29 APR 2021

  • Model LeTID on your Multi-Year Predictions
    • Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation (LeTID) is an important degradation mechanism that appears in certain solar modules.
    • As more research emerges, solar modeling software needs to be able to simulate LeTID degradation to ensure that all risks are known and understood.
    • Within the Prediction Simulation Settings, PlantPredict users now have the ability to turn on LeTID when running a multi-year prediction and then define the LeTID rates on an annual basis.
    • More information can be found in our Models and Algorithms section of our website


  • Plant Predict: Arrays, Inverters and DC fields with numbers >1 inaccessible
  • Fix block navigation issue.
  • Plant Predict: Default values for backside mismatch and structure shading for bifacial modules are missing
  • Saving a map prediction with a bifacial module should apply the module backside mismatch to the corresponding DCField.
  • Error Message does not disappear after saving with correct info