15 JUL 2021

Automatically import Horizon Scenes from Meteonorm for your prediction with the click of a button

    • PlantPredict Premium customers are now able to take advantage of a partnership PlantPredict has with Meteonorm that will allow you to automatically import a Horizon Scene for your location anywhere in the world!  This Horizon Scene is used to accurately assess the Far Shading Losses for your prediction.
  • Horzon Scene Import

PlantPredict Premium Enterprise Customers now get 2 Free IT Admin users to help with license and company adminstration

  • By popular demand, a new user role has been created that will allow an administrative user to access PlantPredict for company administration purposes only.
  • All Enterprise Subscribers will get 2 FREE IT Admin users for their account that they can give out to the individuals who are expected to administer the company account.
  • IT Admin users do not have the ability to create Projects or Prediction, so they will be restricted to Company Administration only


  • MapBuilder: ArrayBuilder custom arrays having 1 subarray fail on ArrayBuilders ‘Calculate DC Capactity’
  • MapBuilder: ArrayBuilder not working for =< 15 acres
  • MapBuilder: Fix DCFields so fractional arrayCount is not possible
  • Design derate in Map Builder is only adjustable in one direction
  • Multi-Year comparison 8760 specific yield labels now properly reflect they are cumulative values and not averages