issue being tied to AC:DC ratio