26 AUG 2021

It was recently announced that Terabase is acquiring PlantPredict, if you have not seen the press release, you can read it on our Press and Events page:  https://plantpredict.com/press-and-events/

As part of this process, you will need to Consent to transfer your account and data to Terabase.  Please do so by clicking here:  https://ui.plantpredict.com/agreement

All Users have until September 30th to Provide their consent.  If you have not consented, your account and data will be backed up on First Solar servers, and deleted from PlantPredict.


  • Clean Power Research (CPR 3.5v) weather file availability regions have been revised to display their global weather offerings.


  • MapBuilder: Upon closing the Array Builder, selection events fail. This could be witnessed during selection processes of DC and events that would enable/disable certain buttons
  • MapBuilder: Upon changing certain parameters on the UI, the DC Capacity continuously disappears