21 OCT 2021

5000 Solcast Weather files are now available as Global Weather Files for ALL PlantPredict Users to utilize

Solcast 5000 Points


As part of Release 8.25.0, Solcast has provided 5000 free weather files from around the world that are now available to ALL PlantPredict Users (Even the Free PlantPredict Basic Users).  PlantPredict Users will get 10 free uses of these weather files, so the access is not unlimited, but this is in addition to the 2 free weather file downloads each PlantPredict Premium user gets per month.  So, this is 10 extra free weather files in addition to the 24 free weather files that PlantPredict Premium users get annually for free.

In addition to this, we have continued to work on our transition to Terabase Energy.  This transition will take some time and has our development team very busy as we work on an integration strategy.


  • Fixed a bug where prediction run requests were not being reflected properly in the user interface
  • Fixed a bug with the .PAN file import, where the Nameplate wattage and the Rp_EXP were not being pulled correctly from the .PAN file
  • The Meteonorm Horizon Scene was not working for our PlantPredict Free Trial users, this has been fixed.  If you are interested in giving PlantPredict Premium a try, contact support@plantpredict.com and request a Free Trial!