29 OCT 2020


  • Parallel Strings is NOT updating properly when the Module Rating is updated on the DC Field
  • When changing Design Derate of the Inverter either long delay on updating respective values or no effect
  • Custom Discharge profile cannot be uploaded
  • Predictions have to be re-run after looking into Simulation Settings section regardless if changes were made or not
  • Shade Simulation for Trackers is not recognizing negative tracker angles
  • Adding Notes Disable View Results on executed prediction
  • Download Nodal Data option not visible on results report immediately
  • Map Builder ‘Estimated Area’ needs to report area required for desired AC/DC
  • The charts tab under Prediction results does not indicate when it is still loading / processing data
  • Remove item from “Recent Predictions” when Deleted
  • Predictions can be orphaned during Azure Scale-Down Events
  • Update assets when an import occurs
  • When trying to delete a project ,Delete button is disabled on Project Screen, Tooltip is also incorrect as it refers to modules
  • Unable to rename Projects in the project dashboard screen
  • Batch Prediction errors should not go to bottom of prediction log
  • My Weather, Inverter, and Module filter not properly working in Search Filter


  • Remove Admin Requirement for Stripe Checkout
  • Ability to complete a PlantPredict user registration and access without depending on an email making it through my spam filter


  • Added “Additional Night Losses” to the Inputs and Assumptions Report
  • Added both “Additional Night Losses” and the “Shelter Cooling Loss” as categories that are accessible in the “Quick Edit” for PowerPlant
  • Added ability to add multi-junction modules
  • Enhanced reporting performance changing queue pulling to push
  • Added ability to specify North-South and East-West Road Widths and have the MapBuilder build arrays using that roadway spacing
  • Refactor inverter logic to work with IMPP and VMPP adjustments