01 JUL 2021

  • You can now Calculate DC Capacity using Custom Arrays that are designed by You!
    • This is the latest evolution in our Map Builder capability expansion, and puts you in control of the Arrays that you use when Calculating DC Capacity for your site.  Now, all the power of the Custom Array Builder with the speed of our automated layout process.

Custom Array Flood

    • You can also choose to exclude partial arrays if you want to see how much DC Capacity you can fit on your boundaries using only complete arrays.
    • Visualize Low Light Response for your Module Files
      • A special Chart tab has been added to the Module Library Module interface.  Click on this tab to see both a table and chart that shows Low Light Response (a.k.a Effective Irradiance Response) for the module you are using.

Low Light Response



  • FEMA flood plain API had stopped working and it is now working again
  • Map Builder data converted to Block Builder DC Fields were not reporting appropriate module orientation when Landscape selected
  • User Limits for Premium Subscribers should account for disabled accounts
  • In Map Builder, moving a previously exploded and assembled subarray would leave behind its tables
  • Array Builder EXPLODE/ASSEMBLE of racked arrays would produce jagged subarray outlines
  • Array Builder racked exploded tables offset incorrectly, not matching the subarray outline
  • Array Builder would produce different size subarray based on positive or negative racking angle
  • Array Builder racking an array having four subarrays would result in incorrect result in subarrays of unequal rows