25 FEB 2021

  • Meteonorm weather data is now available to ALL PlantPredict Premium Subscribers
    • An agreement has been reached between Meteonorm and PlantPredict, which grants access to all PlantPredict Premium subscribers the ability to use the One-Click-Download of hourly Meteonorm TMY weather data for use in your PlantPredict Predictions.
    • Access to this data is Free and included in your PlantPredict Premium Subscription…for no additional charge.
    • Meteonorm has full global coverage so this is a benefit for our PlantPredict Premium subscribers around the world
    • You can also now use Meteonorm data in Multi-Year simulationsMeteonorm
    • OND File Import!
      • Here is a HUGE convenience improvement.  In addition to .PAN files, you can now import .OND files directly into PlantPredict.  Please review the values on the imported Inverter File against the Inverter Data Sheet just to make sure and let us know if you notice any discrepancies.
    • When doing Multi-Year Prediction and using the Non-Linear DC Degradation, you are now able to use negative values.  This is important for modeling LeTID.  We plan to increase our LeTID support in future releases, but this makes it possible to model LeTID using the functionality that currently exists within the Non-Linear DC Degradation capability.



  • Allow negative values for Module Quality loss factor in the MapBuilder.  Negative values are allowed in the Block Builder, but were not allowed in the MapBuilder, but this has been fixed.
  • Prediction UI was locking and not reporting when the prediction is complete.  If you ever notice this, please just refresh your screen.