09 SEP 2021

Solcast TMY weather data now available in PlantPredict!


  • PlantPredict is pleased to announce that we have added a new weather data provider – Solcast.  Solcast’s global coverage TMY dataset is now accessible within PlantPredict Premium as a 1-click download.  PlantPredict Premium customers can access up to 2 free TMY P50 downloads a month.  For additional access, monthly no lock-in contracts are available in the Solcast API Toolkit, with pricing details on the Solcast Website

Solcast provides Global Coverage with their Weather data

We are also making available Clean Power Research’s latest weather data (v3.5) and we have fixed a bug that was causing an error when attempting to download NASA-SSE weather data.

In addition to the weather file related improvements we are also making some enhancements in the Map Builder prediction capabilities.  When importing a Constraint .KMZ file, you can specify the Set Back, Color and auto-labeling of the constraints in the file that you are uploading.  You will also be able to automatically create slope constraints on your design by doing the Slope Constraint analysis in the 3D Site View, then clicking on a slope constraint on your map view and selecting the “Create All Constraints” button.

Constraint Import

Constraint Import

Slope Constraints


  • Fix weather library raw data tab – First row is shown on top of header row
  • CPR (Clean Power Research) Version dropdown is appearing in the incorrect spot
  • In PlantPredict Batch predictions, HV Transformers and Transmission Lines were not used
  • In MapBuilder it was possible to multi-select Parcel and Wetland and create constraint of both
  • In MapBuilder, Create ALL Constraints for wetlands was colorizing all constrains after the color of the selected wetland
  • Fixed banner to always be floating so it does not display off screen on scrollable pages