28 JAN 2021

  • Introducing the Custom Array Builder!
    • Take Control of your Layout and design your arrays to your specification.  You can even “explode” your array into tables so that you can move tables around and fit them into the hard to reach corners of your site boundary.

Custom Arrays


    • PAN File Import!
      • Here is a HUGE convenience improvement.  You can now import .PAN files directly into PlantPredict.  Please review the values on the imported Module File against the Module Data Sheet just to make sure and let us know if you notice any discrepancies.
    • Create DC As.
      • Now you can choose if you want to visualize your power plant using subarrays or fixed tilt/tracker tables.  Just specify your preference using the Create DC As field on the Map Builder parameters panel.

Create DC as Tables

      • Loss Factors on Map Builder
        • Adjust the most common loss factors from within the Map Builder user interface.  This used to be a capability that was only available in Block Builder.
      • Wild card searches
        • PlantPredict users can now search Module or Inverter libraries using Regex pattern matching.  Using a .* (period and then asterix) serves as a wildcard character in your search string.
      • We also further optimized our automatic layout algorithm to better handle constraints
      • And we implemented versioning on the Clean Power Research weather file download for those customers who have a CPR API Subscription.




  • Time Series Data assignment was wrong when cloning.  Time Series Data was not getting assigned to the second array and the first one had the data from the second array.
  • PlantSummary PDF report formatting on large predictions is better.
  • Allow multi selection of constraints on map builder to make it easier to remove them.
  • In map builder, when changing the N/S or E/W roadway from 0 to any value did not reset/split the subarray configuration properly.