29 JUL 2021

We made some improvements to our reports in order to catch them up with some of the functionality we have released over the past few months

    • Financial Model Metrics now appear on the Prediction Comparison Report.  We are starting with LCOE, IRR% and NPV, so that you can run several scenarios and easily compare which is the best based upon these metrics.  This also works with our Batch Prediction capability, so you can run up to 350 predictions with a single click of a button and then use the comparison report to identify the prediction with the lowest LCOE or highest IRR% and NPV.
    • LeTID Losses now appear on all reports!  We launched LeTID loss calculations a couple months ago, but until this release you did not have them included on your downloadable reports.

The following reports have been updated to include LeTID:

        • Prediction Comparison Report
        • Plant Summary PDF
        • Plant Summary 8760
        • Inputs & Assumptions
        • Block Summary 8760


  • MapBuilder – Racked arrays result in overlapping array shapes when populating DC Capacity from the Array Builder
  • IT Admins can now generate API credentials
  • Fix ‘Import Weather’ UI Layout
  • MapBuilder – FEMA Flood Plain layers updated to be more visible