27 FEB 2019

New Features

  • Electrical Shading is now available in PlantPredict! Accurate shading profiles for all module types will now be applied automatically, and the user will also have the ability to apply custom shading profiles if desired.
    • Shading profiles for predictions can now be defined a) on the prediction level in model choices, and b) in the module itself
    • Shading profiles for module file is defaulted based on module technology and were chosen based on industry standards
    • The company default for shading has been changed away from “Linear” to be “Module Defined”
    • See the User Guide and the Models and Algorithms page for more information
  • Improved the draft-export workflow

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug while generating API credentials for certain users
  • Fixed bug causing the first keystroke to be ignored when filling out row spacing to GCR calculation (GCR to row spacing was unaffected)