30 SEP 2021

Today begins a new beginning for PlantPredict as we transition to Terabase Energy 


As part of the transition, we have been seeking consent from all PlantPredict users to transfer your data to Terabase Energy.  If you provided that consent, then your account and data will remain unaffected throughout this transition.  If you declined consent, or did not provide any response at all, your user account and private data will be removed from the system.  First Solar is maintaining a backup of the non-consenting users and PlantPredict support can work with First Solar to get exported versions of your Projects, Predictions, Weather Files, Module Files and Inverter Files if you did not consent and still want your data.

Any questions or inquiries, send an email to support@plantpredict.com

There is a new Terms of Use

All Users logging in after the transition to Terabase has happened will be prompted with the new Terabase/PlantPredict Terms of Use.  You must accept these Terms of Use to continue using PlantPredict.  A full .PDF Version of the Terms of Use is available at all times from within the Resources page in PlantPredict.

Terms of Use

We are very excited about this transition and look forward to serving you better from within our new Terabase home.  Terabase offers a large suite of digital products and services, which we plan to integrate with and create more value than ever before for our customers and subscribers.


  • .KMZ Constraint files when uploaded did not have the right constraint included.  This has been fixed